DickJC123 opened a new pull request #15922: Refactor for windows CI 'out of 
heap space' errors
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/15922
   ## Description ##
   This PR can be thought of as an alternate proposal to PR 
https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/15882 as far as how to handle 
the 'out of heap space' errors of the windows CI.  This PR follows the 
suggestion of @marcoabreu to break up the problematic large-compiles into 
smaller pieces, rather than moving the Windows compiler toolchain to 64-bit.
   So far the PR only breaks apart 
./src/operator/tensor/broadcast_reduce_op_value.{cu,cc}.  The PR also 
cherry-picks a test_shuffle speed-up and a laop_6 flakiness fix to help get the 
PR through CI.
   The pitch: smaller compiler tasks are more easily parallelized over the CPU 
cores in a 'make -j N' scenario, though it's not clear if total compile time is 
reduced.  It may decrease the time needed for a failing compile to complete- a 
help for those that like to isolate a current compile problem with a follow-up 
simple 'make' command.
   ## Checklist ##
   ### Essentials ###
   Please feel free to remove inapplicable items for your PR.
   - [ ] The PR title starts with [MXNET-$JIRA_ID], where $JIRA_ID refers to 
the relevant [JIRA issue](https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/MXNET/issues) 
created (except PRs with tiny changes)
   - [ ] Changes are complete (i.e. I finished coding on this PR)
   - [ X] All changes have test coverage:
   - Unit tests are added for small changes to verify correctness (e.g. adding 
a new operator)
   - Nightly tests are added for complicated/long-running ones (e.g. changing 
distributed kvstore)
   - Build tests will be added for build configuration changes (e.g. adding a 
new build option with NCCL)
   - [X ] Code is well-documented: 
   - For user-facing API changes, API doc string has been updated. 
   - For new C++ functions in header files, their functionalities and arguments 
are documented. 
   - For new examples, README.md is added to explain the what the example does, 
the source of the dataset, expected performance on test set and reference to 
the original paper if applicable
   - Check the API doc at 
   - [ X] To the my best knowledge, examples are either not affected by this 
change, or have been fixed to be compatible with this change
   ### Changes ###
   - [ ] Feature1, tests, (and when applicable, API doc)
   - [ ] Feature2, tests, (and when applicable, API doc)
   ## Comments ##
   - If this change is a backward incompatible change, why must this change be 
   - Interesting edge cases to note here

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