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vatamane pushed a change to branch upstream
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      at 74113db  Merge pull request #79 from tuncer/prepare-1.2.0

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 70719f4  initial commit
     new 1c67f79  Move triq_domain.hrl to be private
     new 7558385  Update .gitignore
     new feb0fce  Implement the macro ?WHENFAIL(Action,Prop)
     new 2c9f0be  Shrink lists of generators correctly, i.e. [int()] is never 
shrunken to [].
     new cfd7978  Implement ?TRAPEXIT(Property), and also catch exceptions when 
running general tests.
     new 41550db  Implement ?TIMEOUT macros; and also pass non-false failure 
code to the caller of triq:check
     new 0fe8636  Implement triq:fails(Property)
     new 6f3c410  Fix bug in simplifying values in the list-domain
     new 4ee8e7b  Remove compiler warnings
     new 3d6cfa9  Record counter example
     new 15ea3df  Make sized generators work
     new e8d78e3  Implement expected failures
     new fe50450  Fix ?TIMEOUT, implement choose/2
     new 8ba8814  Introduce a set of already tested values in both the 
check_forall loop, and in the simplify loop; so as to avoid rerunning succeeded 
tests (becomes obviously valuable when the tests are slow).
     new dea6d1b  Move sample.erl to triq_tests.erl; introduce autoexport of 
prop_ functions.
     new 7ffe206  Move prop_timeout into separate function
     new a14b82a  Simple restructuring / comments for main header file
     new b07e3b9  Make autoexport generate ?MODULE:check() method, not 
     new 112e7fa  Add license note
     new 4317e8c  Add readme
     new 770bf9d  Update readme
     new 5255171  Restructure to use Makefile
     new 6bfb4aa  Remove warning
     new 10400d3  Erlang Solution's test runner
     new 6b4ed8d  Update makefile.
     new 8245650  Add LICENSE and NOTICE files.
     new e28bf18  Update readme
     new 5efa807  Update readme some more.
     new 31f976b  Added export and test for boolean() type, also added a 
function to sample the output of a generator to aid testing
     new 0c34bf4  Added comment above boolean
     new fe74e38  Added export and test for boolean() type, also added a 
function to sample the output of a generator to aid testing
     new 401e7ce  Added comment above boolean
     new 2ac4bdb  Add comment to triq:fails/q
     new ffe4f3c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e001a9a  Add some documentation, rename internal glet -> dom_let, 
elem_gen -> component_domain
     new e4ce67f  Fix SIZED macro to expose current GenSize parameter.
     new 757d683  Make a simple test for the SIZED macro
     new 571a52c  Mark failing test prop_delete as failing.
     new a835024  Extra functionality...
     new ea8b814  Improve tests a bit.
     new 80b7d96  Some small edoc improvements
     new 054c4f5  Add some files to .gitignore
     new f7f3a3a  Add generator oneof
     new 046c4fe  Add oneof too list of imported domain functions
     new 7f78718  Add util/make_doc.beam to .gitignore
     new 48a198e  Fix LET macro
     new 6d50406  Add 'return' generator
     new 7bb77b5  Add 'vector' generator
     new 1c34372  Add edoc for return
     new beb5eea  Fix bug in char/simplify
     new e651b2a  Merge commit '1c3437276da71d4104e5'
     new d0abe46  Add counterexample/1 and counterexample/0.
     new eaae057  Provide unit test for oneof; also provide bind for oneof.
     new 8435340  check_forall has a gb_sets with all previous tests.  When 
skipping a test because a (randomly generated) test has already been run, also 
report that with an "x" and increment test count; even though no actual test is 
there.  This works well when the value domain is so small that it is not 
possible to generate 100 (or more) different values in the domain.
     new eb8bfcf  Make another test for oneof; this time to make sure shrinking 
of component domains that have non-standard shrinking function works right.
     new ac39fec  Fix oneof: did not shrink chosen domain correctly.
     new 379efed  Fix vector shrinking.
     new e09cbd9  Add binary generator
     new 9303c64  Remove some spurious whitespace
     new 81f883b  Add binary generator
     new a3dd54a  Remove some spurious whitespace
     new 01c800e  Make binaries generate themselves.
     new a006559  Merge branch 'master' of
     new cfcafff  Fix shrinking of elements
     new fa359cc  Finalize merge of 0c34bf478e47c60d4c1b248f9dca4b0bd59c9668
     new 70c1b8a  ## Major rewrite with improved shrinking
     new 1cee190  Add some more documentation, -spec for many exported 
functions, etc. New functions:
     new f235b52  Simplify triq_dom:domain/3 so that it just takes 3 arguments.
     new 8c29e9b  Rename triq_dom:boolean/0 -> triq_dom:bool/0.
     new a95a730  Improve documentation
     new b30afc9  Add releaser (doesn't work yet, but I don't want to loose it).
     new 22293fa  Adjust shrinking strategy for shrinkable lists, so that 20% 
of the time it will try to remove an element, otherwise 80% of the time it 
tries to simplify just one member of the list, and 20% of the time it tries to 
simplify many members in the list.
     new 9370f1d  Add triq_dom:eval/1 and triq_dom:eval/2.
     new a413d2d  Grooming: improve edoc, remove a few warnings, mark internal 
functions @private.
     new 9e2af7c  Implement ?LETSHRINK macro and support.
     new 836c94e  Add triq_dom:frequency/1 and 
triq_dom:shrink_without_duplicates/1.  Remove the duplicate checking from the 
main loop, so you only pay the duplicate checking price when you opt in.
     new 0e625c2  Add triq:check/2, to rerun property with stored 
     new 84ea2a0  Test that feeding results from counterexample/1 to check/2 
     new 4358b4b  Document check/2 in README.markdown.
     new f37b895  Export reseize/1 and frequency/1 in triq.hrl
     new 6faf58d  Implement triq:check(Prop, #Tests), which runs quickcheck 
with #Tests iterations.
     new fb396b2  Add a little documentation.
     new 4338cab  Implement "commands API" for state machine testing.
     new 9b4e480  Merge commit '0e625c295863ca1821bb' (from 
     new ad3df56  Merge commit '4358b4b22af1b02e0a25'
     new effa7e3  Adding rebar and associated config
     new 30a1334  Updating app.src for use with rebar
     new bbd3761  Refactoring Makefile to use rebar
     new ce38d70  Removing unnecessary build files
     new 52e8922  Merge changes to use rebar
     new a6b74fd  Update .gitignore.
     new 2d38bff  Add edown-generated doc to GIT repo
     new 90da3f7  triq:shrink_loop(): Recurrence check failed if it was the 
first shrink attempt which returned its input.
     new 7247a3b  triq_dom:shorter_list(): Added more aggressive shortening 
modes. Also, fixed a typo which broke the SmallerOK calculation in 
     new 0a4bafe  triq_tests: Added a test demonstrating the alleged need for 
aggressive list shortening. Also, repeating the test in list_shrink_test() a 
number of times; the previous lack of repetition happened to hide a bug in 
     new c067e3f  triq:shrink_loop(): Recurrence check failed if it was the 
first shrink attempt which returned its input.
     new 914394b  triq_dom:shorter_list(): Added more aggressive shortening 
modes. Also, fixed a typo which broke the SmallerOK calculation in 
     new b0d0652  triq_tests: Added a test demonstrating the alleged need for 
aggressive list shortening. Also, repeating the test in list_shrink_test() a 
number of times; the previous lack of repetition happened to hide a bug in 
     new de80eee  Merge branch 'master' of git://
     new 2e4f660  Minor fixes
     new 5612de7  Fix bug with operator preference in debug code
     new cabee23  Minor fixes
     new 50d5377  Fix bug with operator preference in debug code
     new 8fd3f7a  triq.hrl: Importing non_empty/1.
     new 47a2478  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5c5e5eb  Added triq_statem.hrl .
     new 3e96d90  Statem-related bugfixes: Make eval/2 work (type mismatch); 
return non-symbolic state from run_commands.
     new d60828a  Merge pull request #3 from eriksoe/master
     new c229690  Triq: Bugfix in command sequence shrinking (validation should 
ensure that all used variables are bound). Moved eval() to new module.
     new b18f905  Triq statem: in do_run_command(): Keep state passed to 
next_state() symbolic.
     new ab445cc  Merge pull request #4 from eriksoe/master
     new 5606c78  Add types for unicode chars and strings.
     new fda429c  Fix 16#FFFF,16#FFFE.
     new 2079f7e  Implement commands/2, command_names/1, zip/2
     new a938333  Fix edoc typo
     new 2c2a280  Implement triq:numtests/2
     new 7fb90cd  Add triq_fsm (based on triq_statem)
     new 2a185ff  Add pos_integer/0 and non_neg_integer/0
     new 77e2168  Merge pull request #6 from tuncer/pos_integer
     new ebd20fc  Improved unicode generators.
     new bd88d61  Merge pull request #8 from 
     new 5ea2913  Fix spurious whitespace errors
     new a076fe2  Fix minor typo
     new b2af981  Fix comments
     new 8d1d4cf  Make import and export style consistent
     new 0e3db91  Move tests from src/ to test/
     new d2536e8  Merge pull request #9 from tuncer/cleanup
     new ab39db4  README: fix minor typo
     new 3c80722  Fix -spec syntax in triq_dom:sized/1
     new fba3f55  triq_dom: minor comment fixes
     new 58e7676  Add file local vars
     new 2b66b3d  Fix formatting
     new a044449  Merge pull request #10 from tuncer/cleanup2
     new 99de9fb  Fix M:initial_state/0 handling
     new d2a47be  Merge pull request #11 from tuncer/fix-fsm-initial_state
     new 7e3c28a  Add triq_fsm test
     new 2693eaf  Merge pull request #12 from tuncer/test-fsm
     new 7e3f65a  test/lock_fsm: do not match result of start/1 and stop/0
     new 787028f  Merge pull request #13 from tuncer/lock_fsm
     new 0a01c59  Fix pos_integer/0 and non_neg_integer/0
     new 0234cb0  Merge pull request #15 from tuncer/fix-int
     new ce15abf  Update rebar
     new 4fc0851  Add 'qc' Makefile target and simplify rebar.config
     new 91c8b89  Fix R16 compatibility (stop using pmod)
     new 93fbfdb  Merge pull request #17 from tuncer/build-system
     new cf7f68b  Merge pull request #19 from tuncer/r16
     new cbb0f3e  Add missing copyright headers based on git history
     new 74b6c36  Update copyright years
     new ed82cf2  README: fix trivial typo
     new 3750dd9  README: enhance syntax highlighting markup
     new a1f8dd3  triq_fsm: fix warnings (unused var and imports)
     new d556c9e  Remove vestiges of package syntax
     new cdf64f5  Merge pull request #20 from tuncer/fixes
     new f1f0d7c  Typo
     new f542503  Delete unused fun triq_dom:try_shrink/3 (Reported-by: Joe 
     new ecbcf37  triq_dom: minor fixup
     new 5405998  triq_unicode_tests: delete unused variable
     new 1c50f64  triq_unicode_tests: make prop_unicode_char/0 actually test 
the unicode char
     new e198ddd  Enable warnings_as_errors (Suggested-by: Joe Norton)
     new 8fcb8c5  Merge pull request #22 from tuncer/triq_dom-unused-fun
     new a65830f  Fix typo in unicode character test
     new 2956972  README: Git-based installation steps
     new 717a60f  Merge pull request #26 from fishcakez/fix-unicode-char-test
     new 15d9ca0  Merge pull request #27 from tuncer/readme
     new 812549b  relicense the autoexport module under Apache 2.0 to make 
things simpler
     new abc157b  allow all kinds of specific values as generators
     new 502016f  Merge branch 'master' of git://
     new 0c1a00d  Merge pull request #28 from richcarl/autoexport-relicense
     new 57e33a5  Remove eunit from default target
     new db97613  More aggressive shrinker for choose/2
     new c38f75c  Increased level of randomness
     new 7644366  Merge pull request #32 from 
     new 7c585a5  Add travis
     new 2eff593  Remove verbose seed output
     new 7990e4b  disable breaking test
     new b79d4b5  Make pdict test be run as eunit
     new be914d2  Fix travis yml
     new 4fa600a  Add travis build graphics
     new fcf2773  Make the pict test a bit more verbose on error
     new f440bc0  Merge pull request #31 from jhlywa/master
     new 85d22c6  Merge pull request #30 from nifoc/makefile
     new c569823  Make triq_tests runnable again
     new 5ceec96  Vagrant dev environment for Triq
     new 0c6118d  the autogenerated function in the parse transform was calling 
triq:test, should instead be calling triq:check
     new 8b06a7a  Merge pull request #38 from 
     new 5cc1ffd  Fix int/2 generator
     new e64999e  Merge pull request #41 from essen/broken-intrange
     new 806b184  changes int range generator to range across full given range, 
regardless of current samplesize
     new 2b6b872  add module/2 to allow a variable number of tests
     new ee2543f  Merge pull request #42 from 
     new 53af6ea  Merge pull request #34 from 
     new 2fe1529  Merge pull request #43 from zkessin/num_tests
     new d37a482  more versions of erlang in travis
     new f4f838b  Update README.markdown
     new 934ca48  Update README.markdown
     new a21ed11  Update .gitignore
     new 2ccc81e  Add CONTRIBUTING and THANKS
     new 77f1d92  Merge pull request #1 from zkessin/travis_versions
     new e38d1f9  Merge pull request #2 from tuncer/contributing
     new f241f5f  improvements to the makefile
     new e6d3cca  Merge pull request #3 from zkessin/master
     new b486233  alias quickcheck for check, for compatability with PropEr and 
eqc APIS
     new 2f4f7d4  Merge pull request #4 from zkessin/master
     new 90e9bd9  Add equals/2, a property which succeeds on equality.
     new 37a0bdd  Add preliminary support for triq:conjunction/1.
     new 2f9fe6e  Add support for ?SETUP and ?LAZY.
     new 4ffa140  Add edoc string for atom domain.
     new 77f8258  Add support for bitstring/0, bitstring/1 types.
     new ea85a85  First implementation of large integer support.
     new eb4013b  add statem behaviour
     new 2966e78  Merge pull request #5 from zkessin/master
     new 05e217e  add float as an alias for real
     new 84d34db  Merge pull request #6 from zkessin/master
     new 43cb191  add each property as its own eunit test
     new 1d2a850  In the eunit hint use binding instead of equals-to
     new 80ca7bb  Merge pull request #7 from jstepien/readme-eunit
     new 819103d  Added possibility to specify amount of tests for entire 
     new c574f6d  Added extra guard clause
     new c7306b8  Merge pull request #54 from Primordus/module_tests
     new 55cb48f  Merge pull request #8 from zkessin/export_as_eunit
     new 8cdcaff  Ignore .rebar
     new 4c4f90a  Introduce and use compat random number module
     new 90412f9  .travis.yml: enable more OTP versions
     new bb8a237  rebar.config.script: handle already started crypto app
     new bfbdd73  Merge into merge-kresten-master
     new 0a5502b  Revert "improvements to the makefile"
     new 810eed8  Merge pull request #9 from tuncer/merge-kresten-master
     new c3f9eb3  Add GitLab CI support
     new ecf797f  Merge pull request #16 from tuncer/gitlab-ci
     new 3a47a99  Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/master' into add-types
     new 4365abc  Correct symbolic state leaking into postcondition/3
     new 2a07194  Evaluate dynamic next_state
     new 9965c53  Add clarification on purpose of triq_dom:sample/1
     new 7418470  Improve .gitlab-ci.yml
     new 7602cc1  .gitlab-ci.yml: @zkessin suggested to add copyright preamble
     new 928a91c  .gitlab-ci.yml: no need to report file deletion
     new 7df0536  .gitlab-ci.yml: run Dialyzer
     new 491d6e3  Merge pull request #18 from tuncer/better-ci
     new c79374b  Merge branch 'add-types' of into hlieberman1
     new f5b3921  Merge branch 'bugfixes' of 
into hlieberman1
     new e631069  triq_autoexport: apply minor fixes
     new 404919c  triq_autoexport: apply minor whitespace fix
     new c709d91  Make EUnit test generation opt-in
     new a784103  Merge pull request #20 from tuncer/eunit-opt-in
     new 055a685  Merge pull request #19 from tuncer/hlieberman1
     new 6151d20  Fixup re-introduced random:X() calls
     new 5d6e042  Fixup unused variable
     new eef6c36  Merge pull request #21 from tuncer/fixup
     new 2c49739  Rebar v 2.6.4
     new 10d8d01  Fix error while building edocs
     new c951d71  Spec matches actual function
     new 27ec7fc  Merge pull request #23 from lemenkov/fix_edoc
     new 2d31ad7  Make the bundled Rebar binary executable
     new 8dfe582  Merge pull request #24 from KrzysiekJ/rebar-executable
     new 2262a90  Add configurable reporting module
     new 17753d3  Merge pull request #28 from aerosol/master
     new c8a6098  Update package metadata
     new 8a6e8dd  Fix GitLab link
     new 0591543  Update license
     new 6101366  Support singleton ranges in choose/2 generator
     new 73bb310  Apply predicate when shrinking ?SUCHTHAT
     new 4fea56d  Fix non-empty list shrinking
     new 05b18cb  Dialyzer: delete dead code
     new 1edc472  Merge pull request #35 from tuncer/dialyzer
     new 51a7bb7  Disable warnings_as_errors
     new 0c05b1b  Merge pull request #36 from tuncer/disable-werror
     new 9952e84  gitlab-ci: test with Erlang 20
     new 9438bc0  Fix stdout reporting of shrinking phase
     new ae3222c  Document EUnit integration
     new bd57721  Merge pull request #40 from tuncer/doc-eunit-gen
     new a6d6965  Merge pull request #39 from triqng/hq1-fix-shrinking-reporting
     new 7a1187c  Merge pull request #38 from tuncer/gitlab-ci
     new a1217e9  Update and improve README
     new 7a37243  Merge pull request #42 from tuncer/README
     new d44beba  README: update CI badges
     new 9f6a9bd  Merge branch 'tuncer-update-ci-badges'
     new b025c4e  Improve Travis-CI config
     new 68e2905  gitlab-ci: dialyze in a separate stage
     new a35a126  Merge branch 'tuncer-gitlab-separate-dialyze'
     new 5c5ee4b  gitlab-ci: fix Dialyzer stage
     new 34a8dbf  Merge pull request #45 from tuncer/gl-ci-fix
     new ef1ed31  gitlab-ci: no need to run xref
     new 6889636  Merge pull request #46 from tuncer/gl-ci-no-xref
     new 08925d7  Autoexport EUnit property wrappers
     new 8f2c8e5  Merge pull request #47 from KrzysiekJ/autoexport-fix
     new 93242cf  gitlab-ci: fix Dialyzer and images
     new adbe976  Merge pull request #48 from tuncer/gitlab-ci-fix
     new b0d1095  gitlab-ci: no need to repeat image for build jobs
     new 4480def  Merge pull request #49 from tuncer/gl-ci-fix
     new 794b4a5  travis-ci: update otp versions
     new 11669a8  Merge pull request #41 from tuncer/ci-dialyze
     new b2b858b  Dialyzer: adapt domain() contract to actual use
     new beb4ab1  Dialyzer: fix improper lists
     new 18fb3cd  Merge pull request #50 from tuncer/fix-dialyzer-errors
     new 7e1a891  THANKS: add Harlan Lieberman-Berg
     new 77c69ad  Makefile: properties are already tested, remove qc
     new 9eaa0cb  Remove unused Vagrant files
     new e6d187a  Fix lock_fsm:prop_lock_fsm/0 formatting
     new 5208bfa  Makefile: remove xref (not needed); use Dialyzer
     new 6285279  pdict_statem: fix export_all warning
     new b600950  Merge pull request #51 from tuncer/proj-cleanup
     new a619e7e  Migrate to rebar3
     new d89aff4  Merge pull request #52 from tuncer/rebar3
     new 659d8f3  Adapt CI config to rebar3 migration and rm rebar
     new f8f8736  Merge pull request #53 from tuncer/rebar3-ci
     new cade138  gitlab-ci: add make in alpine image
     new c12555c  Merge pull request #54 from tuncer/apk-add-make
     new 9a43a0e  Dialyzer: fix contract and potential infinite loop
     new 9d4951a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/fix-dialyzer'
     new 7d1aaed  getrebar: update copyright year
     new 5085ccf  Add compiler as a dependency
     new 5971f00  Merge pull request #58 from KrzysiekJ/compiler-dependency
     new 67868ad  Implement GitLab Pages
     new 47d6cad  Merge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/pages'
     new b66ff70  Increase sample size in consecutive ?SUCHTHAT attempts
     new 1e26d5e  Add noshrink/1
     new 3c9cdc9  Merge pull request #61 from KrzysiekJ/noshrink
     new 5dbce6b  Fix type definition of triq_dom:domrec/1
     new babad21  Merge pull request #62 from KrzysiekJ/noshrink-type-fix
     new 0ce1cb0  README: update links and title
     new eb220d7  Merge pull request #63 from tuncer/README-update
     new 9bf6ab6  Remove the noshrink field from domain record
     new fd05109  Merge pull request #64 from KrzysiekJ/noshrink-refactor
     new 99d795e  Make largeint() generate integers
     new 00a2d17  Add contributing guide to gitlab pages
     new 827867a  Merge pull request #69 from 
     new 3086e3f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'nickva/fix-largeint-type'
     new 20448af  pages: link to index from contributing
     new 1a9b022  Merge pull request #70 from tuncer/contributing-index-links
     new 88e157e  doc: remove obsolete generated files
     new fc812bd  Merge pull request #71 from tuncer/clean-docs
     new b4ce70c  Improve choose/2 and int/2 generators.
     new ade17a9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'nickva/fix-int-range-shrink'
     new 6a63708  Prepare GitLab migration (adjust app file URLs)
     new 70a8d70  Merge pull request #73 from tuncer/migration
     new 8907f71  Avoid timeout in non_empty_list_shrink_test
     new 7678e30  Merge pull request #74 from 
     new 8754c67  Increase timeout of oneof test from default 5 sec to 15 sec
     new 582d01b  Add a failing benchmark for vector shrinking
     new fd568db  Remove .travis.yml
     new 5f13dc4  Merge pull request #76 from KrzysiekJ/travis-removal
     new 9dc3d83  Merge pull request #75 from nickva/fix-oneof-test-timeout
     new 30ff093  Merge pull request #60 from KrzysiekJ/benchmarks
     new 38dbbca  Remove obsolete releaser script
     new 67a5c6c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'tuncer/remove-obsolete-script'
     new 265382d  Remove unused config/sys.config
     new 2dacd93  Merge remote-tracking branch 
     new a2ad775  Prepare 1.2.0
     new 74113db  Merge pull request #79 from tuncer/prepare-1.2.0

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