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IMPALA-6811: Increase timeout on S3 for test_exchange_delays

The exchange-delays-zero-rows portion of test_exchange_delays
tests a RPC timeout when sending an EOS with no rows. In
order to send the EOS, the executor must have completed
the scan (which returns zero rows). On S3, the scan has
been slow and can exceed the current receiver delay of
10 seconds, leading to a failure to timeout. In manual
testing, the sender timeout is being applied quickly
once the scan finishes.

This increases the receiver delay for S3 and ADLS to
20 seconds. None of the existing symptoms show the
scan taking that long. Most failures have a scan that
barely exceeds 10 seconds, the current receiver delay.
This has only been seen on S3, but ADLS is included as a

Change-Id: I967e6eb336c801219c77d657655c42984910b479
Reviewed-by: Joe McDonnell <>
Tested-by: Impala Public Jenkins <>
(cherry picked from commit 5bdce5a86ae81081809c7d61f02319b32f18a29d)


Branch: refs/heads/2.x
Commit: 04bc6162bd0ae04c6f6e7814234e7973c477c7c8
Parents: 867fc82
Author: Joe McDonnell <>
Authored: Wed Apr 11 12:47:42 2018 -0700
Committer: Impala Public Jenkins <>
Committed: Thu Apr 12 21:01:20 2018 +0000

 tests/custom_cluster/ | 9 +++++++--
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/tests/custom_cluster/ 
index dfab1fe..93de102 100644
--- a/tests/custom_cluster/
+++ b/tests/custom_cluster/
@@ -19,13 +19,14 @@ import pytest
 from tests.common.custom_cluster_test_suite import CustomClusterTestSuite
 from tests.common.environ import specific_build_type_timeout
 from tests.common.skip import SkipIfBuildType
-from tests.util.filesystem_utils import IS_ISILON
+from tests.util.filesystem_utils import IS_S3, IS_ADLS, IS_ISILON
 # IMPALA-6100: add additional margin for error for slow build types.
 DELAY_MS = specific_build_type_timeout(10000, 
 # IMPALA-6381: Isilon can behave as a slow build.
+# IMPALA-6811: S3/ADLS can also have a slow scan that requires a longer delay.
+if IS_S3 or IS_ADLS or IS_ISILON:
@@ -60,4 +61,8 @@ class TestExchangeDelays(CustomClusterTestSuite):
     self.run_test_case('QueryTest/exchange-delays', vector)
     # Test the special case when no batches are sent and the EOS message times 
+    # IMPALA-6811: For future reference, the SQL used for this test case 
+    # that the scan complete before the fragment sends the EOS message. A slow 
scan can
+    # cause this test to fail, because the receivers could be set up before the
+    # fragment starts sending (and thus can't time out).
     self.run_test_case('QueryTest/exchange-delays-zero-rows', vector)

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