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     new dbce4c1  MINOR: Update docs about ZooKeeper upgrade issue from 3.4.X 
to 3.5.6
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commit dbce4c12ba1b5056146ffa9fd5cb1d9f38b986c7
Author: Manikumar Reddy <>
AuthorDate: Sat Nov 9 14:30:37 2019 +0530

    MINOR: Update docs about ZooKeeper upgrade issue from 3.4.X to 3.5.6
    ZK upgrade from 3.4.X to 3.5.6 fails with " No snapshot 
found" if there are no snapshot files. This was discussed in
    Author: Manikumar Reddy <>
    Reviewers: Ismael Juma <>
    Closes #7625 from omkreddy/zk-upgrade
 config/ | 5 +++++
 docs/upgrade.html           | 9 +++++++++
 2 files changed, 14 insertions(+)

diff --git a/config/ b/config/
index 90f4332..8c186a3 100644
--- a/config/
+++ b/config/
@@ -22,3 +22,8 @@ maxClientCnxns=0
 # Set the port to something non-conflicting if choosing to enable this
 # admin.serverPort=8080
+# Enable config if the ZK upgrade from 3.4.X to 3.5.6 is 
+# with " No snapshot found, but there are log entries" 
+# Check upgrade docs for more details.
diff --git a/docs/upgrade.html b/docs/upgrade.html
index a3920ce..2d7fa33 100644
--- a/docs/upgrade.html
+++ b/docs/upgrade.html
@@ -68,6 +68,15 @@
+<p><b>Additional Upgrade Notes:</b></p>
+    <li>ZooKeeper has been upgraded to 3.5.6. Set 
<code></code> in <code></code> 
before the upgrade
+        to avoid <a 
After the new version starts successfully, it is safe to remove this config.
+        See <a 
 advanced configuration</a> for more details.
+    </li>
 <h5><a id="upgrade_240_notable" href="#upgrade_240_notable">Notable changes in 
     <li>A new Admin API has been added for partition reassignments. Due to 
changing the way Kafka propagates reassignment information,

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