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Website redesign is done - this is obsolete and outdated

- <<Include(EditTheWiki)>> <<TableOfContents()>>
- = Intro =
- Read the [[|mailing list thread]] that spawned this 
- = Guidelines =
- We do not vote for changes to the website design. This leads to a design by 
committee situation. And design by committee situations always produce bad 
designs. A good design is usually the result of a unified vision. That means it 
is usually driven by a single individual. As such, comments and suggestions 
should be given to that individual, and they can use it to inform their vision.
- At the moment, we do not have a designer with that vision for our website.
- We are actively looking for one.
- Does this sound like you?
- Let us know!
- = Unreviewed Comments =
- When adding a comment, please describe the problem. Do not describe the 
solution. The solution is something that the person with the overall vision is 
tasked with coming up with. If you provide a solution with your problem, you 
are confusing the matter, and limiting the scope of productive discussion.
-  * The main text is very large and takes up a lot of space.
-   * ''Commentary: This is because the current design is set to a certain 
width, and the main body text expands to fill that width. The size of the type 
itself is to compensate for that large width. If the type was any smaller, the 
text would be hard to read. If we want to reduce the text size, we need to 
reduce the width.''
-  * The links to the mailing list web interfaces are not clear enough.
-  * We do not link to the Markmail web interface.
-   * ''Against: These are not official, and might be better suited for the 
-   * ''For: this is an open source project with a community - links to other 
sites is both common for FOSS projects and indicative of a strong user and 
support base - it's one of the things people look for when evaluating open 
source software''
-   * For: searchable archives are very useful, and since the Apache mail 
archives don't have a search function.....
-  * The link to JIRA should be more prominent.
-   * ''For: Reporting bugs is a primary task for visitors to this website.''
-   * ''Against: We link to it in the footer, and this should be enough.''
-   * ''For: the purpose of a front page is primarily navigation - make it easy 
to find things''
-   * ''JIRA is ambiguous as a name. Issues/Bug Tracker or whatever else has 
-  * The Contribute section is too long, and users might miss the Development 
links under the Quick Links section.
-  * We should tweak the themes of JIRA and the Wiki so they better match the 
-   * ''Commentary: JIRA probably can't be skinned, but the wiki probably can 
-  * We should link to the documentation more prominently.
-  * We should have a "Support" section.
-   * ''Against: I am not sure many people would be looking for this keyword.''
-   * ''For: fairly common button on lots of software web sites''
-  * The word "Contribute" is ambiguous, and "Development" might be better.
-   * ''Against: "Contribute" is inclusive, "Development" is exclusive. That is 
the wrong framing for us.''
-   * ''For: "contribute" can be confused with monetary contributions''
-  * We should have a "Community" section.
-  * We should have a "Events" section.
-  * We should have a "Demo" section.
-  * We should have links to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
-  * The website needs a clear demographic target.
-   * ''Commentary: Are we targeting new users, new contributors, or existing 
contributors? Potential new users are our biggest slice, and carry the most 
potential, so we should focus on those. Getting contributors is important too, 
but maybe we over do it? Existing contributors probably don't need the website 
at all, and managed perfectly fine with the old one. Sorting out the answer to 
this question will help the solutions to other comments seem obvious.''
-   * ''We need to support the entire community - ranging from evaluators who 
have not yet decided to use CouchDB, to new users, experienced users, sys 
admins, to developers.  The front page is primarily an entry point - it should 
provide navigation and links to pages tailored to more specific audiences.  In 
particular: ''
-    * ''For evaluators (and I do a lot of software evaluation), the questions 
are: - what is this thing - what are the details (functionality, architecture, 
implementation) - is the project "alive" (not in terms of a pretty site, but in 
terms of an active community of users and developers) - which implies things 
that change (blog, news, events, mailing lists with lots of activity, bug 
tracker that shows things getting fixed, etc) - who's using it - details of 
what's involved in using it (demo, install instructions, documentation, some 
slideshows) - a sense of the community (blog, archives, forums, links to 
related sites)''
-    * ''For new users, what counts are documentation, tutorials, FAQs, an 
active and friendly support community, etc.''
-    * ''For experienced users, updates, detailed documentation, code libraries 
(when users are developing stuff), support for odd problems, etc.''
-    * ''For contributors it becomes a matter of technical documentation, 
community, Git, JIRA, lists, and community, etc''
-    * ''For: we are an opensource project and should encourage contributions 
and shouldn't forget dev or futur contributors coming on the website to find 
thee information. (Can be links)''
-      * Ex:
-    * The notion of product may change if we follow the roadmap and we should 
be able to target users of Couchdb as a full product ''àla mysql'', and other 
that want to use couchdb inside their project (embedded). (Note: can be done in 
a next step)
-  * There should be an additional section that gives new users a tutorial, or 
getting started guide.
-  * There should be an interactive tutorial, like the one MongoDB has
-  * We should link to the Markmail interface for the mailing lists.
-   * ''Against: We already link to the official ASF interface, and that should 
be enough for this site. The Markmail links can be put on the wiki.''
-   * ''For: search is important, the ASF interface doesn't provide it.''

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