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nice idea but it never happened.

- = Proposal for CouchDB history support =
-  * Every time a document is changed, store the existing document as an 
attachment before writing the updated document.
-  * For space efficiency, historical attachments are stored separately i.e. 
not inline with the historical JSON document.
-  * The special "history" attachments will be stored using a special prefix of 
-  * If people need to add meta-data to the history, e.g. "last changed by", 
"last changed date/time", then the recommended way would be to use a custom 
_update handler to add these fields to the doc being saved, and these would 
propagate to the history attachment.
-  * In future we can add delta support to further improve efficiency.
- == Use cases ==
- The main use case we want to support is the ability to recover from 
catastrophic user errors e.g. if they delete an important document, or 
overwrite something important.  I don't think supporting use cases such as 
rolling back to particular snapshots is within the scope of this proposal.
- == Implementation ==
- Native Erlang patch to core CouchDB.  We probably want the ability to turn 
this on/off on a per-db basis via a .ini config option.

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