wkcn commented on a change in pull request #12047: [MXNET-779]Add DLPack 
Transformation API
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/12047#discussion_r209416184

 File path: python/mxnet/_ctypes/ndarray.py
 @@ -31,21 +31,24 @@
 class NDArrayBase(object):
     """Base data structure for ndarray"""
-    __slots__ = ["handle", "writable"]
+    __slots__ = ["handle", "writable", "dlpack"]
     # pylint: disable= no-member
-    def __init__(self, handle, writable=True):
+    def __init__(self, handle, writable=True, dlpack=None):
 Review comment:
   In the other case,
   from torch.utils import dlpack
   a = torch.array([1,2,3])
   pack = dlpack.to_dlpack(a)
   b = mx.nd.from_dlpack(pack)
   del a, pack
   When `dlpack.to_dlpack` is called, PyTorch will allocate `ATenDLMTensor` 
which increases the refcount of Torch Tensor 
   After the variables `a` and `pack` are released, `ATenDLMTensor` still 
   I think the deleter should be called by the new NDArray `b` when the NDArray 
`b` releases. Refer to [PyTorch 
 However, NDArray doesn't have explicit deleter parameter.
   In my PR, `from_dlpack` will copy the dlpack object.
   When the old dlpack `pack` releases, it doesn't call the deleter.
   The new dlpack `b.dlpack` will be a member of the new NDArray `b` as 
`NDArray(handle=handle, dlpack=dlpack_copy)`.
   When the new NDArray `b` releases, the new dlpack `b.dlpack` will be 
released, then call the deleter by the new dlpack `b.dlpack`. And the deleter 
will release `NDArrayDLManager` or `ATenDLMTensor`. The refcount of the old 
NDArray `a` will decrease 1.

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