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@@ -30,8 +30,10 @@
 :icons: font
-link:https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-6449[HBASE-6449] added 
support for tracing requests through HBase, using the open source tracing 
library, link:https://htrace.incubator.apache.org/[HTrace].
-Setting up tracing is quite simple, however it currently requires some very 
minor changes to your client code (it would not be very difficult to remove 
this requirement).
+HBase includes facilities for tracing requests using the open source tracing 
library, link:https://htrace.incubator.apache.org/[Apache HTrace].
+Setting up tracing is quite simple, however it currently requires some very 
minor changes to your client code (this requirement may be removed in the 
+Support for this feature using HTrace 3 in HBase was added in 
link:https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-6449[HBASE-6449]. Starting 
with HBase 2.0, there was a non-compatible update to HTrace 4 via 
link:https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-18601[HBASE-18601]. The 
examples provided in this section will be using HTrace 4 package names, syntax, 
and conventions. For older examples, please consult previous versions of this 
 === SpanReceivers

diff --git a/src/main/asciidoc/_chapters/upgrading.adoc 
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--- a/src/main/asciidoc/_chapters/upgrading.adoc
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@@ -543,6 +543,14 @@ A number of internal dependencies for HBase were updated 
or removed from the run
 .Multiple breaking changes to source and binary compatibility for client API
 The Java client API for HBase has a number of changes that break both source 
and binary compatibility for details see the Compatibility Check Report for the 
release you'll be upgrading to.
+.Tracing implementation changes
+The backing implementation of HBase's tracing features was updated from Apache 
HTrace 3 to HTrace 4, which includes several breaking changes. While HTrace 3 
and 4 can coexist in the same runtime, they will not integrate with each other, 
leading to disjoint trace information.
+The internal changes to HBase during this upgrade were sufficient for 
compilation, but it has not been confirmed that there are no regressions in 
tracing functionality. Please consider this feature expiremental for the 
immediate future.
+If you previously relied on client side tracing integrated with HBase 
operations, it is recommended that you upgrade your usage to HTrace 4 as well.
 This would be a good place to link to an appendix on migrating applications

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