altosaar opened a new issue #10508: MXNet much slower than TensorFlow
   I might be doing this comparison wrong - please let me know! Most likely I 
have written a bug that causes the slowdown.
   I implemented a variational autoencoder in MXNet using the Gluon library, 
and hybridized it. Here is the code:
   I also implemented it in TensorFlow:
   However, it is orders of magnitude slower in MXNet than in TensorFlow. I 
made sure to match the hyperparameters and checked that I get the same results 
in both frameworks, so I don't think there is a bug in terms of the math (both 
implementations get to a training ELBO of around -100 on the binary MNIST 
dataset in a few thousand iterations). 
   I'm using MXNet 1.1.0 with a P100 GPU, and TensorFlow 1.6.0. 
   Here is the timing information:
   With GPU:
   $ python
   Iter 1000       ELBO: -144.5    speed: 3.567e-03 s/iter
   Iter 2000       ELBO: -118.3    speed: 3.686e-03 s/iter
   Without GPU:
   $ python
   Iter 1000       ELBO: -143.0    speed: 1.171e-02 s/iter
   Iter 2000       ELBO: -121.2    speed: 1.192e-02 s/iter
   On CPU: 
   $ python
   Iteration: 1000 ELBO: -137.405 sec/iter: 1.878e-06
   Iteration: 2000 ELBO: -125.329 sec/iter: 1.929e-06

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