The annotated tag "horde_core-2.27.0" has been created.
        at  fa93d7d3a73026bc7e67eeb9aaa50eeafd015374 (tag)
   tagging  444219f657a7e6964fab160181ab309baa76b45f (commit)
  replaces  horde_activesync-2.36.0
 tagged by  Michael J Rubinsky
        on  Wed Sep 21 00:13:15 2016 -0400

Released Horde_Core-2.27.0.

Jan Schneider (3):
      [jan] Fix parsing GETACL responses from RFC 4314 capable IMAP servers 
(Bug #14466).
      [jan] Split shared users by linebreaks too.
      [jan] Find logged replies in other than default sent-mail folders too.

Michael J Rubinsky (33):
      Development mode for Horde_ActiveSync-2.36.1
      Wrap migration in transaction and ensure we have metar file before 
      Support Amavis style subject rewriting.
      Update TODO document.
      Fix property access.
      Close the backend storage connection before sleeping.
      Fix property access.
      Tweak comments/cs
      Add to capabilities as well.
      Support container elements containing multiple object types.
      Fix Handling of event attachments.
      Add addAttachment() method.
      Return the IMAP UID of the appended message.
      Remove unused class.
      Expose this publicly.
      Support Draft Email sync.
      Abstract out Horde_Core_ActiveSync_Mail_Draft
      Don't add the part if we know we will delete it late.
      Merge branch 'eas16'
      Update package.xml
      Bump requirement. We use a new constant.
      Revert "Expose this publicly."
      Add missing migration.
      Bug: 14467 Fix locking user after bad logins.
      Bug: 14463 Fix regression in saving tags.
      Bug: 14471 Fix sorting by a name field.
      Bug: 14474 Fix BC break.
      Update package.xml
      Released Horde_Core-2.27.0

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