parallelgithub opened a new issue #9781: Where to find argument definition with 
String type
   I would like to transform the following Python to Scala: 
   weight = mx.symbol.Variable("linear_weight", shape=(num_linear_features, 2),
                               init=norm_init, stype='row_sparse')
   It seems like Scala's `Variable` only accept parameters: (**name**: 
`String`, **attr**: `Map[String, String]`).
   How do I make sure the key of **attr** is correct when I assign it into 
   Especially, in above Python code **init** is Initializer, which is not 
`String` type. I have no idea know how to set it in `attr`.
   Another similar issue is about MNIST example.
   In this 
   val trainDataIter = IO.MNISTIter(Map(
     "image" -> "data/train-images-idx3-ubyte",
     "label" -> "data/train-labels-idx1-ubyte",
     "data_shape" -> "(1, 28, 28)",
     "label_name" -> "sm_label",
   it use **data_shape** as the key of `Map`.
   On the other hand, in this [example 
   val train = IO.MNISTIter(Map(
   ? "image" -> (inst.dataDir + "train-images-idx3-ubyte"),
   ? "label" -> (inst.dataDir + "train-labels-idx1-ubyte"),
   ? "label_name" -> "softmax_label",
   ? "input_shape" -> "(784,)",
   ? "batch_size" -> inst.batchSize.toString,
   it use **input_shape** as the key of `Map`.
   The Scala code is auto-generated from C++, where can I find these `String` 
type argument definition using in `Map`?

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