pengzhao-intel commented on issue #10089: enable all activations in MKLDNN.
   Look at the code, two implementations are the difference for the soft_relu. 
So, we get the different results.
   /*! \brief SoftReLU, also known as softplus activation */
   struct softrelu : public mxnet_op::tunable {
     template<typename DType>
     MSHADOW_XINLINE static DType Map(DType a) {
       // Avoid overflow of exp for large inputs.
       // Thresholds 20.0 is chosen such that softrelu(a) = a
       // for a > 20 using floating precision
       if (a > DType(20.0f)) {
         return a;
       } else {
         return DType(math::log1p(math::exp(a)));
   MXNET_UNARY_MATH_OP(softrelu_grad, -math::expm1(-a));
   template <typename T>
   T soft_relu_fwd(T s) {
       return logf(1 + ::expf(s));
   template <typename T>
   T soft_relu_bwd(T dd, T s) {
       return dd / (1 + ::expf(-s));

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