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 ## Push Changes
+### Push commits
+All good? Have another look at the changes:
     coho repo-status -r android -b master -b 5.0.x
-    # If changes look right:
+If changes look right:
     coho repo-push -r android -b master -b 5.0.x
-Tag & Push:
+This pushes the commits in both `master` and `5.0.x` (the release branch) to 
the remote.
+### Tag and push tag
+Before you tag, run this command:
     coho tag-platform-release --version 3.5.0 -r android --pretend
-    # Seems okay:
+Seems okay? Then execute it by running:
     coho tag-platform-release --version 3.5.0 -r android
 The `coho tag-release` command also tags `cordova-js` with `android-5.0.0` and 
pushes it.
 ## Publish RC to dist/dev
 Ensure you have the svn repos checked out:
     coho repo-clone -r dist -r dist/dev
@@ -308,20 +321,23 @@ Upload:
     (cd cordova-dist-dev && svn add $JIRA && svn commit -m "$JIRA Uploading 
release candidates for android release")
-Find your release here:
+Find your release here: /
 ## Documentation To Update
 For your platform:
  1. Ensure the [Upgrade 
 for your platform is up-to-date
  2. Ensure the other guides listed in the sidebar are up-to-date for your 
 ## Prepare Blog Post
  * Gather highlights from into a Release Announcement blog post
  * Instructions on publishing a blog post are on the [cordova-docs 
  * Get blog post proofread by submitting a PR to cordova-docs and asking 
someone on dev list to +1 it.
 ## Start VOTE Thread
 Send an email to dev ML with: (replace `android` with your platform)

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