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    update release guide
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 ## Setup
-Clone this project, alone with 
[echarts-doc]( under the same directory.
+Clone this project, alone with 
[echarts-doc]( under the same directory.
 ## Debug Locally
@@ -34,16 +34,23 @@ export 
 ### If the built-in echarts dist needs to be upated
-**Copy echarts dist code**
+**Prepare echarts source code**
-cp -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts/dist/* ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/dist
-ll ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/dist
+cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts
+git checkout release # Make sure in `release branch`
+git pull
+git status # Make sure there is no modification in `src`.
-**Update the source code of `custom builder`:**
+**Copy echarts dist files and source code for `custom builder`:**
+# Copy dist files:
+cp -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts/dist/* ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/dist
+ls -alF ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/dist
+# Copy source code:
 rm -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/echarts
 rm -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/zrender
 cp -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts/src 
@@ -55,11 +62,11 @@ ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/pre/removeDEV.js # 
remove __DEV__
 **Update the version number of echarts in `echarts-www`.**
-cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/
 code ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/config/common.js
 # Update the version manually. Then:
+cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/
 ./node_modules/.bin/gulp sourceVersion
-cat builder/echarts.html | grep urlArgs
+cat builder/echarts.html | grep urlArgs # Check
 ### If the release download list needs to be updated
@@ -81,7 +88,7 @@ node build-example.js
 **If the built-in echarts needs to be updated**
 cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-examples
+sh --only-copy-dist
@@ -104,9 +111,9 @@ Ensure "echarts-doc" is on the correct git branch (`relase` 
 sh ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-doc/ --env asf
 # sh ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-doc/ --env echartsjs
-ll ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/documents/cn
-ll ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/documents/en
-ll ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/documents/asset/
+ls -alF ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/documents/cn
+ls -alF ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/documents/en
+ls -alF ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/documents/asset/
 **Build `echarts-www`**
@@ -115,8 +122,15 @@ sh ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/ --env asf
 # sh ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/ --env echartsjs
+rm -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/release
+rm ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/
 Then commit and push to `asf-site` branch.
 Then initiate a building job at 
 by searching `incubator-echarts-website`.
 Then wait for several minutes and Website should be generated at 

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