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-summary: "Following are some sample use-cases for Hudi, which illustrate the 
benefits in terms of faster processing & increased efficiency"
+summary: "下面展示一些使用Hudi的示例,示例说明了加快处理速度和提高效率的好处"
-## Near Real-Time Ingestion
+## 近实时摄取
-Ingesting data from external sources like (event logs, databases, external 
sources) into a [Hadoop Data Lake](http://martinfowler.com/bliki/DataLake.html) 
is a well known problem.
-In most (if not all) Hadoop deployments, it is unfortunately solved in a 
piecemeal fashion, using a medley of ingestion tools,
-even though this data is arguably the most valuable for the entire 
-For RDBMS ingestion, Hudi provides __faster loads via Upserts__, as opposed 
costly & inefficient bulk loads. For e.g, you can read the MySQL BIN log or 
[Sqoop Incremental 
 and apply them to an
-equivalent Hudi table on DFS. This would be much faster/efficient than a [bulk 
-or [complicated handcrafted merge 
-For NoSQL datastores like [Cassandra](http://cassandra.apache.org/) / 
[Voldemort](http://www.project-voldemort.com/voldemort/) / 
[HBase](https://hbase.apache.org/), even moderately big installations store 
billions of rows.
-It goes without saying that __full bulk loads are simply infeasible__ and more 
efficient approaches are needed if ingestion is to keep up with the typically 
high update volumes.
+对于NoSQL数据存储,如[Cassandra](http://cassandra.apache.org/) / 
[Voldemort](http://www.project-voldemort.com/voldemort/) / 
+毫无疑问, __全量加载不可行__ 如果摄取需要跟上较高的更新量,那么则需要更有效的方法。
-Even for immutable data sources like [Kafka](kafka.apache.org) , Hudi helps 
__enforces a minimum file size on HDFS__, which improves NameNode health by 
solving one of the [age old problems in Hadoop 
land](https://blog.cloudera.com/blog/2009/02/the-small-files-problem/) in a 
holistic way. This is all the more important for event streams, since typically 
its higher volume (eg: click streams) and if not managed well, can cause 
serious damage to your Hadoop cluster.
+即使对于像[Kafka](kafka.apache.org)这样的不可变数据源,Hudi也可以 __强制在HDFS上使用最小文件大小__, 
-Across all sources, Hudi adds the much needed ability to atomically publish 
new data to consumers via notion of commits, shielding them from partial 
ingestion failures
+## 近实时分析
-## Near Real-time Analytics
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