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rfscholte pushed a change to branch MPIR-366
in repository

     was b9fb92e  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support don't fail fast

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard b9fb92e  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support don't fail fast
 discard 2c48bbe  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support Getting false positives on 
Jenkins, maven-invoker-plugin should not ignore failures
 discard fededa8  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support Revert usage 
DependencyGraphBuilder, it is not an exact replacement of DependencyTreeBuilder 
(improved verify script)
 discard 748ab14  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support Now with a working connector
 discard 0e5e226  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support Remove exception from unittest
 discard bcca703  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support type != package, package is 
optional and defaults to 'jar', type matches the file extension which is always 
 discard f85a0c2  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 Support Remove @version $Id$
 discard 21fb966  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven2 support Remove deprecated code
 discard b9a5373  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven 2 support Give maven-compat test-scope 
Don't try to get a timestamped version of an artifact if it was. This might 
cause differences between build and report.
 discard 6874abe  [MPIR-366] Replace ArtifactFactory with RepositorySystem
 discard 5e1a836  MPIR-366: Replace WagonManager
 discard 824e67f  [MPIR-366] Replace ArtifactResolver
 discard a4b740a  [MPIR-366] Replace MavenProjectBuilder with ProjectBuilder
 discard 228c3ee  [MPIR-366] Drop Maven 2 support Switch to Maven 3.0 
dependencies + required code changes

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