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@@ -31617,45 +31617,28 @@ When you are satisfied with your changes, follow the 
procedure in
 <div class="sect2">
 <h3 id="website_publish"><a class="anchor" href="#website_publish"></a>A.3. 
Publishing the HBase Website and Documentation</h3>
 <div class="paragraph">
-<p>HBase uses the ASF&#8217;s <code>gitpubsub</code> mechanism.
-. After generating the website and documentation
-artifacts using <code>mvn clean site site:stage</code>, check out the 
<code>asf-site</code> repository.</p>
-<div class="olist arabic">
-<ol class="arabic">
-<p>Remove previously-generated content using the following command:</p>
-<div class="listingblock">
-<div class="content">
-<pre>rm -rf rm -rf *apidocs* *book* *.html *.pdf* css js</pre>
+<p>HBase uses the ASF&#8217;s <code>gitpubsub</code> mechanism. A Jenkins job 
runs the
+<code>dev-support/jenkins-scripts/</code> script, 
which runs the
+<code>mvn clean site site:stage</code> against the <code>master</code> branch 
of the <code>hbase</code>
+repository and commits the built artifacts to the <code>asf-site</code> branch 
of the
+<code>hbase-site</code> repository. When the commit is pushed, the website is 
+automatically. If the script encounters an error, an email is sent to the
+developer mailing list. You can run the script manually or examine it to see 
+steps involved.</p>
-<div class="admonitionblock warning">
-<td class="icon">
-<i class="fa icon-warning" title="Warning"></i>
-<td class="content">
-Do not remove the <code>0.94/</code> directory. To regenerate them, you must 
check out
-the 0.94 branch and run <code>mvn clean site site:stage</code> from there, and 
then copy the
-artifacts to the 0.94/ directory of the <code>asf-site</code> branch.
-<p>Copy the contents of <code>target/staging</code> to the branch.</p>
-<p>Add and commit your changes, and submit a patch for review.</p>
+<div class="sect2">
+<h3 id="website_check_links"><a class="anchor" 
href="#website_check_links"></a>A.4. Checking the HBase Website for Broken 
+<div class="paragraph">
+<p>A Jenkins job runs periodically to check HBase website for broken links, 
+the <code>dev-support/jenkins-scripts/</code> script. 
This script
+uses a tool called <code>linklint</code> to check for bad links and create a 
report. If
+broken links are found, an email is sent to the developer mailing list. You can
+run the script manually or examine it to see the steps involved.</p>
 <div class="sect2">
-<h3 id="_hbase_reference_guide_style_guide_and_cheat_sheet"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_hbase_reference_guide_style_guide_and_cheat_sheet"></a>A.4. HBase 
Reference Guide Style Guide and Cheat Sheet</h3>
+<h3 id="_hbase_reference_guide_style_guide_and_cheat_sheet"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_hbase_reference_guide_style_guide_and_cheat_sheet"></a>A.5. HBase 
Reference Guide Style Guide and Cheat Sheet</h3>
 <div class="paragraph">
 <p>The HBase Reference Guide is written in Asciidoc and built using <a 
 The following cheat sheet is included for your reference. More nuanced and 
comprehensive documentation
@@ -32056,7 +32039,7 @@ Nothing between the slashes will show up.
 <div class="sect2">
-<h3 id="_auto_generated_content"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_auto_generated_content"></a>A.5. Auto-Generated Content</h3>
+<h3 id="_auto_generated_content"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_auto_generated_content"></a>A.6. Auto-Generated Content</h3>
 <div class="paragraph">
 <p>Some parts of the HBase Reference Guide, most notably <a 
 are generated automatically, so that this area of the documentation stays in
@@ -32076,7 +32059,7 @@ from HBase source files in the future.</p>
 <div class="sect2">
-<h3 id="_images_in_the_hbase_reference_guide"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_images_in_the_hbase_reference_guide"></a>A.6. Images in the HBase 
Reference Guide</h3>
+<h3 id="_images_in_the_hbase_reference_guide"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_images_in_the_hbase_reference_guide"></a>A.7. Images in the HBase 
Reference Guide</h3>
 <div class="paragraph">
 <p>You can include images in the HBase Reference Guide. It is important to 
 an image title if possible, and alternate text always. This allows screen 
@@ -32111,7 +32094,7 @@ committed, it should go into the above directory.</p>
 <div class="sect2">
-<h3 id="_adding_a_new_chapter_to_the_hbase_reference_guide"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_adding_a_new_chapter_to_the_hbase_reference_guide"></a>A.7. Adding a 
New Chapter to the HBase Reference Guide</h3>
+<h3 id="_adding_a_new_chapter_to_the_hbase_reference_guide"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_adding_a_new_chapter_to_the_hbase_reference_guide"></a>A.8. Adding a 
New Chapter to the HBase Reference Guide</h3>
 <div class="paragraph">
 <p>If you want to add a new chapter to the HBase Reference Guide, the easiest 
 is to copy an existing chapter file, rename it, and change the ID (in double
@@ -32130,7 +32113,7 @@ creating your patch.</p>
 <div class="sect2">
-<h3 id="_common_documentation_issues"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_common_documentation_issues"></a>A.8. Common Documentation Issues</h3>
+<h3 id="_common_documentation_issues"><a class="anchor" 
href="#_common_documentation_issues"></a>A.9. Common Documentation Issues</h3>
 <div class="paragraph">
 <p>The following documentation issues come up often. Some of these are 
 but others can create mysterious build errors or other problems.</p>

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