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The "Using_Views" page has been changed by JoanTouzet:

point to real docs; this was a metaindex page so no content to migrate

- Learn all about CouchDB views.
+ See the [[|official 
documentation]] to learn about CouchDB views and secondary indexing.
-  * [[Introduction_to_CouchDB_views|Introduction to CouchDB Views]] An 
introduction to views
-  * [[HTTP_view_API|HTTP view API]] How to use Views
-  * [[View_Snippets|View Snippets]] Look at how others solved particular 
problems using views.
-  * --([[Views_for_SQL_Jockeys|Views for SQL Jockeys]])-- 
[[|View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys]] 
How to translate SQL knowledge to CouchDB views
-  * [[Views_for_Lotus_Geeks|Views for Lotus Geeks]] How to translate Lotus 
Notes views to CouchDB views
-  * [[EnableErlangViews|Enable Erlang Views]] How to enable the native Erlang 
view server (since CouchDB 0.10.0)

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