umehrot2 commented on a change in pull request #1702:

File path: hudi-spark/src/main/scala/org/apache/hudi/IncrementalRelation.scala
@@ -71,13 +78,16 @@ class IncrementalRelation(val sqlContext: SQLContext,
-  // use schema from latest metadata, if not present, read schema from the 
data file
-  private val latestSchema = {
-    val schemaUtil = new TableSchemaResolver(metaClient)
-    val tableSchema = 
-    AvroConversionUtils.convertAvroSchemaToStructType(tableSchema)
+  // use schema from a file produced in the latest instant
+  val latestSchema: StructType = {
+"Inferring schema..")
+    val schemaResolver = new TableSchemaResolver(metaClient)
+    val tableSchema = schemaResolver.getTableAvroSchemaWithoutMetadataFields
+    val dataSchema = 
+    StructType(skeletonSchema.fields ++ dataSchema.fields)

Review comment:
       Not really. The reason for doing it this way is to intentionally only 
read the **user data schema** and then append the **metadata/skeleton schema** 
to it. This avoids us to have unnecessary checks here, because if we read the 
whole schema then there will be differences. For regular hudi files, the schema 
would have both **skeleton + user data schema** whereas for **bootstrapped 
files** the schema would only have **user data schema** read from the source 
file. So to keep things simple I did it this way.

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