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+== Release notes specific to 1.0.1
+Apache Kudu 1.0.1 is a bug fix release, with no new features or backwards
+incompatible changes.
+=== Fixed Issues
+- link:[KUDU-1681] Fixed a bug 
+  the tablet server which could cause a crash when the DNS lookup during master
+  heartbeat failed.
+- link:[KUDU-1660]: Fixed a bug
+  which would cause the Kudu master and tablet server to fail to start on 
+  CPU systems.
+- link:[KUDU-1652]: Fixed a bug
+  that would cause the C++ client, tablet server, and Java client to crash or
+  throw an exception when attempting to scan a table with a predicate which
+  simplifies to `IS NOT NULL` on a non-nullable column. For instance, setting a
+  `<= 127` predicate on an `INT8` column could trigger this bug, since the
+  predicate only filters null values.
+- link:[KUDU-1651]: Fixed a bug
+  that would cause the tablet server to crash when evaluating a scan with
+  predicates over a dictionary encoded column containing an entire block of 
+  values.
+- link:[KUDU-1623]: Fixed a bug
+  that would cause the tablet server to crash when handling UPSERT operations
+  that only set values for the primary key columns.
+- link:[Gerrit #4488] Fixed a bug in the
+  Java client's KuduException class which could cause an unexpected
+  NullPointerException to be thrown when the exception did not have an
+  associated message.
+- link:[KUDU-1090] Fixed a bug 
+  the memory tracker which could cause a rare crash during tablet server
+  startup.
 == Release notes specific to 1.0.0

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