rimusolem opened a new issue #9865: Confusing behavior of some evaluation 
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/issues/9865
   mse = mx.metric.create('mse')
   x = mx.nd.array([[1,2,3,4]])
   mse.update(x, x + 0.1)
   print(mse.get()) # 2.509999 ...? I expected 0.01.
   According to the API document, the `update` method of evaluation metrics 
takes lists of NDArrays. So the first example uses the API not correctly, but 
there is no errors or warnings. Many functions of mxnet allow "an NDArray or a 
list of NDArrays" as an argument and an NDArray is equivalent to a list with a 
single element. So this behavior of the MSE metric is confusing and errorprone. 
Please raise an error or fix the implementation for NDArray arguments.
   mse = mx.metric.create('mse')
   x = mx.nd.array([1,2,3,4]) 
   mse.update([x], [x + 0.1]) # lists of 1D arrays.
   print(mse.get()) # 2.509999 ... ?
   The result of the second example is not understandable. I believe the result 
should be 0.01 in this case also. Or, if 1D array is not acceptable, it must 
raise an error.
   MAE and RMSE also show similar behavior.

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