jinhuang415 commented on issue #10504: Can MXNet operator profiling work well 
using gluon model?
   Below is a simple gluon model I used (mainly copied from 
https://mxnet.incubator.apache.org/tutorials/gluon/gluon.html, only added 
wait_to_wait() call at the end in order to make sure OPs are executed):
   # import dependencies
   from __future__ import print_function
   import numpy as np
   import mxnet as mx
   import mxnet.ndarray as F
   import mxnet.gluon as gluon
   from mxnet.gluon import nn
   from mxnet import autograd
   class Net(gluon.Block):
       def __init__(self, **kwargs):
           super(Net, self).__init__(**kwargs)
           with self.name_scope():
               # layers created in name_scope will inherit name space
               # from parent layer.
               self.conv1 = nn.Conv2D(6, kernel_size=5)
               self.pool1 = nn.MaxPool2D(pool_size=(2,2))
               self.conv2 = nn.Conv2D(16, kernel_size=5)
               self.pool2 = nn.MaxPool2D(pool_size=(2,2))
               self.fc1 = nn.Dense(120)
               self.fc2 = nn.Dense(84)
               self.fc3 = nn.Dense(10)
       def forward(self, x):
           x = self.pool1(F.relu(self.conv1(x)))
           x = self.pool2(F.relu(self.conv2(x)))
           # 0 means copy over size from corresponding dimension.
           # -1 means infer size from the rest of dimensions.
           x = x.reshape((0, -1))
           x = F.relu(self.fc1(x))
           x = F.relu(self.fc2(x))
           x = self.fc3(x)
           return x
   net = Net()
   # Initialize on CPU. Replace with `mx.gpu(0)`, or `[mx.gpu(0), mx.gpu(1)]`,
   # etc to use one or more GPUs.
   net.collect_params().initialize(mx.init.Xavier(), ctx=mx.cpu())
   data = mx.nd.random_normal(shape=(10, 1, 32, 32))  # dummy data
   output = net(data)
   I also attached the generated profile json zip file FYI:

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