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@@ -113,6 +113,14 @@ The other choice is to do automatic initialization. Our 
idea is: we allow a repl
 To do auto-initialization, if we use a single-phase protocol and allow a 
replica to directly transit from EMPTY status to VOTING status, we may run into 
a state where we cannot make progress even if all replicas are in EMPTY status 
initially. For example, say the quorum size is 2. All replicas are in EMPTY 
status initially. One replica will first set its status to VOTING because if 
finds all replicas are in EMPTY status. After that, neither the VOTING replica 
nor the EMPTY replicas can make progress. To solve this problem, we use a 
two-phase protocol and introduce an intermediate transient status (STARTING) 
between EMPTY and VOTING status. A replica in EMPTY status can transit to 
STARTING status if it finds all replicas are in either EMPTY or STARTING 
status. A replica in STARTING status can transit to VOTING status if it finds 
all replicas are in either STARTING or VOTING status. In that way, in our 
previous example, all replicas will be in STARTING status before any of them 
can tr
 ansit to VOTING status.
+## Non-leading VOTING replica catch-up
+Starting with Mesos 1.5.0 it is possible to perform eventually consistent 
reads from a non-leading VOTING log replica. This makes possible to do 
additional work on non-leading framework replicas, e.g. offload some reading 
from a leader to standbys reduce failover time by keeping in-memory storage 
represented by the replicated log "hot".
+To serve eventually consistent reads a replica needs to perform _catch-up_ to 
recover the latest log state in a manner similar to how it is done during 
[EMPTY replica recovery](#catch-up). After that the recovered positions can be 
replayed without fear of seeing "holes".
+A truncation can take place during the non-leading replica catch-up. The 
replica may try to fill the truncated position if truncation happens after the 
replica has recovered _begin_ and _end_ positions, which may lead to producing 
inconsistent data during log replay. In order to protect against it we use a 
special tombstone flag that signals to the replica that the position was 
truncated and _begin_ needs to be adjusted. The replica is not blocked from 
truncations during or after catching-up, which means that the user may need to 
retry the catch-up procedure if positions that were recovered became truncated 
during log replay.
 ## Future work
 Currently, replicated log does not support dynamic quorum size change, also 
known as _reconfiguration_. Supporting reconfiguration would allow us more 
easily to add, move or swap hosts for replicas. We plan to support 
reconfiguration in the future.

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