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way outdated

- = Vienna Hackathon 2013 =
- <<Include(EditTheWiki)>>
- <<TableOfContents(3)>>
- See the main site [[|CouchHack]] for dates and 
organisation details. Below is the to-do list in action.
- == working list ==
- Who wants to work on what for the Vienna 2013 Hackathon? Just add your 
entries below to a new list item, or join an existing item.
-  * Merge All The Forks (rcouch, bigcouch) [[DaveCottlehuber]] [[BenoitC]] 
-     see thread on mailing list for actual approach
-  * Align Build system around merge ( or rebar) [[DaveCottlehuber]]
-     as side effect it should make building on Windows the same as other 
platforms by using the existing rebarised NIFs (ejson, snappy already completed)

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