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 ## Ignite and Ignite.NET
 * Ignite.NET is built on top of Ignite.
-* .NET starts the JVM in the same process and communicates with it via JNI & 
+* .NET starts the JVM in the same process and communicates with it via JNI.
 * .NET, C++ and Java nodes can join the same cluster, use the same caches, and 
interoperate using common binary protocol.
 * Java compute jobs can execute on any node (Java, .NET, C++).
 * .NET compute jobs can only execute on .NET nodes.
+Ignite.NET also has Thin Client mode (see `Ignition.StartClient()`), which 
does not start JVM and does not require Java on machine.
 ## Ignite Components
 You can view Apache Ignite as a collection of independent, well-integrated 
components geared to improve performance and

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