piiswrong commented on a change in pull request #7356: decouple record/train 
and add state readers
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/7356#discussion_r131578941

 File path: python/mxnet/autograd.py
 @@ -54,26 +76,28 @@ class RecordingStateScope(object):
             y = model(x)
-    def __init__(self, enter_state, is_train):
-        self._enter_state = enter_state
+    def __init__(self, is_record, is_train):
+        self._enter_is_record = is_record
         self._enter_is_train = is_train
-        self._prev = None
+        self._prev_is_record = None
         self._prev_is_train = None
     def __enter__(self):
-        self._prev = set_recording(self._enter_state)
-        self._prev_is_train = set_training(self._enter_is_train)
+        if self._enter_is_record is not None:
+            self._prev_is_record = set_recording(self._enter_is_record)
+        if self._enter_is_train is not None:
+            self._prev_is_train = set_training(self._enter_is_train)
     def __exit__(self, ptype, value, trace):
-        if self._prev != self._enter_state:
-            set_recording(self._prev)
-        if self._prev_is_train != self._enter_is_train:
+        if self._enter_is_record is not None and self._prev_is_record != 
+            set_recording(self._prev_is_record)
+        if self._enter_is_train is not None and self._prev_is_train != 
 def record(is_train=True):
-    """Returns a training scope context to be used in 'with' statement
-    and captures training code.
+    """Returns an autograd recording scope context to be used in 'with' 
+    and captures codes that need gradients to be calculated.
 Review comment:
   code is not countable
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