haojin2 commented on issue #10208: [MXNET-117] Sparse operator 
broadcast_mul/div(csr, dense) = csr
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/10208#issuecomment-379527460
   Update on 4/8:
   A small benchmark for this operator is added to compare the new 
implementation with the fallback implementation
   import mxnet as mx
   import scipy
   import numpy as np
   import time
   def measure_cost(repeat, f, *args, **kwargs):
       # start bench
       start = time.time()
       results = []
       for i in range(repeat):
           results.append(f(*args, **kwargs))
       for result in results:
       end = time.time()
       diff = end - start
       return diff / repeat
   def main():
       shape_lhs = (256, 1000000)
       vec = np.random.uniform(size=(256, 1))
       mx_vec = mx.nd.array(vec)
       for density in [0.01, 0.005, 0.001]:
           csr = scipy.sparse.random(256, 1000000, density=density, format = 
'csr', dtype=np.float32)
           mx_csr = mx.nd.sparse.csr_matrix((csr.data, csr.indices, 
csr.indptr), shape=shape_lhs, ctx=mx.cpu())
           mx_dns = mx_csr.tostype('default')
           sparse_cost = 0.0
           dns_cost = 0.0
           for i in range(10):
               sparse_cost += measure_cost(100, mx.nd.broadcast_mul, mx_csr, 
               dns_cost += measure_cost(100, mx.nd.broadcast_mul, mx_dns, 
           print("%.2f %%" % (density*100), dns_cost / sparse_cost)
   if __name__ == "__main__":
   Results on p2.8xlarge instance with 
   (density speedup)
   (1.00%  9.453656599452351)
   (0.50% 18.406541290116778)
   (0.10%  53.18159853487238)

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