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savepoint, which can be u
 It is possible to upload, run, and list Flink programs via the REST APIs and 
web frontend.
+#### Upload a new JAR file
+Send a `POST` request to `/jars/upload` with your jar file sent as multi-part 
data under the `jarfile` file.
+Also make sure that the multi-part data includes the `Content-Type` of the 
file itself, some http libraries do not add the header by default.
+The multi-part payload should start like
+Content-Disposition: form-data; name="jarfile"; filename="YourFileName.jar"
+Content-Type: application/x-java-archive
 #### Run a Program (POST)
 Send a `POST` request to `/jars/:jarid/run`. The `jarid` parameter is the file 
name of the program JAR in the configured web frontend upload directory 
(configuration key `jobmanager.web.upload.dir`).

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