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commit e3a5ae359db991bdf4980c129101469ba12f4b76
Author: Daniel Kulp <>
AuthorDate: Wed Mar 7 16:27:01 2018 -0500

    Update release notes for 3.1.15
 distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt | 85 +++++++++++++++++--------
 1 file changed, 57 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)

diff --git a/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt 
index 38f04af..b42d86d 100644
--- a/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
+++ b/distribution/src/main/release/release_notes.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Apache CXF 3.1.14 Release Notes
+Apache CXF 3.1.15 Release Notes
 1. Overview
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
 for further information and requirements for upgrading from earlier
 versions of CXF.
-3.1.14 fixes over 24 JIRA issues reported by users and the community.
+3.1.15 fixes over 55 JIRA issues reported by users and the community.
 2. Installation Prerequisites 
@@ -70,37 +70,66 @@ to 3.1.
 7. Specific issues, features, and improvements fixed in this version
 ** Bug
-* [CXF-6454] - Orphaned JMS connections created in endless loop
-* [CXF-6672] - PollingMessageListenerContainer does fail silently upon 
-* [CXF-7493] - Cannot define a List<Double> or List<Long> as a query param
-* [CXF-7501] - Cannot inject field in ContainerRequestFilter
-* [CXF-7503] - JwsJsonContainerRequestFilter throws exception in case of 
DELETE method invocation with empty payload
-* [CXF-7504] - NPE in oauth2 module for jose auth code tokens
-* [CXF-7505] - Oauth2 keystore loading inconsistent with jwt keys
-* [CXF-7507] - Put a configurable limit on the attachment header sizes
-* [CXF-7509] - The authSupplier property is ignored in case of OSGi http 
conduit configuration
-* [CXF-7511] - cxf-wadl2java-plugin version 3.1.x and 3.2.0 fails to download 
-* [CXF-7515] - Beans created with no package are throwing nullpointer exception
-* [CXF-7524] - runAsFilter is shadowed in Swagger2Feature, should use 
-* [CXF-7529] - [osgi] Stale CXF's after 
refreshing rt-frontend-jaxrs bundle
-* [CXF-7530] - AttachmentSerializer miss a CRLF before the multipart-body per 
spec rfc2046
-* [CXF-7532] - REST on JMS transport can't handle the request message with 
text messageType
-* [CXF-7533] - Setter setBus in AbstractConfigurableProvider does nothing
-* [CXF-7534] - Bus set on jaxws-endpoint is not honored anymore
-* [CXF-7536] - STRTransform TransformException when manually adding SAML 
Assertion via SAMLCallback.setAssertionElement()
-* [CXF-7541] - IllegalStateException can escape from AbstractHttpDestination
-* [CXF-7542] - Resources cannot be injected into fields declared in 
+* [CXF-5051] - ProtectTokens assertion is not respected for SAML tokens
+* [CXF-6134] - Apache CXF generating constructor with duplicate argument names 
causing compilation error
+* [CXF-6811] - org.apache.cxf.common.util.ClassHelper.getJavaVersion() method 
will fail on JDK9
+* [CXF-7048] - Response does not include SequenceAcknowledgement
+* [CXF-7389] - JAXRSUtils warning logs
+* [CXF-7473] - ExceptionMapper class hierarchies: incompatible ExceptionMapper 
+* [CXF-7508] - WSRM - CloseSequenceResponse does not have acknowledgments
+* [CXF-7518] - Loggers logs request twice in case of Fault
+* [CXF-7522] - WSRM - Exponential backoff not configurable for Redelivery
+* [CXF-7527] - JAXRS UriInfo.getMatchedUris does return matched URIs twice for 
sub resources
 * [CXF-7545] - Problem to generate WADL when a implementation of generic type 
is used
+* [CXF-7547] - Problem to generate Java from WADL file when method id defined
+* [CXF-7549] - Can't register Feature from inside another Feature in JAX-RS
+* [CXF-7550] - StaxActionInInterceptor can't function completely with 
+* [CXF-7551] - Policy Based WSS4J Stax Interceptors may not be correctly 
+* [CXF-7552] - wsdl2java fails on SwA WSDL using SOAP 1.2 Bindings
+* [CXF-7553] - selectVariant doesn't take into account quality factors in 
Accept header
+* [CXF-7555] - Failure to construct bean of 
+* [CXF-7561] - CrossOriginResourceSharing annotation on a super interface is 
not interpreted
+* [CXF-7562] - ext.logging: truncated flag not set
+* [CXF-7572] - OAuth/OIDC endpoints in discovery document contains default 
+* [CXF-7573] - CXF Jose not closing Inpustream when loading Keystore
+* [CXF-7575] - @Suspended race condition
+* [CXF-7578] - WS-Trust Secured Request casts SecretKeySpec to PrivateKey
+* [CXF-7581] - SwaggerUIResourceFilter doesn't allow call to service endpoint
+* [CXF-7584] - proxy client: forbid empty path param
+* [CXF-7585] - base64 attachment encoding does not close the InputSteam
+* [CXF-7587] - JAXRS Server fails to serve requests when context path ends 
with asterisk '*' caracter
+* [CXF-7588] - SAML audience restriction validation is enabled by default for 
REST services
+* [CXF-7592] - Wrong JAX-RS 2.1 request filter handling for IOException
+* [CXF-7593] - Application is not visible in Feature.configure
+* [CXF-7595] - Swagger2Feature - inputstream of stream 
after loading not closed
+* [CXF-7596] - ClassNotFoundException: not found by 
+* [CXF-7597] - Suspicious calls to ClassLoader.findResource when resolving 
absolute base and actual URIs
+* [CXF-7604] - Change to "Error occurred during error handling, give up!" 
+* [CXF-7607] - JAXRS only consider the first "Accept" header in the request
+* [CXF-7608] - [brave feature] Propagate trace ids as it lets log correlation 
to be consistent even if not sampling
+* [CXF-7613] - Support Derived keys policy validation for 
+* [CXF-7629] - When registering a provider that implements MessageBodyReader 
and MessageBodyWriter interfaces through a Feature CXF ignores the interfaces 
in the contract and registers them all
+* [CXF-7630] - NameBindings are ignored for (at least) ContextResponseFilters
+* [CXF-7637] - Using SwaggerToOpenApiConversionFilter with JAXRS extension 
mappings will never engage the filter
+* [CXF-7653] - Null pointer in JaxwsResponseCallback
+* [CXF-7654] - Swagger 2 document doesn't contain Info/BasePath on Karaf
 ** Improvement
-* [CXF-7528] - [osgi] rt-transports-http should not fail during servlet 
-* [CXF-7531] - add async-supported init parameter configuration for the 
-* [CXF-7539] - Provide Boolean wrapper object for == comparation
+* [CXF-7200] - wadl2java does not see generated classes with 
+* [CXF-7471] - WSRM - Use createResendCandidate() instead of constructor 
+* [CXF-7558] - set retryInterval default value to 5 sec if not specify it in 
+* [CXF-7568] - Support JWE PBES encryption
+* [CXF-7569] - PrimitiveTextProvider: support enums
+* [CXF-7603] - private a way that only a set of client IP can access the WADL
+* [CXF-7616] - Add support for (SAML) IssuedToken policy validation
+* [CXF-7617] - Support Derived keys policy validation for endorsing 
+* [CXF-7619] - Support deprecated 1.5 WS-Policy URI in the STS
+* [CXF-7652] - UriBuilderImpl: null-empty differentiation for query/matrix 
+* [CXF-7661] - add isTimeout flag for Continutation so that we can easily know 
when the timeout happen outside CXF
+* [CXF-7665] - Provide an easy way to set the TLSClientParameters on the 
STSClient client object
+* [CXF-7667] - Don't add an STS operation in the 
DefaultSecurityTokenServiceProvider if no STSProperties are available

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