capc0 opened a new issue #933: Chromium OOM while initializing 
   # Bug Report
   ## Problem
   My ionic/cordova app crashes on a specific android device on startup with an 
out of memory exception from chromium.
   ### What is expected to happen?
   Cordova app starts up normally
   ### What does actually happen?
   Screen stays black for ~3 seconds, than the app crashes
   ## Information
   <!-- Include all relevant information that might help understand and 
reproduce the problem -->
   crash happens during initialization in `````` 
function ```createEngine```
   I/CordovaLog: Changing log level to DEBUG(3)
   I/CordovaActivity: Apache Cordova native platform version 8.0.0 is starting
   D/CordovaActivity: CordovaActivity.onCreate()
   W/FirebaseRemoteConfig: No value of type 'String' exists for parameter key 
   D/FirebasePerformance: Creating a new Verbose Session: 
   W/FirebaseRemoteConfig: No value of type 'String' exists for parameter key 
   D/FirebasePerformance: Creating a new Non Verbose Session: 
   V/FA: onActivityCreated
   D/CordovaActivity: test1
   D/CordovaWebViewImpl: test-a
   D/CordovaWebViewImpl: test-c
   V/FA: Collection enabled
   V/FA: App package, google app id: xxxxxxx
   /FA: App measurement is starting up, version: 16250
       To enable debug logging run: adb shell setprop log.tag.FA VERBOSE
   I/FA: To enable faster debug mode event logging run:
         adb shell setprop xxxxxxx
   D/FA: Debug-level message logging enabled
   I/WebViewFactory: Loading version 80.0.3987.132 (code 
   I/FirebaseRemoteConfig: Fetch succeeded!
   V/FA: Connecting to remote service
   V/FA: Connection attempt already in progress
   I/cr_LibraryLoader: Loaded native library version number "80.0.3987.132"
   W/.xxxxxxx: Accessing hidden method 
 (light greylist, reflection)
   A/chromium: [] Out of memory.
   A/libc: Fatal signal 5 (SIGTRAP), code -6 (SI_TKILL) in tid 2444 (.xxxxxxx), 
pid 2444 (.xxxxxxx)
   ### Command or Code
   <!-- What command or code is needed to reproduce the problem? -->
   Its only reproducable on this one device, so I cant really tell :(
   ### Environment, Platform, Device
   <!-- In what environment, on what platform or on which device are you 
experiencing the issue? -->
   Android 9 (samsung galaxy tab a) 
   ### Version information
   What are relevant versions you are using?
   For example:
   Cordova: Cordova CLI, Cordova Platforms, Cordova Plugins 
   Other Frameworks: Ionic Framework and CLI version
   Operating System, Android Studio, Xcode etc.
   Cordova native platform version 8.0.0
   ## Checklist
   <!-- Please check the boxes by putting an x in the [ ] like so: [x] -->
   - [x] I searched for existing GitHub issues
   - [x] I updated all Cordova tooling to most recent version
   - [x] I included all the necessary information above

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