ShootingSpace opened a new issue #10068: rnn.encode_sentences deals with 
unknown token
   ## Description
   For rnn.encode_sentences(), could mxnet provides user self-defined behavior 
when vocab dictionary is given, instead of just raise false assertion?  
   For example, I would like to add the unknown token as "UNK" into the `res` 
list, provided that available `vocab` dictionary is given already. 
   ## Environment info (Required)
   Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz
DeprecationWarning: OpenSSL.rand is deprecated - you should use os.urandom 
     import OpenSSL.SSL
   ----------Python Info----------
   Version      : 3.6.3
   Compiler     : MSC v.1900 64 bit (AMD64)
   Build        : ('default', 'Oct  6 2017 10:25:46')
   Arch         : ('64bit', 'WindowsPE')
   ------------Pip Info-----------
   Version      : 9.0.1
   Directory    : D:\Anaconda3\envs\mlp\lib\site-packages\pip
   ----------MXNet Info-----------
   Version      : 1.0.0
   Directory    : D:\Anaconda3\envs\mlp\lib\site-packages\mxnet
   Commit Hash   : 9ef196909ec7bf9cdda66d5b97c92793109798e1
   ----------System Info----------
   Platform     : Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1
   system       : Windows
   node         : CHC
   release      : 7
   version      : 6.1.7601
   ----------Hardware Info----------
   machine      : AMD64
   processor    : Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, GenuineIntel
   ----------Network Test----------
   Setting timeout: 10
   Timing for MXNet:, DNS: 0.0150 
sec, LOAD: 1.8871 sec.
   Timing for Gluon Tutorial(en):, DNS: 0.0200 sec, LOAD: 
0.4030 sec.
   Timing for Gluon Tutorial(cn):, DNS: 0.1960 sec, LOAD: 
0.7660 sec.
   Timing for FashionMNIST:,
 DNS: 0.0410 sec, LOAD: 1.0991 sec.
   Timing for PYPI:, DNS: 0.0170 sec, LOAD: 
0.1960 sec.
   Timing for Conda:, DNS: 0.0120 sec, 
LOAD: 0.9331 sec.
   Package used (Python/R/Scala/Julia):
   (I'm using Python)
   ## Error Message:
   (Paste the complete error message, including stack trace.)
DeprecationWarning: OpenSSL.rand is deprecated - you should use os.urandom 
     import OpenSSL.SSL
   Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "code/", line 56, in <module>
       train_corpus_indexing = corpus.tokenize(args.data_folder + 
'wiki-train.txt', args.train_size)
     File "E:\BD Cloud\Study\nlu-coursework\code\", line 50, in tokenize
     File "D:\Anaconda3\envs\mlp\lib\site-packages\mxnet\rnn\", line 68, 
in encode_sentences
       assert new_vocab, "Unknown token %s"%word
   AssertionError: Unknown token sri
   ## Minimum reproducible example
   (If you are using your own code, please provide a short script that 
reproduces the error. Otherwise, please provide link to the existing example.)
   class Corpus(object):
       def __init__(self, vocab_size, vocab_file):
           self.vocab_size = vocab_size
           self.word2idx, self.idx2word = self.build_vocab(vocab_file)
       def build_vocab(self, vocab_file):
           '''build the vocabulary from given file'''
           vocab = pd.read_table(vocab_file, header=None, sep="\s+", 
index_col=0, names=['count', 'freq'], )
           idx2word = dict(enumerate(vocab.index[:self.vocab_size]))
           word2idx = invert_dict(idx2word)
           return word2idx, idx2word
       def tokenize(self, path, size=None):
           """Tokenizes a text file."""
           assert os.path.exists(path)
           # Loads the context sentence by sentence
           corpus = load_lm_dataset(path) 
           corpus_indexing, _ = mx.rnn.encode_sentences(corpus, 
           if size:
               return corpus_indexing[:size]
               return corpus_indexing
   corpus = Corpus(vocab_size=args.vocab_size, vocab_file = args.data_folder+ 
   train_corpus_indexing = corpus.tokenize(args.data_folder + 'wiki-train.txt', 
   ## Steps to reproduce
   (Paste the commands you ran that produced the error.)
   `python code/`
   ## What have you tried to solve it?
   Could we provide a variable say `unknown_token = "UNK"`  to enable this 
features, possible modification:
   def encode_sentences(sentences, vocab=None, invalid_label=-1, 
invalid_key='\n', start_label=0, unknown_token=None) :
     idx = start_label
       if vocab is None:
           vocab = {invalid_key: invalid_label}
           new_vocab = True
       elif unknown_token:
           new_vocab = True
           new_vocab = False
       res = []
     for sent in sentences:
           coded = []
           for word in sent:
               if word not in vocab:
                   assert new_vocab, "Unknown token %s"%word
                   if idx == invalid_label:
                       idx += 1
                   if unknown_token:
                        vocab[unknown_token] = idx
                        vocab[word] = idx
                   idx += 1

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