Jonathan Hunter created GUACAMOLE-506:

             Summary: Printing does not work via HTTP, only via websocket
                 Key: GUACAMOLE-506
             Project: Guacamole
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: guacamole-client, RDP
    Affects Versions: 0.9.13-incubating
            Reporter: Jonathan Hunter

Printing does not work (for me, at least) when using guacamole via an Apache 
reverse proxy *in HTTP mode*. I think that this counts as a bug - since 
everything else i.e. normal interactive use of guacamole RDP/VNC/SSH/etc. 
sessions work fine in this configuration, i.e. without websockets, just http 
reverse proxying.
The following two steps got printing going for me, but I think printing 
_should_ work via HTTP...  * Install Apache's mod_proxy_wstunnel (on Debian 
this is 'sudo a2enmod proxy_wstunnel')
 * Add a line in Apache's config to websocket-proxy the relevant URL. (Note 
that this line must come *before* the config entry that proxies the rest of 
guacamole, since Apache's ProxyPass command operates on a first match wins 

(I did look at Chapter 4 of the documentation, and in particular the 'Proxying 
with websocket' section, but I found I did not need the ProxyPassReverse 
statement shown there; nor did I need to place it within a <Location> section, 
in my config at least.)
My Apache config now looks like this:
{quote}{{        ProxyPass /remoteaccess/websocket-tunnel        
{{        ProxyPass /remoteaccess/                       {color:#d04437} 
and printing now works perfectly.

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