tingying2020 commented on a change in pull request #16016: [numpy] operator 
ravel, derive from reshape
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/pull/16016#discussion_r323621370

 File path: python/mxnet/symbol/numpy/_symbol.py
 @@ -2678,4 +2678,42 @@ def var(a, axis=None, dtype=None, out=None, ddof=0, 
keepdims=False):  # pylint:
     return _npi.var(a, axis=axis, dtype=dtype, ddof=ddof, keepdims=keepdims, 
+def ravel(x, out=None):
+    r"""
+    ravel(x, out=None)
+    Return a contiguous flattened array.
+    A 1-D array, containing the elements of the input, is returned.  A copy is
+    made only if needed.
+    Parameters
+    ----------
+    x : ndarray
+        Input array.  The elements in `x` are read in row-major, C-style order 
+        packed as a 1-D array.
+    out : ndarray or None, optional
+        A location into which the result is stored. If not provided or `None`,
+        a freshly-allocated array is returned.
+    Returns
+    -------
+    y : ndarray
+        y is an array of the same subtype as `x`, with shape ``(x.size,)``.
+        Note that matrices are special cased for backward compatibility, if `x`
+        is a matrix, then y is a 1-D ndarray.
+    Notes
+    -----
+    This function differs from the original numpy.arange in the following 
+        - Only support row-major, C-style order.
+    """
+    if isinstance(x, numeric_types):
+        return _np.reshape(x, -1)
 Review comment:
   It's true that there is no out argument in numpy and we can provide `out` to 

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