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- = Translator Invitation Process =
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- <<TableOfContents(3)>>
- ''@@ WIP''
- The CouchDB translation team exists of committers and non-committers. This 
document describes how to invite a non-committer. Attracting new translators 
can be made through various ways. Basically, the translators should show their 
interest of joining the team through the mailing-list. 
Unless there is a very good reason, nothing speaks against inviting her. Here 
are the steps needed to let a new translator join the team. Lets say Penny 
Morgan wants to join the team and translate to Spanish.
- == Invitation, Confirmation, Announcement ==
- === Penny shows her interest to join the translation team via ===
-  * send her the email 
-  * send the same email cc:
- wait for her response and check if the three questions are answered.
- === Penny replied to the invitation ===
- Assuming Penny answered the three questions (especially stating the Apache 2 
license with yes)
-  * check her username. It should start with a letter and should be readable. 
The best way is to use the first and lastname like ''pennymorgan''
-  * make sure, that the username is not an ASF username already taken:
-  * create an account with her username at (you need to have the rights for 
-  * set the following permissions under
-    * Can download archives of translation projects
-    * Can review translations
-    * Can make a suggestion for a translation
-    * Can submit a translation
-    * Can view a translation project
-  * send her the email 
-  * send the same email cc:
- === Announce Penny on the mailing-list ===
- Now everything is set up and you should announce Penny as a new translator to 
the team.
-  * send the email 
 to the mailing-list

Reply via email to