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- ## page was renamed from EditTheWiki-Old
- ## page was renamed from EditTheWiki
- ||<#efefef>We have a 
wiki]]. The migration is not 100% complete. You can help out by moving pages 
across. This wiki will exist for as long as there are pages left.||
- ||<#efefef>The official documentation has moved to 
[[]] — The transition is not 100% complete, but 
[[]] should be seen as having the latest info. In some 
cases, the wiki still has some more or older info on certain topics inside 
- ||<#efefef>~-You need to be added to the ContributorsGroup to edit the wiki. 
But don't worry! Just email any 
[[|Mailing List]] or grab us on 
[[irc://|IRC]] and let us know your user name.-~||

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