parallelgithub commented on a change in pull request #9771: Modify NDArrayIter 
constructor to receive tuple (i.e. dict in Python)?

 File path: scala-package/core/src/main/scala/ml/dmlc/mxnet/io/NDArrayIter.scala
 @@ -38,15 +38,14 @@ import scala.collection.immutable.ListMap
  * the size of data does not match batch_size. Roll over is intended
  * for training and can cause problems if used for prediction.
-class NDArrayIter (data: IndexedSeq[NDArray], label: IndexedSeq[NDArray] = 
-                  private val dataBatchSize: Int = 1, shuffle: Boolean = false,
-                  lastBatchHandle: String = "pad",
-                  dataName: String = "data", labelName: String = "label") 
extends DataIter {
+class NDArrayIter (data: IndexedSeq[(String, NDArray)], label: 
IndexedSeq[(String, NDArray)],
+                  private val dataBatchSize: Int, shuffle: Boolean,
+                  lastBatchHandle: String) extends DataIter {
 Review comment:
   Thank you for giving a direction to think about it.
   Let me explain why it is difficult to design it in that way.
   Here is an example of overloading constructor in Scala:
   class A(i: Int) {
     \\ Part 1
     val initData = 5
     def this(i: Int, j: Int) = {
       \\ You can't write anything here
       this(i + j)
       \\ Part 3
     \\ Part 2
     def getData() = initData
   If `new A(10)`, Part 1 and Part 2 will be executed.
   If `new A(10, 20)`, Part 1, Part 2, and the Part 3 will be executed.
   When you initialize fields and methods in Part 1 and Part 2, it's late to do 
anything in Part 3.
   When executing 'common' portion Part 1 and Part 2, we must pass the original 
version of argument set, which loses the information of custom names for 
multiple input.
   One possible way is declaring the field as `var`.
   Since using mutable variable is not good for maintaining program, I don't 
recommend this way.
   Maybe there is an [alternative 
 to manipulate multiple input. 
   It doesn't use `Module` so that avoid using `NDArrayIter`. 
   Since `Module` aims to provide high-level API, I think it's worthy to 
dedicated to `NDArrayIter`.

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