GUACAMOLE-88: Describe connection share process.


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 src/chapters/guacamole-ext.xml | 57 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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diff --git a/src/chapters/guacamole-ext.xml b/src/chapters/guacamole-ext.xml
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@@ -717,4 +717,61 @@
                     <classname>Connection</classname> can be used to make life 
+    <section xml:id="ext-active-connections">
+        <title>Managing/sharing active connections</title>
+        <para>After a connection has been established, its underlying
+                <classname>GuacamoleTunnel</classname> can be exposed by a
+                <classname>UserContext</classname> through the 
+            returned by 
<methodname>getActiveConnectionDirectory()</methodname>. The
+                <classname>ActiveConnection</classname> objects accessible 
through this
+                <classname>Directory</classname> are the means by which an 
administrator may monitor
+            or forcibly terminate another user's connection, ultimately 
resulting in Guacamole
+            invoking the <methodname>close()</methodname> function of the 
+                <classname>GuacamoleTunnel</classname>, and also serve as the 
basis for screen
+            sharing.</para>
+        <para>Screen sharing is implemented through the use of 
+            objects, exposed through yet another 
<classname>Directory</classname> beneath the
+                <classname>UserContext</classname>. Each sharing profile is 
associated with a single
+            connection that it can be used to share, referred to as the 
"primary connection". If a
+            user has read access to a sharing profile associated with their 
current connection, that
+            sharing profile will be displayed as an option within <link
+                xmlns:xlink=""; 
linkend="client-share-menu">the share
+                menu of the Guacamole menu</link>.</para>
+        <para>The overall sharing process is as follows:</para>
+        <orderedlist>
+            <listitem>
+                <para>A user, having access to a sharing profile associated 
with their current
+                    active connection, clicks its option within the <link
+                        xmlns:xlink=""; 
+                        menu</link>.</para>
+            </listitem>
+            <listitem>
+                <para>Guacamole locates the 
<classname>ActiveConnection</classname> and invokes its
+                        <methodname>getSharingCredentials()</methodname> 
function with the
+                    identifier of the sharing profile. The contents of the 
+                        <classname>UserCredentials</classname> object is used 
by Guacamole to
+                    generate a sharing link which can be given to other 
+            </listitem>
+            <listitem>
+                <para>When another user visits the sharing link, the 
credentials embedded in the
+                    link are passed to the authentication providers associated 
with each installed
+                    extension. <emphasis>It is up to the extension that 
originally provided those
+                        credentials to authenticate the user and provide them 
with access to the
+                        shared connection.</emphasis></para>
+            </listitem>
+            <listitem>
+                <para>When the user attempts to connect to the shared 
connection, the extension
+                    establishes the connection using the ID of the connection 
being joined.
+                        <emphasis>This is not the connection identifier as 
dictated by
+                        guacamole-ext, but rather <link 
+                            linkend="guacamole-protocol-joining">the unique ID 
assigned by guacd as
+                            required by the Guacamole 
protocol</link>.</emphasis> This ID can be
+                    retrieved from a 
<methodname>ConfiguredGuacamoleSocket</methodname> via
+                        <methodname>getConnectionID()</methodname>, and can be 
passed through a
+                        <methodname>GuacamoleConfiguration</methodname> through
+                        <methodname>setConnectionID()</methodname> (instead of 
specifying a
+                    protocol, as would be done for a brand new 
+            </listitem>
+        </orderedlist>
+    </section>

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