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-+ Creating a Horde Module
++ Creating a Horde Module (App)

Please follow the instructions below and choose the version for which you'd like to start a new module. Once you have your first module you need to populate it with content. This will be the subject of the next section: PopulatingYourFirstModule

-++ Horde 5+
+++ Horde 5 (current)
+1. Prerequisites:
+Generate a horde checkout or get one using the Horde Developer Container
+(configure git-tools/config/conf.php first)
+/path/to/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools git clone
+Setup an environment
+/path/to/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools dev install
+Do basic horde initialization for dev (registry.local.php, conf.php)
+2. Create an app template
+/path/to/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools dev new --app-name foo --author "My Name <my.n...@mycompany.com>"
+3. In /path/to/horde/config/registry.d/ create a file called newmodulename.php. Please note the documentation for available module entry options in horde/config/registry.php, especially the menu parent. If you want your module to go **anywhere else** in the menue, you will need to change this!
+This is a "registry.d" example for Horde 5:
+<code type="php">
+$this->applications['newmodulename'] = array(
+    'name' => _("New Module"),
+    // This is sufficient. More options possible if needed
+4. If you wish you can provide your new module with a PNG icon at 20x20. This needs to be placed in the "themes" subdirectory:
+<code type="sh">
+mkdir newmodulename/themes/default/graphics
+cp newmodulename.png newmodulename/themes/default/graphics/
+This one is an example PNG from the basic horde application
+5. To actually run your app boilerplate, you need to re-run the git-tools dev install procedure to create appropriate symlinks
+++ Horde 5 (pre git split)

 1. Check out the skeleton module:

 <code type="sh">
- git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/horde/skeleton.git
+ git clgone --depth 1 https://github.com/horde/skeleton.git
  cd skelton

2. Start a new module - based on the Skeleton module - by running the following helper script:

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