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     new b2fc008  smp_svr - Update README
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commit b2fc0086a610d025081ff18f174b03e8e0f63a66
Author: Christopher Collins <>
AuthorDate: Wed Feb 14 15:56:10 2018 -0800

    smp_svr - Update README
    Update the Zephyr section of the README to use
    `ZEPHYR_TOOLCHAIN_VARIANT` rather than the deprecated
 samples/smp_svr/ | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/samples/smp_svr/ b/samples/smp_svr/
index e2d758d..041b899 100644
--- a/samples/smp_svr/
+++ b/samples/smp_svr/
@@ -68,11 +68,11 @@ should use the `prj.conf.tiny` configuration file rather 
than the default
 #### Step 1: Configure environment
-Define the `BOARD`, `ZEPHYR_GCC_VARIANT`, and any other environment variables
-required by your setup.  For our example, we use the following:
+Define the `BOARD`, `ZEPHYR_TOOLCHAIN_VARIANT`, and any other environment
+variables required by your setup.  For our example, we use the following:
-export ZEPHYR_GCC_VARIANT=gccarmemb
 export BOARD=nrf52_pca10040

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