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danhaywood pushed a change to branch ISIS-1779-jax-rs-2-rebased
in repository

     was d5fcba0  ISIS-1779 Transition to JAX-RS 2.0 Client API removed 
dependency on deprecated resteasy client api

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard d5fcba0  ISIS-1779 Transition to JAX-RS 2.0 Client API removed 
dependency on deprecated resteasy client api
 discard bcd9187  ISIS-1811: updates versions to 2.0.0-M2-SNAPSHOT
 discard f5fc906  Merge branch 'ISIS-1744-update-to-dn-515' into dev/2.0.0-M2
 discard 9336f8d  ISIS-1744: removes work-around code for prior to DN 5.1.5
 discard bad4156  ISIS-1744: updates to DN 5.1.5
 discard 2aa9efc  ISIS-1767: fixes dependency convergence issue with 
 discard 555f5f9  Merge branch 'ISIS-1767-jee-7' into dev/2.0.0-M2
 discard ab73186  ISIS-1756 remove reflective access to DN's EnhancementHelper 
since we've got a dedicated method instead
 discard 4d2aa2b  ISIS-1755 veto ExceptionRecognizer on CDI scan
 discard de9b17a  ISIS-1754 proper DN class-loading
 discard f730d53  ISIS-1775 added license
 discard 1414489  ISIS-1775 Honor web-app's context path when configuring 
 discard 3f6fd15  ISIS-1755 TomEE requires Service Providers to be public 
 discard 742e231  ISIS-1754 context aware class-loading for Isis
 discard 32dad9e  ISIS-1756 utilize IsisWicketApplication's life-cycle instead 
of providing a life-cycle CDI Bean
 discard 8524919  ISIS-1756 prevent SQLException on schema creation if config 
is missing
 discard 0f3c8cb  ISIS-1756 - fix typo
 discard c9aaa4b  ISIS-1755 JEE 7+ allow coexistence of CDI and Isis' 
 discard d2e8d8a  ISIS-1756 JEE 7+ Isis App life-cycling
 discard 224da22  ISIS-1767 JEE 7+ added dependency on javaee-api to 
 discard 26e06e2  Merge branch 'dev/2.0.0/ISIS-1276-dn-5-1' into dev/2.0.0-M2
 discard 894efba  ISIS-1728: uses typesafe queries for helloworld
 discard 9ca0c5a  ISIS-1726: generalizes the logic that searches for 
@PersistenceCapable entities, to also take into account meta-annotations.
 discard 123f29f  ISIS-1727: uses lambda in IsisSessionFactoryBuilder
 discard aebdb9e  ISIS-1725: requires that an AppManifest is supplied (used to 
obtain list of entities).
 discard 48d61fe  ISIS-1724: removes the deprecated IsisJdoSupport in the jdo 
 discard d3a729e  ISIS-1723: removes jdo applib's Auditable interface and 
@Auditable annotation
 discard 1de7627  ISIS-1276: fixes algorithm for lookup of datastore id's, at 
 discard 0cbe08d  ISIS-1276: fixes compile issues in metamodel and runtime
 discard 2caaf1e  ISIS-1276: updates applib, replaces references of 
TypesafeQuery to be instead JDOQLTypedQuery
 discard 18dc848  ISIS-1276: updates core to compile under JDK 1.8 only
 discard a2eb142  ISIS-1276: updates references for datanucleus.

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