juliusshufan opened a new issue #9866: The default weight initialization 
strategy makes the VGG network difficult to converge when utilizing examples 
under 'example/image-classification'
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/issues/9866
   ## Description
   On trying to train CiFAR-10 dataset with VGG16, I noticed the initial 
learning rate has to be set a very small value to make the training converging. 
According the implementation of fit.py under 
example/image-classification/common, the Xavier with Gaussian random type is 
set as the default weight initializing strategy.
   On a NVIDIA P40 GPU, with **CUDA-9.1** and **openblas**, I executed the 
following comparison tests:
   Test 1: Initial LR = 0.01          Xavier with **_Gaussian_** random type
   Test 2: Initial LR = 0.00025    Xavier with **_Gaussian_** random type
   Test 3: Initial LR = 0.01          Xavier with **_uniform_** random type
   The following two figures are corresponding to the comparison of the trends 
of training top-1 accuracy and cross-entropy loss. The curves in blue, green, 
purple are corresponding to test 1, 2, 3 respectively.
   It can be observed, with same initial LR (0.01), the training with 
Xavier-Gaussian will not converge.
   Similar test results can also be observed when the dataset changed to 
CiFAR-100. (Retrieved from http://data.mxnet.io/data/cifar100.zip)  
   ## Environment info (Required)
   SW:  MxNet master branch, with CUDA-v9.1, CUDNN v7.1 and openblas 2.1
   What to do:
   1. Download the diagnosis script from https://github.com/juliusshufan/mxnet 
   2. Run the three python script correspond to test 1, 2, 3
   (Note: The test script modified from the original train_cifar10.py coming 
with MXNET examples)
   ## Build info (Required if built from source)
   Compiler: gcc 4.8.5
   MXNet commit hash: cea8d2f4024a5e5d9d9edf43e42be130f10c7c27
   Build config:
   make -j($nproc) USE_OPENCV=1 USE_CUDA=1 USE_CUDNN=1 USE_BLAS=openblas 
   ## What have you tried to solve it?
   Using the Xavier with uniform random, but not the Gaussian random.

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