jihoonson commented on a change in pull request #8823: Add InputSource and 
InputFormat interfaces
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/pull/8823#discussion_r344422296

 File path: 
 @@ -53,38 +57,53 @@
   private static final Logger log = new Logger(DataSchema.class);
   private static final Pattern INVALIDCHARS = Pattern.compile("(?s).*[^\\S 
   private final String dataSource;
-  private final Map<String, Object> parser;
   private final AggregatorFactory[] aggregators;
   private final GranularitySpec granularitySpec;
   private final TransformSpec transformSpec;
+  private final Map<String, Object> parserMap;
+  private final ObjectMapper objectMapper;
-  private final ObjectMapper jsonMapper;
+  // The below fields can be initialized lazily from parser for backward 
+  private TimestampSpec timestampSpec;
+  private DimensionsSpec dimensionsSpec;
-  private InputRowParser cachedParser;
+  // This is used for backward compatibility
+  private InputRowParser inputRowParser;
   public DataSchema(
       @JsonProperty("dataSource") String dataSource,
-      @JsonProperty("parser") Map<String, Object> parser,
+      @JsonProperty("timestampSpec") @Nullable TimestampSpec timestampSpec, // 
can be null in old task spec
+      @JsonProperty("dimensionsSpec") @Nullable DimensionsSpec dimensionsSpec, 
// can be null in old task spec
       @JsonProperty("metricsSpec") AggregatorFactory[] aggregators,
       @JsonProperty("granularitySpec") GranularitySpec granularitySpec,
       @JsonProperty("transformSpec") TransformSpec transformSpec,
-      @JacksonInject ObjectMapper jsonMapper
+      @Deprecated @JsonProperty("parser") @Nullable Map<String, Object> 
+      @JacksonInject ObjectMapper objectMapper
 Review comment:
   I would rather not adding it because it's never null in production code.

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