clintropolis opened a new pull request #8981: add query metrics for broker 
parallel merges, off by default
   ### Description
   This PR is a follow-up to #8578, adding a handful of query metrics that I 
believe are interesting, but taking the conservative approach in that all of 
them are off by default, meaning a custom extension implementing `QueryMetrics` 
is necessary to actually emit them. `ParallelMergeCombiningSequence` is in 
`druid-core` where as `QueryMetrics` and friends are in `druid-processing`, so 
this is done mechanically via a 
`Consumer<ParallelMergeCombiningSequence.MergeCombineMetrics>` that is supplied 
to to the sequence, where `ParallelMergeCombiningSequence.MergeCombineMetrics` 
is the type that all of the metrics from the fork join tasks are accumulated. 
This allows the consumer, `CachingClusteredClient` in our case, to define how 
to report the metrics.
   I did not document these metrics because they are off by default, and don't 
want to give operators false hope before they get in deep and realize they need 
to make a custom extension or whatever. This omission is in favor of someday 
refining this process so that maybe we bundle several different 'profiles' to 
enabling emitting a set of metrics based on the profile, or some other system 
that allows operators to customize without a custom extension.
   Also absent are any sort of aggregate metrics, such as pool utilization over 
some periodic collection interval or whatever. I would like to look into this 
as a follow-up, since it seems like there are potentially many metrics that 
would maybe make sense to collect like this, so I'd like to think a bit harder 
about how to do this so it's not a one-off solution.
   This PR also modifies the parallel merge config to disable using the fork 
join pool if the computed level of pool parallelism isn't more than 2, since 
you need at least 3 tasks to do the 2 layer merge in parallel.
   This PR has:
   - [x] been self-reviewed.
   - [ ] added documentation for new or modified features or behaviors.
   - [x] added Javadocs for most classes and all non-trivial methods. Linked 
related entities via Javadoc links.
   - [x] added comments explaining the "why" and the intent of the code 
wherever would not be obvious for an unfamiliar reader.
   - [x] added unit tests or modified existing tests to cover new code paths.
   ##### Key changed/added classes in this PR
    * `ParallelMergeCombiningSequence`
    * `QueryMetrics`
   * `DruidProcessingConfig`

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