hsddlz opened a new issue #10065: Error in operator reshape 
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/issues/10065
   when I bind the data .It told me like this:
   simple_bind error. Arguments:
   data: (32, 1L, 32L, 286L)
   softmax_label: (32, 21L)
   Error in operator reshape0: [19:25:11] 
src/operator/tensor/./matrix_op-inl.h:157: Check failed: oshape.Size() == 
dshape.Size() (17920 vs. 573440) Target shape size is different to source. 
Target: [35,512]
   Source: [32,128,4,35]
   my ndarray data shape is [DataDesc[data,(32, 1L, 32L, 286L),<type 
   this is my code 
   rnn_length =35
   rnn_size = 256
   x = mx.sym.Variable("data")
   label = mx.sym.Variable('label')
   for i, n_cnn in enumerate([3, 4, 6]):
       for j in range(n_cnn):
           x = mx.symbol.Convolution(data=x, num_filter=32*2**i, kernel=(3, 3), 
stride=stride, pad=(1,1))
           x = mx.symbol.BatchNorm(data=x, fix_gamma=fix_gamma, eps=eps, 
           x = mx.symbol.Activation(data=x, act_type='relu')
       x = mx.sym.Pooling(data=x, kernel=(2, 2), stride=(2, 2), pool_type='max')
   x=mx.symbol.reshape(x,shape=(rnn_length, rnn_dimen))`
   how can I fix it.thx

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