zhanghang1989 commented on a change in pull request #9931: Add axes support to 
Dropout for variational dropout in NLP
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/9931#discussion_r171937954

 File path: src/operator/nn/dropout-inl.h
 @@ -178,30 +184,17 @@ class DropoutOp {
    * \brief Dropout kernel, compute dropout tensor
-  struct DropoutKernel {
-    /*!
-     * \brief Dropout kernel function
-     * \param id Thread number (0-based representing count)
-     * \param gen Random number generator
-     * \param N Total number of items in the output
-     * \param step Step between items, related to parallelism
-     * \param dropout_out Output dropout values
-     * \param mask_out  Output mask (is multiplied to create dropout output, 
may be 0)
-     * \param input_data Input data to perform the dropout on
-     * \param pkeep Dropout rate (keep when the generated random number is 
less than this value)
-     */
+  struct BernoulliKernel {
+    /*! \brief Bernoulli kernel for generating mask */
     MSHADOW_XINLINE static void Map(int id,
                                     RandGenerator<xpu, DType> gen,
                                     const int N,
                                     const int step,
-                                    DType *dropout_out,
                                     DType *mask_out,
-                                    const DType *input_data,
                                     const real_t pkeep) {
       RNG_KERNEL_LOOP(xpu, DType, id, gen, N, step, {
         const real_t rand_num = static_cast<real_t>(genImpl.uniform());
         mask_out[i] = mshadow_op::threshold::Map<real_t>(rand_num, pkeep) * 
(1.0f / pkeep);
-        dropout_out[i] = input_data[i] * mask_out[i];
 Review comment:
   The mask size is different with input size.
   For example: input can be 10x5x2x3, the axes are (1,2)
   then the mask will be the size of 10x1x1x3

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