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andk pushed a change to branch new-master
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      at c1272bd  nimble/ll: Fix BLE_LL_CONN_INIT_MIN_WIN_OFFSET

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 21c98b5  nimble host - Add missing "\n" at end of log lines
     new 928a7ce  nimble host: Clarify host address and address type
     new 4f672f9  nimble host: Initial security manager (SM)
     new eec9fb7  nimble host: notify app when encryption changes.
     new 6ade22f  MYNEWT-99: add random number genration/support for LE 
     new 785da24  Reduce blehost code size - disable SM by default.
     new ef0fe38  Look at nimble options before #if NIMBLE_OPT_SM !
     new 2a1223d  Some preliminary passkey & OOB.
     new 33a5f91  MYNEWT-271: fix nimble stack set advertising data HCI command 
     new b41a347  MYNEWT-272: Fix error in octets 34 and 35 of supported 
commands returned from the controller
     new ff6ce4a  MYNEWT-271: the same issue regarding set advertising data was 
present in set scan response data.
     new 4c40540  nimble host: Fix failing adv unit tests.
     new 9620998  ble host- fix crash upon gatt procedure timeout.
     new fe562fc  MYNEWT-277: add commands that need to be supported for data 
length extension. This also fixes a bug in the code regarding fragmentation of 
frames. Prior code was not fragmenting frames correctly
     new 5e096ff  No jira ticket for this commit. Renamed a BLE error code 
since it was very poorly named. The old name was 'unsupported feature' when it 
really was an error denoting 'unsupported remote feature'. This was confusing 
and was leading to bugs so I modified the name and also returned the proper 
error code in cases where we dont support a feature (as opposed to the remote)
     new 0f2dc89  No jira ticket: modified api to ble_ll_hci_is_event_enabled() 
to pass in the event as opposed to the bit position as this was confusing
     new 38a19f3  Add random number code back to build if LE encryption not 
     new d5e2286  Fix nrf51 receive mbuf data pointer error
     new 3114289  ble ctlr: clear filtered advertisers on scan start
     new 4e5e93c  ble host: support for initiating pairing.
     new 1d915f7  ble host: reduce code size.
     new bedc7ad  ble host - fix bug: ensure proc inserted.
     new e18351c  ble host: Minor change in BLE_HS_DBG_ASSERT macros
     new b2bdbe6  ble host: use one 1hz timer for lazy procedures.
     new 8541dda  ble host: sm procedures time out after 30 seconds.
     new 09d1000  ble host: cancel sm proc when connection broken.
     new 21709f1  ble host - fix build when security is disabled.
     new 38eca8a  MYNEWT-265 BLE - advertise iBeacon
     new 600bf87  MYNEWT-265 BLE - advertise iBeacon
     new 3dbd9ba  MYNEWT-265 BLE - advertise iBeacon
     new 209e221  MYNEWT-265 BLE - advertise iBeacon
     new 6f2b218  Fix incorrect scan response advertising event type
     new f4ab7a6  Fix error in le64toh
     new 52b318a  ble-host: Prevent warning in debug builds.
     new c9627b9  ble host - fix LTK generation bugs
     new f9363b3  ble host: fix bug in att statistics
     new f70bf76  ble host - fix bug for incoming ATT read-type-req.
     new 4125d6e  ble host - Use blocking HCI tx in GAP procedures.
     new b6e067b  Advertising receive isr start only requires pdu type
     new c0874f3  Remove space at end of line
     new 8617ac9  Finish half-completed transition to packed structs
     new f5871ba  Add PHY statistics
     new 33d8c89  Move connection request txd flag to connection state machine
     new 356106d  Add remaining command LE HCI command lengths
     new 3f62d5a  Minor encryption/decrpytion host changes
     new 0413c49  MYNEWT-99: Implement LL encryption procedure.
     new 9c055c7  ble host - revert accidental test commit.
     new ca34e8c  Modify write suggested default data length command in 
     new 409bcca  MYNEWT-99: Port encryption to nrf51
     new 67225d5  ble host - major changes.
     new b0a19f7  Update example apps to account for blehost changes
     new b010875  ble host - fix security bug
     new cde9b15  ble host - separate blocking HCI from rx
     new 57b7764  ble host - fix SM bug; r1/r2 misordered on master.
     new 2894e98  ble host - clarify locking restrictions.
     new 20ed623  ble ll - don't undef feature macros.
     new fbd1867  ble host - rename "app task" to "parent task"
     new 4d16fc2  ble host - make priv header filenames consistent.
     new 7b24450  MYNEWT-284: fix nrf51 radio state errors
     new 7285268  Modify bletest for new host
     new ebda3af  Fix bug in data length extension procedure
     new cc409d9  MYNEWT-99: implement encryption pause procedure
     new 021b470  Merge branch 'master' of into develop
     new 99928ce  MYNEWT-85: Fix BLE timing for start of connection events. 
MYNEWT-283: Slave anchor point now set correctly on CRC error.
     new c8af19b  MYNEWT-85: Transmit timing fixes MYNEWT-99: Encryption.
     new 2470c88  Fix encryption event error
     new bc52e3d  Do not obtain and hold a mbuf just to transmit advertisements.
     new 1c272a7  Fix l2cap-sm thread-safety.
     new b4af986  changes to support passkey requests and MITM
     new c49146d  BLE Host - use big endian for iBeacon ver fields.
     new 7da681b  BLE host - swap PIN endianness in TK.
     new 22da971  BLE host - indicate correct peer addr type in pair
     new cb5567f  BLE host: Return correct att err for sec issues.
     new 9a042d8  BLE host - fix typo in iocap-pairing tables.
     new cba11b0  BLE host - Add BLE_GAP_ prefix to passkey actions.
     new 8b0c11c  LL feature configuration for controller moved to nimble_opt.h
     new fbb520c  Code now asks PHY maximum data pdu payload size
     new 6fc6d14  add more documentation of callouts.  remove os_callout_init() 
which was unused, have everything be a callout_func.  include os/time.h for 
     new b44c425  fix merge conflict
     new 189abca  BLE host - bonding.
     new a31fcf6  BLE host - whitespace fix.
     new b6b8647  BLE host - Validate pair req/rsp at rx time.
     new b9098e2  BLE host - Ensure pair-req sender is master.
     new 188a246  BLE host - remove ble_l2cap_sm_process_status().
     new 0b8b52c  BLE host - unit test for invalid pair-rsp.
     new 9d64d95  BLE host - eddystone advertisements.
     new ba457bf  BLE Host: Send invalid CID l2cap sig err.
     new 30e1f12  BLE host - only include eddystone if specified.
     new f088464  BLE host - Set random address HCI command.
     new 74894ba  BLE host - fix check for sufficient conn resources
     new b8afcd7  BLE host - More specific reasons for disconnect.
     new 4da08d1  BLE Host - Always set timer for GATT client procs.
     new 43b6190  BLE Host - callback when SM proc ends due to term.
     new 8f05155  BLE Host unit tests - queue of previous data txes.
     new 59dd52e  BLE Host - SM passkey unit tests.
     new f329020  BLE host - rename struct with appropriate prefix.
     new 44b4baf  BLE Host - Formalize some GATT thread safety reqs.
     new 80870dd  BLE Host - Enforce thread safety in unit tests.
     new 5e40d93  Fix scheduling bugs
     new 3b5a05b  BLE Host - Rename sec procs to match spec language
     new 2cdec1e  BLE Host - Add bonded flag to SM proc.
     new 1a3138d  BLE Host - rx slave security request.
     new 5802337  BLE Host - tx slave security request.
     new 5018b9b  BLE Host - Send irk and csrk during key dist.
     new 5540317  BLE Host - disconn: delete conn before app cb.
     new f2dd157  BLE Host - On disconnect, call non-conn CBs first.
     new 9906b8a  BLE Host - Separate secure-read from secure-write
     new 5c723d0  BLE Host - Enable security manager by default.
     new dc7861b  BLE Host - Use macro to check NIMBLE_OPT defines.
     new 11c1bdc  BLE Host - Fix typo in log message.
     new eafc238  BLE Host - Fix misordered fields in unit test.
     new bb6ad7b  BLE Host - dbg, ensure sm proc not in list on free
     new f825062  BLE Host - (dbg) Assert proc entries not in list.
     new 2cb721d  BLE Host - Use GAP callback for notifications.
     new ce8df1d  BLE Host - Move status into GAP ctxt object.
     new 82ba87c  Get native ble building.
     new 8a9d80b  BLE Host - comment indicating irk endianness.
     new ff227f9  BLE Host - Persistence mechanism.
     new 214f218  BLE Host - Don't require key in persist write.
     new fcb45d4  BLE Host - Chr updates for unconnected bonded peer
     new 774a20a  BLE Host - Combine CCCD store into a single key.
     new a072c74  BLE Host - Corner case: chr updated before ind ack
     new ed8e7fb  BLE Host - Use chr val handle for stores.
     new 7f3c1f2  BLE Host - Tx updates upon rebonding.
     new f5d6315  BLE Host - Silence some warnings.
     new 2a9f309  BLE Host tests - n/i disabled for unbonded reconn.
     new 0cf5efe  BLE Host - Implement unittest persist store
     new d0802e6  BLE Host - fix bug caused by outdated code.
     new fc0a86a  BLE Host - unit tests for persisted CCCDs.
     new 38493df  bleprph - Use new BLE host persist store.
     new df56fa1  BLE Host - Much needed comment re: CCCD persist.
     new 4b03206  BLE Host - Add peer address to ltk store.
     new b637ceb  BLE Host - Handle sec-req via db lookup.
     new 3dba79c  BLE Host - Clarify keys; our/peer -> mst/slv
     new 5d2a9f6  fixup
     new 133ed7c  BLE Host - Fix some SM mst/slv mismatches.
     new 9a17ce2  BLE Host - rename store ltk to sec.
     new 90c2fce  BLE Host - Unit test for indicate without ack.
     new 96a6895  BLE Host - Add idx to store sec key.
     new 78bb15f  BLE Host - Handle oddly sized read-group-type rsp.
     new 049cd39  first cut at Host Privacy
     new 72cb7d0  Initial cut of LL privacy
     new 1d77cbf  BLE Host - Separate secure-read from secure-write
     new 47fc72b  second cut at host privacy
     new be61b98  first cut at LL privacy
     new 2bb7d52  when we do a key exchange and get an identity address from 
the peer make sure we use that address and not the device address in the key 
     new 82caeea  Fix error in RPA timeout value
     new 446f959  Fix RPA usage for scanner when advertising not using RPA
     new 2572df3  Fix TXADD bit not being set correctly in advertisements for 
all cases
     new fdaf4f4  ensure that we do security pairing with the correct address 
type and address for our device and theirs.
     new e888321  we also need to keep the peers RPA in case we do a pairing 
with that address while using resolvable private addresses
     new e3cc7e5  Add privacy stubs for native ble
     new fde8240  BLE Host - Add "black hole" L2CAP CID.
     new 8fc421a  BLE Host - Initial secure connections support.
     new a563d20  BLE Host - separate lgcy/sc
     new 579ba9d  BLE Host - Rearrange SM.
     new e915d01  BLE Host - Move state repetition go->process_result.
     new 60ee99b  BLE Host - Don't forget to persist keys.
     new 9c5e1a0  BLE Host - separate key exchange into functions.
     new 944186d  BLE Host - rename sm identifiers for consistency.
     new b8d486e  BLE Host - Rearrange some SM code.
     new f6534db  BLE Host - Use tinycrypt for SC.
     new d01ffaf  BLE Host - Fix incorrect IO capabilities table.
     new 8351609  BLE Host - Initial numeric comparison work.
     new 2265253  BLE Host - Ignore EncKey flag in SC.
     new c2e1ce9  BLE Host - Initial numeric comparison impl.
     new d5354f0  BLE Host - Fix SC unit test.
     new 30f0897  BLE Host - Fix log issue.
     new 9412801  BLE Host - SC numeric comparison.
     new c528b7c  BLE Host - Fix SM bug - keydist use pair rsp.
     new c368044  BLE Host - Fix SM bug - keydist use pair rsp.
     new 0b532c9  BLE Host - unit test for SC passkey.
     new 41bf793  BLE Host - SC cosmetic changes.
     new b2b5a78  BLE Host - Merge privacy changes.
     new 521678f  BLE Host - Remove extraneous log message
     new fe7a047  BLE Host - Persist LTK on SC success.
     new a6d7157  BLE Host - Rearrange SM test code.
     new c3b2fca  BLE Host - SC unit test, us as initiator.
     new 9457405  BLE Host - Don't build SC unless so configured.
     new 4311983  BLE Host - sc; persist both slv and mst keys.
     new efd485a  BLE Host - Log outgoing SM commands.
     new b2d5baf  BLE Host - SC "us" unit tests.
     new 1a0b3a8  BLE Host - Remove stray memcpy.
     new 36eb1d0  BLE Host - Clean up debug logging.
     new b2b79fe  Add privacy and extended scanner filter policy to supported 
     new 5550f64  BLE controller - enable data length extension.
     new a111a3f  Fix TXADD bit not being set correctly in advertisements for 
all cases
     new 84f707f  Fix issue when receiving an invalid pdu type
     new 3e0e471  Fix ble log being turned on by default
     new 3c9d3f4  BLE Host - Add comment about ltk endianness.
     new f60ce98  BLE Host - Fix inconsistent GATT identifier names.
     new 547b37d  BLE Host - Rename SM identifiers for consistency.
     new 2fcf83d  INTERIM - logging
     new 249b5b3  BLE Host - clean up packet logging.
     new 591cc8c  Add statistic to count received l2cap bytes at LL
     new b47445c  BLE Host - More log cleanup.
     new 24c73b6  BLE Host - Fix for builds with debug log disabled.
     new 3a2b9b3  BLE Host - Fix build when security disabled.
     new b45a1e2  BLE Host - Encryption key refresh.
     new d10e8a1  Fix directed advertising when using rpa for inita
     new c78ce5f  BLE Host - enable key rfrsh & param req events.
     new 8bfd7e6  BLE Host - Fix for encryption key refresh.
     new ffa4619  BLE Host - Don't change enc status on SMP timeout.
     new 62e53ae  BLE Host - set data length HCI command.
     new c989e4d  BLE Host - Enable data-length-change event by dflt
     new 24e93bf  BLE Host - persist irk properly when ltk not xchgd
     new bb14075  BLE Host - Always use effective addrs during SMP.
     new 8bdd7d9  BLE Host - Fix privacy+pairing bug.
     new 51c9f52  Forget to initialize rxadd properly if directed advertising
     new fece89f  BLE Host - include both addresses in conn desc.
     new a559111  BLE Host - SM: correctly report encrypted state.
     new c301792  BLE Host - rename effective->ota; identity->id
     new 2ef1d9a  BLE Host - Fix wrong peer addr type in ltk req rx.
     new ecb9cd4  BLE Host - SM: Remove accidental assignment.
     new d3c176d  Fix resolving INITA in directed advertisement when initiating
     new a3deed2  BLE Host - Reject SMP opcode 15.
     new e3c672e  BLE Host - Never persist our own IRK in keystore.
     new 7eae23f  BLE Host - initiator tx key exch if no keys rx.
     new 1b407b2  BLE Host - Do key exchange if only one side txes.
     new 2319b45  BLE Host - SM SC: Log public / private keys.
     new 9e7731d  BLE Host - always honor ctlr encryption events.
     new 618ce27  BLE Host - Rename sec_state.enc_enabled->encrypted
     new 5e93fa4  BLE Host - Nack unexpected LTK reqs from ctlr.
     new ef32f01  BLE Host - Don't print status for no-op event.
     new 5f80243  BLE Host - Don't kill SM proc when bad io injected
     new 42cd8c5  BLE Host - Clear queue on gatt-long-write failure.
     new 13408e5  BLE Host - Clear queue on gatt-reliable-write fail
     new 3e8711c  BLE Host - Fix compiler errors!
     new 33ca43b  BLE Host - Log addresses in big endian.
     new 4f237f4  BLE Host - Persist keys if both sides want bonding
     new f708a9b  BLE Host - Fix mistakes in IO capabilities tables.
     new b53beb1  BLE Host - Send correct SM err on confirm mismatch.
     new 5c91b91  BLE Host - SM; remove obsolete KEY_EXCH flag.
     new c818ca3  BLE Host - Add write functions for key exch msgs.
     new 483a0e3  BLE Host - ble_hs_addrs() function.
     new ae1a52d  BLE Host - SM SC unit tests.
     new d5d4177  BLE Host - Persist our IRK.
     new 7fbffbc  BLE Host - Rename mst/slv sec -> peer/our
     new e27a499  BLE Host - More SM SC unit tests.
     new 09db405  BLE Host - Search DB when initiating security.
     new 440edb8  BLE Host - unit tests: restore via enc in sc tests
     new 8c83741  bletiny - Separate pairing from encryption.
     new 252f806  BLE Host - Include our_id_addr/type in conn desc.
     new 641a720  BLE Host - unit tests for combined priv/sc.
     new fe31c09  BLE Host - Clean up endianness confusion.
     new 55f6295  Add LE ping and Authenticated Payload Timeout event
     new da9fb3b  Turn LE ping on by default
     new a3dc1ab  BLE Host - Fix build when SM disabled
     new ececaa7  BLE Host - Fix unit tests with new startup seq.
     new 56e00a3  BLE Host - SM: remove obsolete ediv,rand field
     new b6ff96d  BLE Host - Don't restore bonding on enc. fail.
     new 65fb953  BLE Host - Consider bonding flag in rxed sec req.
     new eec1c30  BLE Host - Deal with va_args bug for master_id log
     new 78d1f32  BLE Host - Rename start_rand to master_id_rand.
     new d874aaf  BLE Host - More SM unit tests.
     new b79d22c  BLE Host - Fix bug; lgcy pairing iocap=4.
     new 4f641c0  BLE Host - Clean up host privacy.
     new a45d3fe  BLE Host - Fix broken scan timeout.
     new cab8d21  BLE Host - Handle overflow in large scan duration.
     new 73fa147  BLE Host - Ability to cancel discovery operation.
     new 4f7049e  BLE Host - Return BLE_HS_ETIMEOUT_HCI on ack tmo.
     new 3490a4d  BLE Host - Return oom errors on no hci buf / no ev.
     new b106bb8  BLE Host - Remove obsolete ble_hs_thread_safe() fn
     new dd8c1ad  BLE Host - Stop scan timer when disc. proc. cncld.
     new 6f7469d  BLE Host - Single buffer for HCI cmds and acks.
     new 8b13a40  BLE Host - Clean up runtime settings.
     new 99e9a73  BLE Host - Fix build error caused by prev commit.
     new d6a175a  BLE Host - Remove extra sec check on ATT write.
     new 1dd0489  BLE Host - ble_att_svr_read_local()
     new 611b8c4  log2smtest.rb: generates BLE SM unit tests.
     new 0939e68  MYNEWT-332: Return error if initiating and host attempts to 
enable scanning
     new a3f7d3d  BLE Host - Report HCI error code on terminate.
     new 9c42240  BLE Host - Fix read-rssi bug.
     new a3ab0d0  BLE Host - BLE_HS_EMSGSIZE used incorrectly.
     new 5014b2d  BLE Host - unit tests for reading RSSI.
     new d17cd31  NimBLE - Host frees HCI cmd buf on ev alloc fail.
     new 22700ea  MYNEWT-83: Controller should use a fixed buffer for reception
     new 2b4322d  BLE Host - Limit to 2 consecutive OS events.
     new aec67d1  BLE Host - Indicate service in chr reg callback.
     new c363ffe  BLE Host - Allow app to specify adv flags,txpwr
     new ff833fa  BLE Host - Change GATT server callback API.
     new e4943db  BLE Host - Remove 'enhanced' from connect ctxt.
     new 86a9b1c  BLE Host - ble_gap_crt_params->ble_gap_conn_params
     new f0c2b5b  BLE Host - Update ble_gap_conn_initiate() API.
     new 9e11f47  BLE Host - ble_gap_conn_initiate->ble_gap_connect
     new d26f7eb  BLE Host - ble_gap_cancel->ble_gap_conn_cancel
     new b0781b6  BLE Host - Update ble_gap_adv_start() API.
     new 62e69fb  BLE Host - GATT registration API changes
     new 49ac95c  BLE Host - Add duration parameter for advertising.
     new a2ea8e0  BLE Host - Updated GAP discovery API.
     new 0858f47  BLE Host - Don't auto-generate NRPA.
     new 031c5df  BLE Host - handle direct advertising report event.
     new 171e4f1  BLE Host - Always increment GAP stats on failure.
     new e4e985c  BLE Host - ble_gap_conn_ctxt->ble_gap_event_ctxt
     new 5cfecb1  BLE Host - Add missing fields to ble_gap_conn_desc
     new cb37cd4  BLE Host - Const correctness.
     new c8c97a1  BLE Host - Comments for GATT server structs.
     new 9e5eab0  BLE Host - Lookup svc,chr,dsc handles by UUID.
     new 01c0eaa  BLE Host - GATT client cb: error arg never null.
     new 17886ed  BLE Host - Indicate GATT proc done - BLE_HS_EDONE
     new b35a935  BLE Host - ble_gap_[...]_active() functions.
     new d14724c  BLE Host - Allow HCI reason in ble_gap_terminate()
     new f809be7  BLE Host - Add missing 'static'
     new 62f0dc9  BLE Host - ble_gap_conn_cancel() - rc when !active
     new 022c203  BLE Host - Clean up private headers.
     new 2e76cc3  BLE Host - Add API doxygen comments.
     new c4baec5  BLE Host - Fill in privacy API.
     new daa6015  BLE Host - Remove obsolete error codes.
     new a93ee81  BLE Host - Clean up error codes.
     new ee1150e  BLE Host - BLE_HS_ERR_SM_THEM ->BLE_HS_ERR_SM_PEER
     new cbe2122  BLE Host - Clean up error codes.
     new 7967251  BLE Host - Move ibeacon prototypes to new header.
     new 1f2ea31  BLE Host - GAP event callback updates.
     new 1b938ab  BLE Host - ble_gap_conn_rssi().
     new 21c1214  BLE Host - ACL data packet fragmentation.
     new 3890a65  BLE Host - Additional doxygen comments.
     new 75ff1de  BLE Host - Fix for spurious gcc warning.
     new b977f7a  BLE Host - Fix spurious maybe-uninitialized warn.
     new b467d41  BLE Host - Add duration param to ble_gap_connect()
     new e54ee03  Nimble: rename g_hci_cmd_pool --> g_hci_evt_pool
     new 791e630  BLE Host - gattc: dsc refers to chr val handle.
     new 7de4a9d  Nimble: rename g_hci_cmd_pool --> g_hci_evt_pool
     new 6ad74a6  BLE Host - HCI commands were logged incorrectly.
     new e82809d  BLE Host - combine adv enable/disable tx commands.
     new 16aee66  Merge branch 'ble_hs_api' into develop
     new 9898177  BLE Host - Move ATT MTU defines into public hdr.
     new 27426ec  BLE Host - Fix filter-duplicates in GAP discovery.
     new 12e7c8a  MYNEWT-350 BLE Host - Fn to calc GATT server rsrcs
     new 56a93ea  BLE Host - scan: svc data fields had 0 length.
     new b9fe08b  BLE Host - Move opcode into gatt access ctxt.
     new 72998ff  BLE Host - Move opcode into gatt register ctxt.
     new 32780cf  BLE Host - Move logging into separate file.
     new 7f466c6  BLE Host - rxed adv: UUIDs directly accessible.
     new 08c61a4  BLE Host - GATT procedures handled in wrong order.
     new 39bb212  BLE Host - RAM persistence layer package.
     new a837f8d  BLE Host - Package for mandatory svcs (GAP & GATT)
     new 9a21034  BLE Host - Call GAP cb for notify tx events.
     new b6b7c89  BLE Host - Send notify/indicate in parent task.
     new 632ffad  BLE Host - Don't include conn-desc in GAP event.
     new d5a9f88  BLE Host - GAP event when peer subscribes to CCCD.
     new 0ac798d  BLE Host - Ensure proper ordering of notify GAP ev
     new 9f142c0  BLE Host - Only enable GATT procs for centrals.
     new 81ae196  MYNEWT-266 Newtmgr over BLE
     new ae063d6  BLE Host - unit test for rx GATT long read.
     new 5579d10  BLE Host - Use mbufs instead of flat bufs.
     new ac5c4ad  BLE Host - Small doxygen update.
     new d7aac26  BLE Host - Fix default ble_hs configuration.
     new f701b7e  BLE Host - Fix null pointer dereference.
     new 6020507  BLE Host - Update unit tests to use new dflt cfg.
     new 257417d  BLE Host - Reduce dflt # of hci bufs.
     new 59e0634  BLE Host - Don't require 2-phase GATT server init.
     new 5329909  BLE Host - Update unit tests for new GATTs API.
     new d0448ce  BLE Host - Oops, remove debug code.
     new 8ed5499  BLEuart app changes and host fix
     new a8b436b  Added the profiles dir. Added Link Lost Service
     new 7504f59  Update Lost to Loss in comments.
     new 0e5638d  updated lls location to host and new api
     new 931e3be  added tx power service to profiles
     new 8f224dc  BLEuart app changes and host fix
     new 6c85050  BLE Host - Remove double indirection from tx API.
     new b94b794  BLE ctlr - Use updated host rx data API.
     new 5aba3a8  Tx Power Service implementation
     new c725849  updated comments and error return value
     new 802e7f4  unfinished changes
     new 762724a  fixed compilation errors and runs. Untested. Unfinished.
     new 3e70d70  coding standard and on_gap_event changes.
     new 32d8bec  forgot to change header file
     new c53c423  added doxygen style comments
     new 08c2ac5  coding style changes
     new 060237d  MYNEWT-342: Fix invalid access address generation
     new 9c29d88  Fix memory overwrite in random number generation code. This 
overwrite could cause privacy to fail
     new 5903983  renamed on_gap_event to on_gap_disconnect to better describe 
     new 59abadb  Alert Notification Service implemented.
     new f269294  updated comments
     new 653c605  BLE Host - Wait for conn-cmplt-ev for GAP conn tmo
     new 03d0eff  BLE Host - Remove double indirection from tx API.
     new c295738  BLE ctlr - Use updated host rx data API.
     new 9fc231e  MYNEWT-342: Fix invalid access address generation
     new 2190555  Fix memory overwrite in random number generation code. This 
overwrite could cause privacy to fail
     new 6418926  BLE Host - Wait for conn-cmplt-ev for GAP conn tmo
     new 4ca71a3  Immediate Alert Service implemented.
     new 258cfae  This closes #83. Merge remote-tracking branch 
'bgiori/develop' into develop
     new 6845e58   variables declared at top of function scope
     new 68b8c88  BLE lls - Move variable defn. to top of fn.
     new 879871a  Variables declared at top of function scope
     new 8fcf050  Refactored file structure for premade services.
     new 570fd10  moved location to services from profiles
     new 91b4ac8  update include path
     new 49114e3  moved tps to services dir.
     new 90f83d4  Added the profiles dir. Added Link Lost Service
     new 0bedb10  Update Lost to Loss in comments.
     new 86addc6  updated lls location to host and new api
     new 73307e9  coding standard and on_gap_event changes.
     new 34848dc  forgot to change header file
     new 23ddead  added doxygen style comments
     new fdd0ddb  renamed on_gap_event to on_gap_disconnect to better describe 
     new eef2055  BLE lls - Move variable defn. to top of fn.
     new 5118116  BLE Host - Read BD_ADDR on startup.
     new 9bfa1a0  BLE Host - Use HCI transport API
     new 16d6592  BLE Host - Reset on hardware error.
     new c213f7f  BLE Host - Rename HCI identifiers and files.
     new a2e3e06  BLE Host - Use os_eventq_poll()
     new a8f2075  NimBLE - high / low prio event buffers.
     new 2070046  BLE UART HCI - Remove debug log.
     new 9d12ee7  BLE Host - distinguish already/busy in conn/disc.
     new a232e86  BLE Host - Use os_mbuf_append_from, not handrolled
     new 04230d6  BLE Host - Free mbuf on os_mqueue_put() failure.
     new 97b1c71  BLE Host - Clean up ACL tx fragmentation.
     new f63148a  BLE Host - Don't assume leading space in l2cap tx.
     new 167e420  BLE Host - doxy comments for ble_gatts_count_cfg()
     new dba623c  BLE Host - Free mbufs on exec-write-failure
     new 026f32d  BLE Host - Send exec-write when prep-writes cmplt.
     new b134895  BLE Host - Free mbufs on exec-write-failure
     new c2c50e8  BLE Host - validate write upon rx of prep write
     new e2edf72  BLE Host - gap test needs to hb when checking tmo.
     new 6619939  BLE Host - prep/exec tests: better mbuf leak check
     new b4a5f95  BLE Host - Fix unit test SIGSEGV.
     new 8a91ae4  ble - Transports return BLE_ERR_ return codes.
     new 95f7f2f  BLE Host - reuse exec-write-req mbuf for rsp.
     new 19521f5  BLE Host - Cleanup att_svr rx prep / exec write.
     new 4bc1f1d  BLE Host - Read BD_ADDR on startup.
     new 2da4e98  BLE Host - Use HCI transport API
     new a1291ac  BLE Host - Reset on hardware error.
     new 0dac878  BLE Host - Rename HCI identifiers and files.
     new e8beeff  BLE Host - Use os_eventq_poll()
     new 04346bb  NimBLE - high / low prio event buffers.
     new e8a430e  BLE UART HCI - Remove debug log.
     new 8b94ea0  BLE Host - distinguish already/busy in conn/disc.
     new 9c021c7  BLE Host - Use os_mbuf_append_from, not handrolled
     new b05a792  BLE Host - Free mbuf on os_mqueue_put() failure.
     new 7445c12  BLE Host - Clean up ACL tx fragmentation.
     new f5f3770  BLE Host - Don't assume leading space in l2cap tx.
     new 1476f73  BLE Host - doxy comments for ble_gatts_count_cfg()
     new 95ba2e9  BLE Host - Free mbufs on exec-write-failure
     new 8167790  BLE Host - Send exec-write when prep-writes cmplt.
     new 976b04b  BLE Host - Free mbufs on exec-write-failure
     new 48eb527  BLE Host - validate write upon rx of prep write
     new 47f0e5b  BLE Host - gap test needs to hb when checking tmo.
     new 3501040  BLE Host - prep/exec tests: better mbuf leak check
     new a363d3f  BLE Host - Fix unit test SIGSEGV.
     new fd1cfbd  ble - Transports return BLE_ERR_ return codes.
     new 8191d20  BLE Host - reuse exec-write-req mbuf for rsp.
     new b6884c4  BLE Host - Cleanup att_svr rx prep / exec write.
     new bbbde4f  BLE Host - Set state before tx HCI enable.
     new 7c1d8e1  BLE Host - Don't reject max-size adv field.
     new 844ed0a  fixup adv
     new 4b82b5e  BLE Host - Add missing break statement.
     new 66b754b  BLE Host - Fix crash when #-evt-bufs > #-os-events
     new b68a670  BLE RAM trans: evt buf sz 260-->45; ct 3-->14
     new 6fdebaf  BLE Host - Check conn state once before proc.
     new aaa995d  This closes #88. Merge remote-tracking branch 
'bgiori/refactor-services' into develop
     new 9946e00  BLE Host - Allow MTU to be checked for unconn peer
     new 249f84e  BLE Host - Send correct error code for unsup. n/i.
     new efe1e21  BLE Ctlr - max evt sz too low for rd-lcl-sup-ftrs
     new 23ab5f5  BLE - Fix out-of-date comment.
     new f424b9a  BLE Host - sm,sc - ask for pk after rx pubkey
     new 62e1d75  MYNEWT-83: Use a fixed buffer for reception for controller 
     new 4aa1641  MYNEWT-83: use fixed buffer for reception. Get native arch 
     new de00c59  MYNEWT_83: Use fixed buffer for reception.
     new 7007288  MYNEWT-358: nrf51 cannot connect to directed advertisers 
     new faba99e  BLE Host - Function to retrieve preferred ATT MTU.
     new db424f1  BLE Host - Update conns' pref. MTU
     new d3b0160  BLE Host - Don't allow >1 tx MTU request per conn.
     new fc7c53b  BLE Host - Report updated MTU via GAP event cb.
     new b86bf04  BLE Host - Only log ATT cmd after tx succeeds.
     new 155ca3b  MYNEWT-83: use a fixed buffer for reception.
     new 3a24906  MYNEWT-354
     new 1329278  Fix warnings reported by clang.
     new 7ed1d23  MYNEWT-317
     new 79b81c1  Use SDK include paths for nRF SDK headers.
     new 89753b6  MYNEWT-374 Code does not build if BLE_LLC_FEAT_LL_PRIVACY=0
     new df122aa  MYNEWT-374 Code does not build if BLE_LLC_FEAT_LL_PRIVACY=0
     new ca311f9  MYNEWT-347 BLE Host - GAP update; use L2CAP proc.
     new 2425a09  MYNEWT-347 BLE Host - GAP update; use L2CAP proc.
     new 00b60a3  MYNEWT-385: Controller not sending connection update complete 
     new 02fc0e9  MYNEWT-385: Controller not sending connection update complete 
     new 2b41aba  Logging format and initialization
     new 38e625c  MYNEWT-382: Controller number of completed packets event 
     new fa8d3e6  MYNEWT-382: Controller number of completed packets event 
     new 8d6e3b8  MYNEWT-386: Controller should always send connection complete 
     new c47f1a6  MYNEWT-386: Controller should always send connection complete 
     new 2d4c054  syscfg / sysinit
     new be4ba60  MYNEWT-387: Separate ACL buffer pool for controller only
     new 9a36324  MYNEWT-387: Separate ACL data buffer pool for controller only
     new b990879  MYNEWT-387: Separate ACL buffer pool for controller only
     new 5532d0e  MYNEWT-387: Separate ACL data buffer pool for controller only
     new 4b36f7d  Add Apache License header. Not sure why this was omitted.
     new 42abb02  MYNEWT-388: HCI uart should not assert if a command, event or 
ACL buffer not available
     new 478e27d  Add Apache License header. Not sure why this was omitted.
     new 63b80b0  MYNEWT-388: HCI uart should not assert if a command, event or 
ACL buffer not available
     new 4d87c08  update ias package structure into host/services
     new 91eb8d1  Merge branch 'develop' into sterly_refactor
     new 0803d35  Conclude merge from sterly_refactor.
     new a976024  BLE Host - Move SC-specific functions into SC file
     new bbf1f12  move nimble drivers into standard drivers
     new f3e111d  directory re-org, part 1
     new ca3b769  directory re-org
     new 07aa4f5  newt test all compiling again.
     new 4c170db  MYNEWT-397: Nimble controller assert if advertising 
started/stopped frequently
     new 3150aa9  correct a few more pkg names
     new fee4a4f  BLE Host - Trust conn-complete-evt role field
     new a993eeb  MYNEWT-397: Nimble controller assert if advertising 
started/stopped frequently
     new 2e5d3e2  Move syscfg from pkg.yml to syscfg.yml.
     new a04922f  Add #ifdef __cplusplus guards
     new f3b4f76  MYNEWT-431: Move cputime from HAL into os.
     new 8c00258  final re-org of directories -- removing the lib/ directory.
     new 696212f  Unit test infrastructure
     new 6b6f289  MYNEWT-444 - Configure log level per-module
     new 6e7026b  sample apps - initialize nimble host log.
     new b034e1f  nimble uart transport; fix broken build.
     new 30e6e3c  No jira ticket: fix old (erroneous) comment.
     new 2321a28  basic doxygen support in OS (modules) and update Apache 
License header.
     new b0aeded  Replace os_event types with callback functions.
     new eb77173  BLE Host: Event codes -> callbacks
     new 2ea830e  BLE Controller: Event codes -> callbacks
     new da10a68  obsolete defs
     new 72d352f  No jira ticket: It seems that with some of the syscfg changes 
that these values got reverted or modified unintentionally. The number and size 
of the events has now been corrected.
     new fe19e25  BLE host - Fix incorrect expiry issue
     new 371f249  This closes #87.
     new 0bf8ab3  BLE IAS svc - Update to use sysinit.
     new 886423f  This closes #85.
     new 0019b41  BLE ANS service - Use sysinit.
     new 01a25af  This closes #84.
     new 21039e5  BLE TPS service - use sysinit.
     new 485a0ce  BLE TPS service - Use latest host API.
     new 18f92a7  License audit
     new d5df41f  The ACL data packet length being reported by the LE read 
buffer size command included the HCI ACL data packet header. Well, there still 
needs more work to be done here to reconcile the constants being used, but the 
current code could have caused issues. We now report a ACL data packet length 
of 256 bytes.
     new d6e425e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into develop
     new 736168d  ble_store_ram - Set the persist callbacks on init.
     new 0bbf36b  ble uart transport - Add mising init function.
     new 9a8fe37  MYNEWT-336: Allow for smaller mbufs in nimble.
     new cf03abd  MYNEWT-336: Allow for smaller mbufs in nimble.
     new 0ee85e3  MYNEWT-486: Controller cannot accept ACL data packets > 255 
     new 6c0fed1  BLE Host - Compilation error for SC without DEBUG.
     new a57182e  MYNEWT-486: Further fixes for ACL data buffer size/count.
     new c0215bf  BLE Host - Remove unused sc bit from persisted sec
     new 8c0f6dc  BLE Host - Compilation error for SC without DEBUG.
     new 7e04a37  BLE Host - L2CAP intrnl API chg: handle, not ptrs.
     new 360acb1  BLE Host - Eliminate spurious time expirations.
     new ee4b0a6  BLE Host - Unit tests for GATT timeouts.
     new a927645  BLE Host - Add test for interrupted indicate.
     new 55224e4  BLE Host - Remove debug console_printf.
     new f85ee0b  BLE Host - Allow tx of chained mbufs.
     new 2167619  BLE Host - Don't allow ATT tx to unconnected peer
     new be94126  BLE Host - whitespace fix.
     new 881f6bc  BLE Host - Don't send overly-large ACL data pkts.
     new 3aaef50  BLE Host - Increase max ATT MTU to 527 (was: 240).
     new 054db93  BLE Host - Don't allow ATT tx to unconnected peer
     new df231b9  BLE Host - ble_att_clt_tx_read_type() return bad.
     new 203139e  MYNEWT-339 BLE host - Retry GATT on mbuf exhaust.
     new 1901d08  MYNEWT-339 BLE host - Retry GATT on mbuf exhaust.
     new 8344172  BLE Host - ble_att_clt_tx_read_type() return bad.
     new e663961  MYNEWT-324 BLE Host - Reuse inbuf for error rsp.
     new 056f300  Merge branch '1_0_0_b1_dev' of into develop
     new 35e33a1  BLE Host - Fix warning reported by gcc 6.
     new 3d893ba  Merge branch '1_0_0_b1_dev' into develop
     new e62ef98  MYNEWT-324 BLE Host - Reuse rxbuf for write rsp..
     new df09860  BLE Host - Differentiate prep-q-full / insuf. res.
     new 5c9455a  BLE Host - On rx indicate, allocate rsp first.
     new 5b4fac9  MYNEWT-324 BLE Host - Reuse inbuf for error rsp.
     new 80233c9  MYNEWT-324 BLE Host - Reuse rxbuf for MTU rsp.
     new 9328405  nimble/l2cap: Fix for l2cap rx handles
     new f58ce79  nimble/l2cap: Fix for handling unknown response
     new 3a820bd  nimble/l2cap: Fix for handling unknown L2CAP signaling 
     new a9dc06a  nimble/l2cap: Fix L2CAP command not understood handling
     new 0e412cb  nimble/l2cap: Minor flow refactor of 
     new b592c4c  nimble/gap: Add check for connection parameters
     new ef72e30  nimble/l2cap: Fix for L2CAP connection parameters update
     new a571a31  MYNEWT-491 Prevent repeated package initialization
     new d74ca6c  MYNEWT-341 BLE Host - Handle missing ACL fragments
     new 3f896c9  BLE Host - Fix SM unit test.
     new 55449f2  BLE Host - Combine PREP_WRITE, EXEC_WRITE syscfg
     new 6c83f64  MYNEWT-353 BLE Host - Timeout for ATT queued write
     new c1acf20  BLE Host - rename BLE_ATT_MAX_PREP_ENTRIES
     new 0a10e86  MYNEWT-324 BLE Host - Don't use req buf for wr.rsp
     new 77bdd0f  MYNEWT-487 BLE Host - Execute GATT proc cb on tmo.
     new fb4d413  BLE Host - Don't send l2cap error to unconn. peer.
     new aacba0c  gattc: Fix unnecessary status overwrite in read by type err
     new 418e377  Remove redundant includes
     new 026329d  MYNEWT-383 BLE Host - Deletion from ram store.
     new fc88453  MYNEWT-383 - BLE Host - use ram store in unittests
     new cba839a  MYNEWT-383 BLE Host - Allow programmatic unbonding
     new 09fe575  MYNEWT-349 BLE Host - API for gatt-service-changed
     new 2c89b02  BLE Host - Work around gcc bug
     new add67fa  MYNEWT-346 BLE Host - Add BLE_SM_LEGACY setting.
     new 7b56d69  nimble/test: Fix expected value in 
     new 13fc8a8  nimble/test: Fix expected error for key size lower than 
     new 724e41d  nimble/test: Remove invalid SM test cases
     new 29c4294  nimble/sm: Fix AuthReq/KeyDist validation in pairing req/rsp
     new ffa0636  nimble/sm: Improve pairing req/rsp validation
     new 2e98ab6  nimble/sm: Use proper key size for encryption
     new 4a9cfc7  nimble/sm: Fix obvious array size mismatch
     new e921ab5  This closes #136.
     new d86ab33  This closes #130. Merge remote-tracking branch 
'andrzej-kaczmarek/nimble-fixing' into develop
     new 2ff55fa  This closes #132.
     new 681f6ac  MYNEWT-508: Add multiple advertising instances
     new d27e1e9  MYNEWT-508: The ocf at the host needs to be a uint16_t.
     new 1a42c7d  nimble/gap: Fix for missing ble_hs_unlock
     new 183cb6f  BLE ctlr - Fix maybe-uninitialized warning.
     new a14a00b  BLE Host - Use generic fragmentation function.
     new 0c57009  gattc: Fix unnecessary status overwrite in read by type err
     new 5723529  MYNEWT-508: Add multiple advertising instances
     new 113665e  MYNEWT-508: The ocf at the host needs to be a uint16_t.
     new 001f114  nimble/gap: Fix for missing ble_hs_unlock
     new 75bd912  BLE ctlr - Fix maybe-uninitialized warning.
     new 080df0a  BLE Host - Use generic fragmentation function.
     new 2e51860  MYNEWT-512 Replace gen. sysinit with linker sect
     new 52416be  MYNEWT-346 BLE Host - Remove extraneous dep.
     new 1692815  Revert "MYNEWT-512 Replace gen. sysinit with linker sect"
     new 2bb1835  nimble: fix sending uuid16 when possible in disc_svc_uuid
     new e0303f8  nimble: fix not handling invalid offset read
     new 9300a97  nimble/test: Fix ble_att_svr_test_find_type_value test cases
     new b48db61  nimble/att: Rename ble_att_svr_is_valid_group_type
     new bdfb3ad  nimble/att: Refactor Find By Type Value handling
     new 6ec5a04  nimble: Add PTS tests results and TPG files
     new a14f63e  This closes #142.
     new c802a69  This closes #143.
     new 42fcfa4  This closes #146.
     new d74fb8f  nimble: add offset option to read long in client
     new e2fbd4f  nimble: add offset option to write long in client
     new f6cf77f  Add BLE_HOST syscfg setting.
     new 3d704c0  BLE uart - fix host-only build error.
     new 39c39b7  nimble: fix execute write flags
     new 45659f3  nimble: fix send cancel pending writes on error
     new 88abb79  nimble: passed some PTS tests
     new 65baabb  nimble: added missing descriptors
     new 58c303c  nimble: fixed nested long writes
     new 9acc53f  This closes #148.
     new 6a5c869  This closes #154.
     new a8b20f9  nimble/sm: Persist encryption key size
     new 767cbf6  nimble/sm: Store encryption key size in link security state
     new 016672e  nimble/att: Add mimimum encryption key size for attribute
     new 109046b  nimble/att: Support "Insufficient Encryption" error code
     new 799e1f1  nimble/att: Support "Insufficient Encryption Key Size" error 
     new bc74c15  nimble/pts: Update PTS-GATT test results
     new 0f96d03  nimble/pts: Update PTS-GAP test results
     new 884bde4  nimble/sm: Add support for rejecting pairing with disabled SM
     new d89941d  nimble/sm: Remove not needed stack variables
     new 3909504  MYNEWT-536: mbuf exhaustion can cause supervision timeout
     new 884c98a  BLE Host - Fix double mbuf free.
     new e6db37e  MYNEWT-539: Controller allocates too many os events for 
     new b391625  This closes #155.
     new b9fd128  This closes #156.
     new 9cd5612  nimble ble host; assert if host fails to start.
     new 2a1edb2  MYNEWT-542: Controller not working properly if os cputime not 
     new 08322b5  nimble host test; change the way empty struct is initialized 
to get this to compile on linux gcc.
     new 2cdde8b  MYNEWT-542: Controller not working if os cputime not 1 MHz.
     new 11d4414  BLE Host - disallow conn to already-connected peer
     new efba132  nimble: Refactor UUID handling (ATT/GATT)
     new cb5dc3c  sys/stats; move the stats module to sys/stats/full. Tell that 
sys/stats/full package exports API 'stats'. Packages list 'stats' as required 
API. Update apps to depend on sys/stats/full.
     new 1710969  sys/stats; add STATS_RESET() to clear counter area from stats 
     new 2e00667  sys/log; move log module to sys/log/full. This package 
exports api 'log'. Packages which used to depend on 'sys/log' now depend on 
that API. Update apps/unit tests to depend on sys/log/full.
     new 101044b  nimble/gatt: fix zero length attribute read
     new c9de71a  nimble/hci: remove redundant check
     new 3fc7f7b  nimble/ll: fix and refactor set rpa timeout
     new c8b708f  nimble/privacy: fix set private address timeout
     new 26f14b2  nimble/pts: update test results for PTS 7.0
     new dc55366  Update TinyCrypt library to version 0.2.5
     new 818f3f3  nimble/sm: Use TinyCrypt for AES
     new 9010260  Update TinyCrypt library to version 0.2.5
     new 1e7fd2c  nimble/sm: Use TinyCrypt for AES
     new a5b3c14  This closes #161.
     new 9a90885  This closes #160.
     new f7a9cde  BLE Host - Allow reconf of connection GAP event cb
     new cc4a4b9  pkg.yml; update to use the new format of specifying package 
initialization functions.
     new 1cbaa54  MYNEWT-555 BLE Host - Avoid mbuf copy on chr read
     new 7bb5126  Merge branch 'def_task' of into develop
     new bafb7d1  merge from develop, and update to support new sysinit
     new bc72631  nimble/gatt: unify discovery api
     new 35e7e90  nimble: Rename htol* and htobe* functions
     new be2503b  Move endiannes related API from ble.h to endian.h
     new 5b98573  nimble/sm: Remove useless function declaration
     new e3d8347  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for pairing req and rsp
     new 1929ed0  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for confirm
     new 68f39e6  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for random
     new f32eac3  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for pairing failed
     new c3efdfa  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for encrypt info
     new 13c45f7  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for master id
     new 092bcf1  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for id info
     new 4c871ab  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for id addr info
     new 7f89dc7  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for sign info
     new c42e8d4  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for sec req
     new d34450d  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for pub key
     new 5eb25a4  nimble/sm: Use packed structures for dhkey check
     new 0833fb8  nimble/sm: Remove unused functions
     new 140d098  nimble/sm: Remove op parameter from ble_sm_rx_fn
     new 254bb43  nimble/sm: Move PDU parsing functions to tests
     new f598ff7  nimble/sm: Make ble_sm_build_authreq static
     new 462bc67  MYNEWT-564 BLE Host - Allow byte buf for adv data
     new b6c0a95  nimble/adv: Remove invalid data types
     new e88aef7  nimble/gap: Use raw data only in ble_gap_disc_desc struct
     new 5a90ac0  nimble/adv: Use ble_uuid types in ble_hs_adv_fields
     new cb5e8ac  This closes #166.
     new df39c45  This closes #169.
     new 7018097  nimble/sm: Fix out of bound access with logs enabled
     new cec87c6  nimble/l2cap: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
     new bb97704  nimble/hci: Fix passing uninitialized data
     new 73ef029  nimble/gatts: Fix use of uninitialized variable
     new b0008ee  nimble/ll: Fix for compiler warning
     new 5bbb7a1  This closes #172.
     new 8445504  nimble/sm: Use proper address types for confirm
     new 35c71a4  nimble/host: Add generic type for BD address
     new 960ee9c  nimble/sm: Update peer's identity after pairing
     new 66e2733  BLE Host - Fix crash in unit test
     new 87cfb97  BLE Host - Remove dead code.
     new 423c67b  nimble/host: Add generic BD address type
     new 339b519  nimble/host: Add generic BD address type
     new 01f1a2d  nimble/l2cap: Remove not needed checks
     new 3d89ff1  nimble/l2cap: Remove prefix blc_ and blh_ from L2CAP structs
     new e9e029d  nimble/l2cap: Move ble_l2cap_chan_mtu() to ble_att
     new e9e6b32  nimble/l2cap: Add LE L2CAP COC API
     new a378882  nimble/l2cap: Add support to connect L2CAP LE COC
     new 72aebbd  nimble/l2cap: Add support to disconnect L2CAP LE COC
     new 7e10c06  bletiny: Add support to connect/disconnect L2CAP LE COC
     new a51ffc6  nimble/controller; silence compile warning about 
uninitialized variable.
     new 157ecf0  MYNEWT-617 BLE Host - UUID-string conv missing '-'
     new 6f64a25  nimble: Cleanup address types usage
     new 4f30b4c  Merge branch '1_0_0_b2_dev' of into develop
     new 2d4ff1c  MYNEWT-534 Pkgs set dflt eventq in init function.
     new 6f53861  MYNEWT-579 Free rxed l2cap frags on disconnect.
     new 76085d9  BLE host - add chr-read app err to unit tests.
     new c15f6db  This closes #171.
     new e6f5c8d  BLE Host - Update for CoC field name change.
     new 58da2cc  This closes #174.
     new 691c60b  MYNEWT-627 BLE Host - Join rx frags into 1 mbuf
     new daa1805  MYNEWT-492: Update TBD in syscfg files.
     new 2cf951d  BLE Host - Minor formatting change.
     new 25a5c49  nimble/gap: Fix validation of conn parameters
     new 8259f8a  nimble/gap-test: Add unit tests
     new 24295db  BLE Host - Remove extraneous indentation.
     new 2180c8b  MYNEWT-629: Unexpected advertising state machine stop.
     new 70b94cc  nimble/l2cap: Drop packets bigger than MTU on the channel
     new b3911bb  nimble/sm: Fix for bonding information storing
     new d8acafa  Merge branch 'develop' of into 
     new 60cf742  This closes #182.
     new e432d36  Merge branch 'sensors_branch' of into develop
     new 0ec5e2d  MYNEWT-638: Bug when resetting controller while creating 
     new 83d0e68  MYNEWT-642 Eddystone UID format is incorrect
     new b65d576  MYNEWT-642 Eddystone buf: one byte too large.
     new 1a1637a  MYNEWT-492 - Remove unused obsolete settings.
     new bd50101  MYNEWT-492 Add missing syscfg setting descriptions
     new 6198c07  nimble/l2cap: Fix handling scid/dcid in the channel.
     new 1b3d070  nimble/l2cap: Memset response in L2CAP LE CoC connect request
     new 9d848c9  nimble/l2cap: Fix L2CAP LE CoC disconnection handling
     new 1b22206  nimble/l2cap: Refactor update parameters handling
     new 166b976  nimble/l2cap: Add helper to create L2CAP channel for LE CoC
     new 906d035  nimble/l2cap: Fix handling bad data in L2CAP update 
parameters response
     new 49f19e0  nimble/l2cap: Refactor handling L2CAP reject command
     new 956dc4b  nimble/l2cap: Remove not needed function 
     new 271ad91  nimble/l2cap: Make ble_l2cap_chan available in ble_l2cap_rx_fn
     new d3001df  nimble/l2cap: Remove not needed **om from ble_l2cap_rx_fn
     new 455a21e  nimble/l2cap: Add LE credits update handling
     new b9f2009  nimble/l2cap: Add handling receiving SDU over L2CAP LE CoC
     new 1494ad5  nimble/l2cap: Add helper to clean L2CAP LE CoC channel
     new 64edb92  nimble/l2cap: Add suppport to send data over L2CAP LE CoC
     new bbb0ece  nibmle/l2cap: Clear LE CoC channel on ACL drop
     new 5c3210a  nimble/l2cap: Handle REJECT CMD on L2CAP LE CoC connection 
create req
     new 2f9ee02  nimble/l2cap: Fix for possible memory leak
     new 05f4e6e  nimble/l2cap: Fix hanlding broken ACL during L2CAP procedure
     new e9a021e  nimble/l2cap: Improve L2CAP LE CoC connection handling
     new d6726b2  nimble/l2cap: Add initial credits calculations
     new caa36e8  This closes #190.
     new 0ce14e5  Fix invalid memory accesses in ble_uuid_cmp
     new 90f0e52  nimble/gap: Fix bad calculation on connection parameters 
     new 937ef95  nimble/controller: Minor fix to avoid magic number
     new 2ef8983  nimble/controller: Fix handling incorrect LL opcode
     new e3833ef  MYNEWT-633: Controller does not respond on LL_PHY_REQ
     new 8996b02  nimble/sm: Fix Secure Connection only mode
     new 3d7ef4b  MYNEWT-687: Reduce encryption scratchpad size on nrf51
     new ead8995  BLE Host - Rename parameter for clarity
     new bb70d97  BLE Host - Don't allow conn to already-conned peer
     new 1cd36ff  BLE Host - Additional debug logging.
     new 98b9d9d  BLE Host - Add missing #include.
     new 989a302  BLE UART xport - sysinit panic on init fail.
     new b5288b1  BLE Host - Make L2CAP CID definitions public.
     new 89efd17  BLE Host - If initial sync fails, retry later.
     new b5185c5  BLE uart transport: Add text to sysinit panic.
     new a28b394  BLE Host - Remove duplicate conn check.
     new 94d9a59  MYNEWT-697: Controller can leak connection state machines
     new e171c86  MYNEWT-698: Unhandled exception in controller in 
     new 69d782a  MYNEWT-698: Unhandled exception in controller in 
     new c686e87  MYNEWT-700 BLE Host - Race condition: discon + att
     new ac11c3b  nimble/controller: Slight refactor of use of pkt receive time
     new e0b7081  Low power timer. Only nrf52 right now.
     new a993c43  MYNEWT-701: Low power timer support
     new 5650ffd  MYNEWT-702 BLE Host - duplicate update entries
     new 7296555  nimble/controller: Fix for directed advertising report
     new 5f9754f  nimble/controller: Fix len of InitA in advertising report
     new 4116ca3  nimble/controller: Fix mixed AdvAdd and InitA in the 
advertising report
     new 73e0a49  MYNEWT-698: Unhandled exception in ble_ll_conn_end
     new 2231a26  MYNEWT-668: Improve throughput of BLE connections
     new 32b552e  MYNEWT-702 BLE Host - duplicate update entries
     new d64f4a4  MYNEWT-702 dbg: Erase mempool entries during free.
     new 53c595d  net/nimble; add HCI transport which has Linux bluetooth 
socket, or TCP socket as it's target.
     new 8a8a82b  MYNEWT-707: Add API to retrieve public and random static 
     new 4ee9441  No jira ticket. Remove unused header file bsp.h
     new 2e5f891  No jira ticket: get native ble building.
     new 8f626dc  No jira ticket: fix uninitialized local variable.
     new ec0ad6a  nimble/controller: Change LL and HCI version to Bluetooth 5.0
     new 71666ce  nimble/controller: Add support for high duty cycle non-conn
     new 2c26018  This closes #212.
     new 9a78c0b  nimble: Add defines for all Bluetooth 5.0 HCI commands and 
     new 5cbc31d  nimble/controller: Add support for handling privacy modes
     new e88edf8  nimble/controller: Add helper to check if controller is busy
     new 0389031  nimble/host: Add support for privacy modes
     new a7c7ce8  nimble/l2cap: Fix locking when receiving LE CoC credit update
     new a8f3314  nimble/l2cap: Fix locking on LE CoC connect
     new ab7dc69  nimble/l2cap: Fix locking on incoming LE CoC connect request
     new dfe35ac  nimble/l2cap: Fix for reject incoming LE CoC channel
     new 1294a7f  nimble/l2cap: Fix logs on LE CoC receive data
     new 621e2d9  nimble/l2cap: Fix hs locking issue when sending 
     new c29f408  nimble/l2cap: Add initial unit tests for LE CoC
     new 768267a  nimble/pts: Update pts files due to L2CAP LE CoC
     new 7afc9a2  nimble/l2cap: Add PTS instructions for LE CoC and run all the 
     new 853b97c  nimble/transport/socket; forgot to register with stats 
     new 0c8e780  MYNEWT-713 Sysinit: nimble controller crashes
     new 5b0e50c  nimble/controller: Add Channel Selection Algorithm #2 
     new e95b5a1  nimble/controller: Use common implementation for channel 
     new f0a4d4e  nimble/controller: Add initial unit tests for controller
     new 88b9b28  nimble/controller: Add support for Channel Selection 
Algorithm #2
     new 24399a9  nimble/controller: Improve CSA #2 channel identifier 
     new 863834a  nimble/controller: Add CSA #2 to supported features
     new 826d537  nimble/controller: Send LE Channel Selection Algorithm Event
     new 482e49f  nimble/att: Remove not needed forward declaration
     new 5178765  nimble/att: Add generic helpers for sending commands
     new 0ca890d  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending error response
     new 1507bbc  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending MTU exchange
     new d958e0d  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending read command
     new 5183afb  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Read Blob Request
     new 95a706b  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Read Multiple Request
     new 6a26ec2  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Read By Type Request
     new c4d71bc  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Read By Group Type 
     new 9ff4b02  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Find Information 
     new 0404634  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Find By Type Value 
     new 0348beb  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Write Request and 
     new e819558  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Prepare Write Request
     new 13ac13c  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Execute Write Request
     new 886bbe6  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Notification
     new de2d0e0  nimble/att: Use new helpers for sending Indication
     new c140fc1  nimble/att: Don't pass Error Responce as packed structure
     new 0f28899  nimble/att: Don't pass Writes Response as packed structure
     new 912f12b  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Error Response
     new 4d2962c  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving MTU exchange
     new 43c3f35  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Find Information 
     new 76fd666  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving MTU Exchange
     new 3185e37  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Find Information 
     new 971be8e  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Find By Type 
     new e952a75  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Find By Type 
     new b4b8222  nimble/att: Fix no responding with error for invalid data
     new 104b679  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read By Type 
     new cb0a7da  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read By Type 
     new 3b85591  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read Request
     new 220c2c5  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read Blob Request
     new 23d4eaf  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read Blob Response
     new dfaa361  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read Multiple 
     new 9d53dea  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read Multiple 
     new 3a8c513  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read By Group 
Type Request
     new 310eac1  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Read By Group 
Type Request
     new ab22cdd  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Write Request and 
     new f51563a  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Prepare Write 
     new a8946a4  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Prepare Write 
     new 6123062  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Execute Write 
     new 5eff388  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Execute Write 
     new 7df74a7  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Notification
     new 834ae5c  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Indication
     new 583bcfc  nimble/att: Use packed struct for receiving Write Command
     new 0a61a0f  nimble/att: Strip common ATT header before passing buf to 
     new e12a2c4  nimble/att: Use endian.h API for protocol data
     new 0c5ff37  nimble/sm: Use endian.h API for protocol data
     new f4d0995  nimble/l2cap: Remove some dead code
     new 1b00d2a  nimble/l2cap: Use endian.h API for protocol data
     new d0eb8ca  nimble: Remove ble_hs_endian_priv.h API
     new e810d9f  controller: Minor comment fix
     new 26e9b55  This closes #206.
     new 6f81228  nimble/controller: Rename and move 
     new 0e1b37e  nimble/controller: Use single function for DCI calculation
     new 9b28fc7  nimble/controller: Move latency calculations to 
     new 7c1e45f  nimble/controller: Allow to configure CSA #2 support
     new b07436d  This closes #226.
     new 31488f5  nimble/controller: No jira ticket.
     new bd5e189  nimble/controller: No jira ticket.
     new 7753345  nimble/controller: MYNEWT-726
     new d9926b4  nimble/hci: Remove reduntant checks
     new 9ac7010  nimble/hci: Add LE read PHY command
     new 02307b6  nimble/hci: Add LE set default PHY command
     new 5b13a72  nimble/hci: Add LE set PHY command
     new a6e239e  nimble/gap: Add API to manage LE PHY
     new 9f5852b  MYNEWT-732: Fix ble_gattc_disc_svc_by_uuid
     new a3e0862  BLE Host - Check tx of disc-svc-uuid in unit tests
     new 22a4ece  This closes #237.
     new 47d3216  MYNEWT-736 NimBLE - UART xport can't send multibuf
     new 0d08166  This closes #221.
     new d7792a2  nimble/transport; MYNEWT-737: Make ble_hci_uart_tx_char more 
     new 75cb545  MYNEWT-738: Fix parameter array errors
     new 0a32622  nimble/transport; MYNEWT-737: Make ble_hci_uart_tx_char more 
     new 2094a95  This closes #250.
     new ad61581  This closes #245
     new d7c0ae0  nimble/controller: MYNEWT-726
     new 568b750  MYNEWT-723: Add control procedure code and HCI command/event 
     new e121baa  MYNEWT-723: L# 2Mbit and Long range support
     new 8d5679f  MYNEWT-723: Add PHY support to change modulations for 2M phy.
     new 72f7eab  MYNEWT-723: Add control procedure code and HCI command/event 
     new d00d551  MYNEWT-723: Some additional changes to get the basic 2Mbps 
PHY support.
     new 7a2f0a0  MYNEWT-723: Fix setting current PHY
     new c25e436  MYNEWT-723: Fix creating LL_PHY_REQ
     new 9dff995  MYNEWT-723: Fix build issue
     new 0bc61d1  BLE Host - Fix peer OTA addr and type on pairing.
     new ef44890  nimble/controller: Fix controller unit test
     new f530137  Fix native controller build
     new e291fa7  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5
     new 16f9fe2  nimble/ll: Fix sending features xchange PDUs
     new a280e18  nimble/ll: Add option to schedule connection with non-zero 
     new 685ca06  nimble/ll: Change LL PDU name to match spec
     new bea3e7d  nimble/ll: Check peer features for LE Connection Update
     new 2c4bef9  nimble/gap: Fix lock issue
     new e930d09  nimble/controller: Use scansm from function parameter
     new cd184ce  This closes #276
     new de05abb  fix double semicolons
     new ea659ce  MYNEWT-754 BLE Host - cfgable RAM store capacity
     new d0abe94  MYNEWT-754 BLE host - Store cb can abort iterate.
     new cb63ab9  MYNEWT-754 BLE host - addrcmp ignores padding.
     new e38f454  MYNEWT-754 BLE Host - iterate: return err on fail
     new 86f1ffc  MYNEWT-754 BLE Host - Store mgmt API additions
     new 405d3a7  MYNEWT-754 BLE Host - Add some missing consts.
     new e55fdba  MYNEWT-754 BLE Host - Basic store util unit tests.
     new a9a953d  MYNEWT-754 BLE Host - Support deleting of CCCDs.
     new e895f24  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5_master
     new f5b80b1  net/nimble; we reject BCM2837 on raspberry pi for higher tx 
power report. Up the allowed range to accomodate it.
     new 357838f  net/nimble/hs; QCA6234 rejects 2nd page of event settings. 
Instead of failing, log the event as warning and continue.
     new de749c2  net/nimble; adjust BCM2837 fix to print a warning instead of 
erroring. Keep header file define the same.
     new 44c8a83  nimble/controller: Fix checking PHY Options in LE Set PHY
     new a0b7168  nimble/controller: Fix applying PHY update
     new 3391831  nimble/controller: Cleanup PHY symbols names
     new e3690aa  nimble/controller: Fix setting LE Coded PHY feature flag
     new 2ae275f  nimble/controller: Add access address constraints for LE 
Coded PHY
     new 66dceff  nimble/controller: Add configuration for LE Coded PHY
     new 3e2e34d  nimble/phy: Cleanup PCNF0 settings
     new 3680ced  nimble/phy: Fix CRC configuration
     new 48f9cd4  nimble/phy: Fix CRC poly configuration
     new d4fb1cb  nimble/phy: Fix access address configuration
     new 3a551c5  nimble/phy: Ugly hack for TX/RX transition timing
     new ea54e59  This closes #277.
     new e356a09  nimble/host: fix find by address when addr is NULL
     new 2a6c737  nimble/controller: Fix setting parameters for scanning
     new c057702  nimble/l2cap: Fix double free when calling 
     new afcabd3  This closes #290
     new 3d60c8c  nimble/sm: Fix passing rx_buf to the sm callback
     new 290d19f  This closes #292.
     new 1cab82f  nimble: fix gap logging on advertise
     new 6b20018  nimble: gap slave remove unused struct items
     new 02322e1  double include nrf52_bitfields.h
     new c9fc6cc  MYNEWT-750 Fix some coding style issues.
     new 92c7b67  MYNEWT-750 BLE Host - Persist SC flag for bonds.
     new ecbdb91  MYNEWT-750 - Authenticated flag incorrect.
     new 915d370  MYNEWT-750 BLE Host - Ignore pair from bonded peer
     new 327e5e5  MYNEWT-750 Fix build when SM disabled.
     new 04fb48f  Merge pull request #255 from ccollins476ad/ble-preserve-ota
     new e9a60ce  MYNEWT-772 BLE Host - Rsrvd bits in set-event-mask
     new 111c2fa  ibeacon: add fields.flags
     new c6d7cc6  MYNEWT-550 Signal GAP event for custom notifies.
     new b2d90df  Merge pull request #296 from jacobrosenthal/gap-log
     new 52e2170  MYNEWT-738: Fix parameter arrays
     new 083bc63  This closes #307.
     new 81cc455  MYNEWT-772 BLE Host - Rsrvd bits in set-event-mask
     new 75ac749  Merge branch 'master' into myn689
     new 7a1d8ec  MYNEWT-550 Add ble_gattc_indicate_custom()
     new f591940  Fix typo ("ACM" should be "ACL").
     new 5cbefd2  This closes #310.
     new 7dc237a  Merge pull request #311 from wes3/myn738
     new 95dc9bb  BLE Host - Make ble_hs_sched_reset()
     new e82c4cb  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5_master
     new fde83b6  nimble/controller: Fix applying PHY Options in LE Set PHY
     new 9dcf3f3  nimble/controller: Move helpers for PDU duration from phy to 
     new 52f431d  Merge pull request #287 from ccollins476ad/repeat-pairing
     new 04ba711  MYNEWT-751 BLE Host - Policy for SM key overflow
     new d410bf9  MYNEWT-751 - Slight change to internal function.
     new aaa6840  MYNEWT-751 Make ble_store_status() private.
     new b0b7c11  nimble/host: add api to print local gatt server database
     new de78fc0  BLE Host - decrease dflt mtu; make cfgable.
     new 004df08  Merge pull request #293 from michal-narajowski/btshell
     new ec2903b  nimble/controller: Make number of PHY modes a common 
     new 6b7eab8  nimble/controller: Make PDU header TX times easily accessible
     new a3fc2f6  nimble/controller: Add helper to calculate payload octets per 
TX time
     new 2842624  nimble/controller: Store max TX octets in each PHY mode
     new b60c13b  nimble/controller: Adjust TX size to fit in maxTxTime
     new 5b4f3d8  nimble/controller: Add current phy getter
     new 5d6a0a9  nimble/controller: Add proper conn event scheduling for 
secondary adv ch
     new 202d4dd  nimble/controller: Minor fix: Keep consistent function names
     new 2c99e39  nimble/controller/phy: Move helper function to header
     new 54129ea  nimble/controller: Fix compiler warning
     new 1cd9839  nimble/controller: Enhance scansm for future support of 
Bluetooth 5.0
     new f8a1544  nimble/controller: Add support for extended scan
     new ddec542  nimble/controller: Fix scan comment
     new 9c12a71  nimble/controller: Refactor ble_ll_scan_window_chk
     new b9cf4fa  nimble/controller: Refactor ble_ll_scan_proc function
     new 32ebb02  nimble/controller: Add restriction for extended scan
     new f62411d  nimble/controller: Add support for scan using two PHYs
     new 4384b6e  nimble/controller: Change PHY when extended scan requires that
     new 20250b5  nimble/controller: Make use of access_add nad crcinit for 
     new 2a4f74c  nimble/controller: Extract function to prepare and send adv 
     new 1fe8606  nimble/controller: Improve flow for handling connection data
     new c6809af  nimble/controller: Refactor a bit ble_ll_init_rx_isr_end
     new 84673de  nimble/controller/sched: Remove reduntant declarations
     new 3fc3ecd  nimble/controller: Add parser for extended advertising
     new ab9593a  nimble/controller: Add support to create extended connection
     new e1cd936  nimble/controller: Fix for scanning freeze
     new 35f4b71  nimble/controller: Make rxinfo macros return casted values
     new 464508c  nimble/controller: Fix rxinfo rx state mask
     new c36094b  nimble/controller: Fix conn params check
     new f241110  nimble/controller: Increase stack
     new 613ac75  nimble/controller: Minor coding style fix
     new bc80060  nimble/controller: Sort out flag configuration for BT5
     new c7408d0  nimble/controller: Fix build for 1M
     new 71038d8  nimble/controller: Fix build issue for non Bluetooth 5 
     new a1cbeca  MYNEWT-751 store event API change
     new b0235a4  nimble/controller: Fix for nrf51 build error
     new 468638d  nimble/controller: Fix checking for supported PHY
     new a0f6959  Merge pull request #279 from ccollins476ad/key-wont-fit
     new b99f4d0  nimble/controller: Allow 2M and Coded PHYs only on nRF52840
     new b8a5059  nimble/controller: Remove code for 1MHz clock
     new 3d97cd6  nimble/controller: Fix build with native phy
     new 2d8e3de  nimble/controller: Emit build error when building with 
non-32kHz clock
     new 67b5c46  nimble/controller: Add LP clock sysval to configure BSP
     new 40cdbe6  nimble/controller: CSA2 is mandatory for extended advertising
     new 3ccbf9d  nimble/controller: Minor coding style fix
     new 1510f66  nimble/controller: Fix for write above array bound
     new 37904f3  nimble/controller: Fix native and nrf51 header on RX
     new 9398310  nimble/controller: Header already contains valid phy
     new 0ac066c  Merge pull request #341 from andrzej-kaczmarek/remove_1mhz
     new 5170615  BLE Host - Remove unused functions.
     new 5bb7bce  BLE Host - Allow get / set of channel map.
     new d382f34  hw/drivers: trace ble_rng_isr calls
     new 388fbe7  nimble/hci: Add HCI commands for enhanced trans/recv test
     new df49632  nimble/hci: Add set extended scan parameters command
     new 13c519b  nimble/gap: Add API for extended scan
     new 1cfe633  nimble/hci: Remove reduntant declaration
     new 3014e45  nimble/hci: Minor coding style fix
     new 30eb800  nimble/hci: Add support for HCI create ext connect
     new 3a0e8f8  nimble/gap: Add GAP API for extended connection
     new 460b464  nimble/gap: Add support for handling extended advertising 
     new d10f198  nimble: Add BLE_EXT_ADV MYNEWT_VAL
     new d3501be  MYNEWT-743 BLE Host - Persist bonds to sys/config
     new 59ea30e  Merge pull request #280 from ccollins476ad/store-config
     new a219740  nimble/controller: Remove few not needed #ifdefs
     new 9c5f0de  nimble/controller: Rename BLE_MULTI_ADV_SUPPORT
     new e45518d  nimble/controller: Don't build VS code if Android VS are not 
     new 96989da  nimble/controller: Reject le set adv if connectable
     new 0766c50  nimble/controller: Add initial stubs for Ext Advertising HCI 
     new c8ad2c7  nimble/controller: Add LE Set Extended Advertising Enable 
     new 0fcafef  nimble/controller: Add LE Remove Advertising Set Command
     new f11c4c5  nimble/controller: Add LE Clear Advertising Sets Command
     new 92d91a5  nimble/controller: Add LE Set Extended Advertising Data 
     new 2c53ab2  Merge pull request #344 from michal-narajowski/systemview
     new 8d96286  testutil - Remove init boilerplate.
     new fad18e9  nimble/controller: Add LE Set Extended Scan Response Data 
     new 9ff6333  nimble/controller: Add LE Set Extended Advertising Parameters 
     new fff1b2c  nimble/controller: Use properties for storing advertising type
     new ec76874  nimble/controller: Add support for non-connectable advertising
     new 80075eb  nimble/controller: Add support for sending AUX_SCAN_RSP
     new 79e2ff4  nimble/controller: Send LE Scan Request Received Event
     new acc8071  nimble/controller: Reply with AUX_CONN_RSP for connection 
     new 4bb1e1d  nimble/controller: Add support for sending Set Terminated 
     new ff5d960  nimble/controller: Remove leftover TODOs
     new 0f41b34  nimble/controller: Use flags for storing flag-like values
     new 1f616d3  nimble/controller: Adjust slave anchor point based on PHY used
     new 580c0dd  nimble/controller: Schedule AUX_ADV_IND based ADV_EXT_IND 
channel mask
     new 3ac3f41  nimble/controller: Add support for setting advertising TX 
     new 2b5c570  nimble/controller: Reduce padding in ble_ll_adv_sm
     new 85ff7e4  nimble/controller: Remove support for Android specific HCI 
     new 6aa48e0  nimble/controller: Fix build with extended advertising 
     new 5b0eb58  nimble/controller: Store DID and SID in single variable
     new 7d33106  nimble/controller: Use flag for marking advertising on data 
     new 95e350a  BLE Host - Add missing #include.
     new b8308fa  Merge pull request #360 from sjanc/bt5_ext_adv
     new 7c79cdf  nimble/controller: Remove restriction whcih does not work in 
this case
     new 837cb1c  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5_master
     new 7b7d06f  Merge pull request #364 from sjanc/bluetooth5_master
     new c319caf  nimble/controller: Fix handling scan req during extended scan
     new 4cd2042  nimble/controller: Add support for whitelist and privacy for 
extended adv
     new f04dda4  nimble/controller: Add default values to extended advertising 
     new 56bc5d2  nimble/controller: Ignore scan rsp which is not an answer on 
scan req
     new 3500995  nimble/hci: Fix mapping legacy event types
     new 8423c0e  nimble/controller: Add MYNEWT_VAL to enable/disable HW 
     new c6190cb  nimble/controller: For Bluetooth5 disable HW whitelist
     new dfbbc36  remove misplaced duplicate of link lost service
     new 7134ac5  Merge pull request #367 from rymanluk/bt5_scanner
     new 9b5c46c  nimble/monitor: Add monitor interface over UART
     new 78232da  nimble/monitor: Add monitor interface over RTT
     new 9eb124b  nimble/monitor: Add call to log via monitor interface
     new f9ceee4  nimble/monitor: Add call to output text via monitor interface
     new 0d3b490  nimble/monitor: Add intermediate buffer option for RTT
     new 6f28fee  nimble: Disable HCI logs when monitor is enabled
     new 5ea6f0e  nimble/controller: Fix set adv enable hci cmd processing
     new 89055ff  nimble/controller: Remove phy_data from non-phy builds
     new 3c7c4f6  nimble/host: Store local controller supported features
     new b29268d  nimble/host: Store peer supported features
     new d3024b7  nimble/host: Use features to check parameters update procedure
     new 94bf046  nimble/controller: Fix LE Connection Update status code in 
slave role
     new 54ded8e  nimble/controller: Enable Connection Parameters Request 
     new ccae541  nimble/controller: Fix features handling
     new c2f06e6  nimble/controller: Refactor remote features handling
     new ef7803a  nimble/controller: Initiate data length update if remote 
supports it
     new 7c77f17  nimble/controller: Fix for missing scansm pointer in connsm
     new 023a95f  nimble/controller: Remove reduntant checks for OS_CPUTIME_FREQ
     new 0c51139  nimble/controller: Update supported HCI commands mask
     new 11f1689  nimble/controller: Remove callout for HCI Read Remote 
Features event
     new eea3d0a  nimble/host: Do not enable unnecessary events from controller
     new 2919576  Merge pull request #375 from andrzej-kaczmarek/bt5-featexch
     new 6284f5c  nimble/controller: Allow to use larger advertising data
     new 641715f  nimble/controller: Fix calculating AUX_ADV_IND start time
     new 9102eaf  nimble/controller: Fix calculating ext advertising PDUs TX 
     new 970a199  MYNEWT-268 BLE Host - enable factory reset
     new 2872354  MYNEWT-749 BLE Host - Don't persist if keydist==0
     new 5ba4329  BLE Host - Remove BLE_EDDYSTONE syscfg setting.
     new 03c4084  nimble/test: Update unittests after features exchange changes
     new 7bb2827  nimble/transport: Add support fot extended advertising
     new 5c8a37b  nimble/controller: Add MYNEWT_VAL BLE_LL_EXT_ADV_AUX_PTR_CNT
     new c520674  nimble/controller: Fix BLE_LL_MAX_EVT_LEN
     new b931720  nimble/controller: Minor fix for correct define usage
     new 53b56b1  nimble/controller: Make sure auxiliary offset is good enough
     new 71fd58a  nimble/controller: Improve handling aux scan response
     new 4a00779  nimble/controller: Add stats for aux scan req/rsp
     new 3b123a8  nimble/controller: Support ext scanner for chain aux ptr
     new 8ce9597  nimble/controller: Remove not needed flag from header
     new 84c5863  nimble/controller: Fix for regression in extended connect
     new 62aec60  nimble/controller: Improve handling hci create connection 
     new 55b4e1c  nimble/controller: Fix window delay for PHY 2M
     new 4852591  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5_master
     new 4a44a7e  Merge pull request #371 from bgiori/remove_lls
     new df46ec9  Merge pull request #379 from sjanc/bt5_ext_adv
     new 14215cf  Merge pull request #382 from sjanc/bluetooth5_master
     new 07651bd  Give HCI socket transport its own task.
     new 3b9ca6b  nimble/controller: Disable LL logs
     new fceb860  nimble/controller: Improve validation on extended connect 
     new dd27259  Merge pull request #387 from rymanluk/bt5_fix
     new ba00a13  nimble/controller: Create ble_ll_init_rx_isr_start
     new d1860ba  nimble/controller: Fix AAR usage for extended advertising
     new fa39a9e  nimble/controller/nrf51: Fix configuration for privacy in BT5
     new 8efd7e9  nimble/controller: Minor doxygen fixes
     new 4246f6c  nimble/controller: Fix build error with ext adv disabled
     new db2c2aa  nimble/controller: fix null pointer dereference
     new 13467bc  Merge pull request #370 from ccollins476ad/key-dist-0
     new 5d3ce87  Merge pull request #384 from ccollins476ad/ble-hci-task
     new 5e1bc54  Merge pull request #363 from ccollins476ad/testutil-init
     new 10e524c  Merge pull request #380 from ccollins476ad/ble-store-clear
     new bbcd2a4  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5_master
     new e0e5939  nimble/monitor: Add delay in UART queue flush
     new 31b5730  nimble/monitor: Fix coding style
     new 1dce77d  nimble/monitor: Make UART device configurable in syscfg
     new 2318e74  nimble/monitor: Make RTT upstream buffer name configurable
     new 9201968  nimble/monitor: Make controller name static
     new 1d24179  nimble/monitor: Use vsnprintf to calculate characters in log 
     new 742b3b0  nimble/phy: Cleanup AAR initialization
     new 0274081  nimble/controller: Add support for ext advertising duration
     new f9bf761  nimble/controller: Remove redundant call to 
     new 431f640  nimble/controller: Fix scheduler advertising halt error
     new 6ced777  Merge pull request #401 from andrzej-kaczmarek/bt5-aar-fix
     new f7d6997  Merge pull request #372 from andrzej-kaczmarek/btmon_core
     new 09c106c  BLE Host - Add comments; move decls to priv hdrs.
     new 6f5e96d  nimble/host: fix uninitialized value
     new 191fac4  nimble/controller: fix uninitialized value
     new 43de01f  nimble/controller: fix null pointer dereference
     new a65e329  nimble/controller: fix undefined result of << expression
     new b4a6738  nimble/host: add missing rc check when setting adv fields
     new 43118c2  nimble/host: handle error case on ble_svc_ans_chr_write
     new 6654d3b  Merge pull request #402 from sjanc/bt5_ext_adv
     new 93d1540  Merge pull request #398 from michal-narajowski/bt5-fixes
     new e859bc9  nimble: convert HCI error codes to hex
     new 4168d7c  Merge pull request #403 from wes3/myn810
     new 09cc501  Merge branch 'master' into bluetooth5_master
     new 9f278a5  nimble/controller: Fix setting PHY for slave connection
     new 9345831  nimble/controller: Fix typo
     new c79ef7f  nimble/controller: Fix connMaxTxTime calculation on coded PHY
     new 33b131c  nimble/controller: Fix initial conn event scheduling on ext 
     new 7cd361a  nimble/pts: update PTS GAP test scenarios
     new 07c3802  nimble/pts: update PTS SM test scenarios
     new 8cf705c  nimble/pts: update PTS GATT test scenarios
     new f59ca37  nimble/pts: update testing dates
     new 95eb9f5  nimble/host: fix SM legacy authenticated pairing
     new dccb517  nimble/host: fix SM SC authenticated pairing
     new e9fa51d  nimble/hs: Update enabled LE Event Mask
     new 98abc42  nimble/controller: Fix length for advertising report HCI event
     new 9fc4c79  nimble/controller: Fix advertising report HCI event with 
empty adv data
     new 0d83f2a  nimble/controller: Fix event mask checking for advertising 
report HCI events
     new 5ba8fb5  nimble/controller: Remove unused subev parameter
     new 7c12d8e  nimble/controller: Improve advertising report HCI event 
     new 735b125  Initial commit for the "body sensor network" code changes.
     new badbbf8  nimble/controller: merge bsnbranch into bluetooth5
     new cd5448c  nimble/controller: bsnbranch merge into bluetooth5
     new b57fc4f  nimble/host: Add builder functions for Ext Adv HCI commands
     new 6ad9cf2  nimble/host: Add support for using Extended Advertising
     new 5738a4d  Merge pull request #415 from 
     new c145f98  Remove incubator leftovers
     new b257408  Merge pull request #428 from sjanc/bt5_ext_adv_host
     new 74b772c  nimble/test: update tests after bugfix in SM legacy
     new bfcf2ed  Merge pull request #437 from sjanc/master_bluetooth5
     new 763ca94  Remove last incubator leftovers
     new a6f48d6  [MYNEWT-285] nimble/phy: Fix CRC checking
     new e33baef  Merge pull request #449 from 
     new 3370618  nimble/controller: Fix legacy scanning
     new 3f50cd7  Merge pull request #422 from wes3/bsnbranch
     new 4778a10  Merge pull request #452 from 
     new 0b2cd31  nimble/controller: Apply wfr workaround to Coded PHY only
     new 6bbbc77  nimble/controller: Remove invalid comment
     new e89f712  nimble/controller: Ignore PDUs with invalid CRC in init state
     new 2216adc  nimble/controller: Fix wfr timer handling in init state
     new c0ad140  nimble/controller: Fix AUX_CONNECT_RSP handling
     new cb5077a  nimble/phy: Fix BCC for LE Coded PHY
     new 51ba410  nimble/controller: Add stat for AUX_CONNECT_RSP tx
     new 72d2e49  nimble/controller: Minor coding style
     new b42af78  nimble/controller: Minor comment fix and cleanup
     new b34074c  nimble/controller: Minor fix function name
     new 33871c9  nimble/phy: Set proper CCM datarate
     new c47129e  nimble/phy: Fix key-stream generation in CCM
     new 5945b72  nimble/phy: Fix build error on nRF52
     new 368f819  nimble/controller: Fix interval settings for directed 
     new 1f10126  nimble/host: Fix HD directed advertising with extended 
     new e3d6766  nimble/controller: Fix privacy mode
     new 9029951  nimble/controller: Fix handling direct advertising
     new fad0747  Merge pull request #463 from sjanc/directed_adv_fixes
     new 2829735  nimble/phy: Fix resolving address
     new 1758c04  nimble/phy: Fix resolving address on nRF51
     new 77b3bdb  Fix host unit test compiler error on mac.
     new 0de57d5  Merge pull request #467 from andrzej-kaczmarek/bt5-resolv-fix
     new 1f9772a  nimble/controller: Fix scan response set for legacy
     new 5faa62b  nimble/controller: Fix build issue when BT5_PHY is set but 
     new 31721e8  nimble: Fix setting advertising instance random address
     new 5157ca1  nimble/controller: Improve handling aux ptr scheduller
     new 690c5f2  nimble/controller: Fix duration for aux packet
     new 969af06  nimble/controller: Fix for checking valid scanning PHY
     new 44eb417  nimble/controller: Fix build issue when PHY is not set
     new 06e748d  nimble/controller: Fix handling privacy mode
     new 663ec2f  nrf51 ble; fix compilation when BLE_LL_CFG_FEAT_LL_PRIVACY is 
not set.
     new ec377c1  BLE Host - Allow GATT svcs to be reg. after init.
     new 0618483  BLE Host - Remove unnecessary const in chr def.
     new 594dc85  BLE Host - Function to copy a UUID.
     new dd66006  BLE Host - GATT svr now Initializes ATT svr.
     new a598de0  Merge pull request #476 from rymanluk/bt5_privacy_mode_fix
     new 9dfb1fe  Merge pull request #461 from rymanluk/bt5_scanner_improve
     new 4346852  BLE Host - Automatic own-addr-type resolution
     new e5154f2  BLE Host - Allow NULL output params in ID fns.
     new 566ddac  Add function to load at least one BLE addr from hw
     new a0809fa  nimble/sm: Fix passing uninitialized variable
     new 67734bc  nimble/sm: Fix buffer overflow when copying address
     new 0b40a23  nimble/gap: Fix NULL pointer dereference
     new ad61510  nimble/gap: Fix storing pointer for local outside of scope
     new eb3468d  nimble/sm: Fix NULL pointer dereference
     new 7fc9bcb  nimble/sm: Fix os_mbuf leaks on keys distribution
     new ec5b610  BLE Host - Remove start event.
     new b86f28d  BLE Host - Change unit test to use dflt evq.
     new b6b97dc  nimble/host: Remove redundant check for unsigned value
     new 056f549  nimble/controller: Fix out of bound access to g_ble_ll_adv_sm
     new 68db52f  nimble/controller: Remove redundant NULL checks
     new 4b7856d  nimble/controller: Fix checking for invalid PHY in aux ptr
     new 5acfc47  This closes #480.
     new c52f0c5  Merge pull request #489 from sjanc/static_check
     new 72549d4  nimble/host: Refactor HCI commands sending functions
     new 969bd26  nimble/l2cap: Remove redundant NULL check
     new 2e66dcd  nimble/controller: Fix validating extended advertising phy
     new 947a8ab  nimble/ans: Assert on invalid operation
     new 2b5468a  nimble/ans: Fix out of bounds access
     new 7877690  nimble/host: Allow to hide GATT services from clients
     new 96d8275  nimble/host: Fix searching for descriptor in gatts
     new 29e7f82  BLE Host - Don't abort reset if HCI restart fails.
     new 7c4d175  Merge pull request #493 from sjanc/static_check
     new c8e26ec  nimble/host: Fix build with new TinyCrypt
     new 725aa7d  nimble/host: fix event flag check
     new 7351399  Revert "nimble/host: Fix build with new TinyCrypt"
     new 1b5691b  mesh: One to one copy of Mesh from Zephyr
     new dfca210  nimble/test: Pass SM public key structure to 
     new bfa341f  nimble/test: Check for ble_gap_conn_find return value
     new f38900b  nimble/test: Assert all os_mbuf operations
     new 4dad6ae  nimble/tests: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
     new d65d2d8  nimble/test: Fix setting channel map for CSA2
     new 56e470e  nimble/test: Limit max characteristics when validating 
     new ea1c51a  nimble/test: Fix max intervals in L2CAP tests
     new 24c39e2  nimble/test: Limit max characteristics when validating 
handling FIX
     new 5516512  Remove some dead code from native controller
     new c4fb11c   Remove some dead code from native controller FIXXXX
     new 7bcddcf  Merge pull request #483 from ccollins476ad/ble-auto-addr
     new b871a00  nimble/mesh: Porting Mesh to Mynewt
     new f361dd5  nimble/hs: Make ble_hs_evq_get() private API
     new 30fcf7f  nimble/monitor: Make RTT buffer size configurable
     new 16ce31f  nimble/monitor: Make UART ring buffer size configurable
     new ec11d68  nimble/monitor: Make console out buffer size configurable
     new bc98862  nimble/monitor: Always use uptime for timestamp
     new ba6b177  nimble/monitor: Fix ble_monitor_out
     new 23827a8  mesh: Fix setting the right value for Static OOB type
     new 3bdb93c  nimble/mesh: assert on out of prov buffers
     new ea1af25  Merge pull request #511 from rymanluk/porting
     new e37134c  nimble/test: Assert os_mbuf operations in GATT tests
     new 818c02e  nimble/mesh: Fix failed provisioning response
     new 01d3514  Merge pull request #521 from 
     new 0c56f9c  Merge pull request #520 from sjanc/static_check
     new 0fff446  nimble/monitor: Add reporting of dropped packets
     new 97c7608  Merge pull request #519 from andrzej-kaczmarek/monitor-dev
     new 784b3b0  nimble/l2cap: Fix use on uninitialized value
     new 0a418b4  nimble/gap: Fix pointer to local outside of scope
     new 63aef01  nimble/mesh: Clear link TX when ACK arrived on it
     new 825d0ed  nimble/controller: Fix disconnection event status
     new 9c8eb7c  nimble/ll: Fix duplicates filtering in scanner
     new 181c477  nimble/sm: Use privacy device mode as default
     new e9f824c  nimble/controller: Fix scan long advertising packets
     new 4e58b27  nimble/controller: Decrease size of struct ble_mbuf_hdr
     new 122af7a  Merge pull request #533 from 
     new 3107fa6  Merge pull request #534 from rymanluk/priv_fix
     new 0d3bbd1  Merge pull request #537 from rymanluk/scan_fix
     new aecb396  nimble/controller: Drop adv event if it is too big
     new 490ed01  nimble/mesh: Return once app-key is found and handled
     new 25f35af  nimble/ll: Increase stack for ble_ll_task
     new 9af4f74  Merge pull request #539 from rymanluk/scan_fix
     new ae9a7a8  Merge pull request #538 from 
     new 51440bb  Remove extraneous #include.
     new 275f2a4  mesh: send ack for every message with matching FSC
     new 1b1443c  mesh: add missing argument to delayed work in configuration
     new 3e5c676  mesh: fix null ptr access
     new 0e5c63f  mesh: return buffer even when no usrhdr
     new d8a8d09  mesh: fix handling group send with local interface enabled
     new d296134  mesh: fix initialize message queue
     new 9bae4ed  mesh: check destination address on receive
     new 01fc296  mesh: add log message when dropping packet because 
     new 5deed11  mesh: add extended debug flag for printing adv packets
     new 4ff2f27  mesh: fix typo in setting friend config
     new 1d8f51a  mesh: fix toggling debug logs per layer
     new 1fdd3df  mesh: add missing delayed work argument
     new 73d1586  mesh: fix setting message fields in health model
     new 2e17024  mesh: add more debug logs in network layer
     new 810eb2e  mesh: set delayed timer for periodic publish before publishing
     new 02b43a9  mesh: set company id field in health status message
     new 5214fd3  Merge pull request #562 from ccollins476ad/bswap-errors
     new 5a15974  nimble/host: Fix invalid symbol name
     new a3a94a3  nimble/host: Add symbol for 'any' phy mask
     new c0aa11f  nimble/phy: Remove unused code
     new f553427  nimble/phy: Enable workaround for nRF52840 errata #164
     new d7308fb  Merge pull request #569 from andrzej-kaczmarek/nimble-phy-fix
     new a0a4fa6  Merge pull request #572 from 
     new f83cfe2  nimble/ll: Fix setting default phy prefs
     new 76bfb6e  nimble/ll: Enforce minimum payload length for coded phy
     new 1724135  nimble/ll: Drop packets with empty payload for LL Control PDU
     new e945bfc  nimble/controller: Remove misleading TODO
     new d359be9  nimble/host: Update with new Tinycrypt ECC API
     new f05e87b  nimble/phy: Enable fast radio ramp-up
     new cd97ab4  nimble/phy: Implement software T_IFS control
     new 1c7c3ac  nimble/phy: Fix wfr time calculations
     new c9c22a1  nimble/phy: Fix possible race between wfr and EVENTS_ADDRESS
     new ba8dac3  nimble/phy: Add code to debug radio timings
     new 2f56305  nimble/phy: Allow extra t_ifs margin on receive
     new ffd3f64  Merge pull request #576 from andrzej-kaczmarek/tifs-rework
     new 0296a84  Revert "mesh: fix handling group send with local interface 
     new 01acbe4  mesh: Remove local network interface MYNEWT_VAL option
     new cd000e3  mesh: Allow TTL <= 1 for the local net interface
     new 1ee5260  Rename BLE socket task "sock" --> "hci_sock"
     new 57d67a4  nimble/host: Allow setting adv data when advertising
     new 3ba9b33  Merge pull request #582 from ccollins476ad/native-sock-write
     new 24c1d9c  BLE Host - Make ble_hs_id_infer_auto() public.
     new 1e52e8d  Merge pull request #578 from sjanc/tc
     new bc3d918  mesh: Fix dropping valid proxy configration messages
     new 51792ad  mesh: Fix compilation with GCC 7.1
     new fa94bcc  BLE Host - rename `default_irk` --> `ble_hs_pvcy_default_irk`
     new 10b870c  BLE Host - Reduce line length to <= 79 chars.
     new d70a26c  MYNEWT-841 BLE Host - Fill resolve list at startup
     new 2ac08fb  BLE Host - Unit tests for IRK restore on startup.
     new a4780b4  Merge pull request #589 from rymanluk/mesh_proxy_fix
     new 458af74  nimble/mesh: Fix address type handling
     new 5ac775f  nimble: Don't hardcode TinyCrypt rand function
     new 7166a14  Merge pull request #593 from ccollins476ad/restore-irks
     new 8bf8189  BLE Host - Connect failures were not reported.
     new e8059e8  mesh: Fix string signedness issue
     new afa4ac5  mesh: Fix SDU length check
     new 23b686d  mesh: Fix Health Period Set OpCode
     new a85f006  mesh: Fix encoding fault count to Health Current Status
     new 0bf0f1a  mesh: Fix spelling of "heartbeat"
     new 0b4bd03  mesh: Fix zeroing heartbeat state
     new 8658a94  mesh: Fix resetting heartbeat subscription expiry properly
     new 02b3ffa  mesh: Fix Set LPNTimeout message handling
     new 74ad584  mesh: Fix setting health period divider
     new 6bce742  mesh: Don't send health status messages if a test fails
     new 41f1905  nimble/host: Fix ble_hs_adv_parse()
     new 37f5711  nimble/phy: Make sure wfr debug pin is properly disabled
     new b94f0ae  nimble/phy: Change PPI channels for debug pins
     new 33d421e  nimble/phy: Add note about used PPI channels
     new dc87ef4  BLE Host - Unit test for unreported connect fails.
     new b536379  Merge pull request #595 from ccollins476ad/no-conn-fail-evt
     new 1ac143a  nimble/ll: Fix weird symbol name usage
     new c4dc74c  nimble/ll: Add ble_ll_usecs_to_ticks_round_up
     new 79d9ce8  nimble/ll: Fix scheduling of AUX_ADV_IND packets
     new 53aa77a  nimble/ll: Fix calculating auxiliary offset in AUX_ADV_IND
     new 1e5da34  nimble/ll: Add extra assertion for adv chanmask
     new 3307086  mesh: Fix revoking app keys
     new a493ab8  nimble/ll: Fix consecutive bits detection in AA
     new 3f78173  Merge pull request #602 from andrzej-kaczmarek/nimble-phy-fix
     new 427f493  nimble/ll: Cleanup aux scheduling function
     new 52ff2aa  nimble/ll: Improve scheduling of aux scan
     new bf8f40b  Merge pull request #604 from 
     new 6e759e6  mesh: Fix missing argument in k_delayed_work
     new 226ad0c  mesh: Fix setting mod sub status parameters
     new 2b8ddea  mesh: Fix sending unassigned variable in mod_sub_va_overwrite
     new 29adaa8  nimble/phy: Change TX scheduling in RX-TX transition
     new 7f1c7ca  BLE Host - Honor controller's flow control
     new ca8d204  BLE Host - Remove ACL transmit queue.
     new d10f382  Merge pull request #611 from 
     new 9eec13e  BLE Host - Read BR/EDR buffer size at startup.
     new 44d79c8  Merge pull request #613 from ccollins476ad/ble-max-pkts
     new 419a1f2  Merge pull request #609 from michal-narajowski/mesh-fixes
     new ad918bd  Merge pull request #608 from 
     new ba73e1b  nimble/phy: Add phy_mode to rxinfo
     new 9cd9ca0  nimble/phy: Fix usage of rx phy_mode
     new 7e09cf3  nimble/ll: Fix scheduling new connection in slave role
     new c745395  nimble/ll: Fix scheduling of extended advertising events
     new dfd9dd3  BLE Host - Move HCI test util code into a new file
     new 9adc3ee  Fix new warnings caused by change in compiler flag setting.
     new 0de7d6c  Merge pull request #615 from 
     new 60769bb  ble controller; was not building properly with 
     new 6257b89  Merge pull request #616 from 
     new ed81c5f  nimble/ll: Fix build w/o ext adv
     new 6c090b5  Merge pull request #612 from mkiiskila/debug_mX_flags
     new 25d86f8  Merge pull request #617 from 
     new 2d39fab  nimble/gap: Fix usage of BLE_GAP_OBSERVER
     new b5ad65b  nimble/controller: Fix freeze in extended scanning
     new c33b1fe  nimble/controller: Improve wfr timer for aux ptr
     new 6172f2d  nimble/controller: Fix missleading variable name
     new 68aa458  nimble/controller: Always check if we need to continue scan
     new 5f17f61  nimble/controller: Fix memory leaks in the ext scanner
     new f6df70a  nimble/controller: Improve getting aux ptr code
     new 0a3a8bb  nimble/controller: Fix memory leaks when creating connection
     new 2f24dce  nimble/controller: Improve ext connection creation
     new 07d2fe2  nimble/controller: Move scheduling aux to LL
     new 74b4fc1  nimble/controller: Fix wl for extended scanner
     new 99074c4  nimble/controller: Fix handling ext adv with advA
     new 0fb3508  nimble/controller: Fix off one issue with ext adv data
     new 80eabbb  mesh: Heartbeat fixes for message count
     new f2a7c50  mesh: Fix missing feature bits
     new 2243ff6  nimble/controller: Fix extended connect
     new 67827f1  nimble/controller: Store missing DID from ext adv
     new 35e4b86  nimble/controller: minor coding style fix
     new 3dcfd67  nimble/controller: Fix connecting on long scan interval
     new 25bf79c  nimble/controller: remove reduntant return
     new 952b682  BLE Host - Fix a few coding style issues.
     new 787edbc  BLE Host - add reason for adv / disc complete.
     new cc64c70  BLE Host - no_lock versions of GAP cancel fns.
     new a16e7a2  BLE Host - Allow GAP to be preempted.
     new 2daa87d  MYNEWT-842 BLE Host - Stop GAP, add to rslv list
     new 16acde5  MYNEWT-842 - Unit tests for adding IRK entries.
     new d8cc9cb  BLE Host - Fix build errors for non-centrals.
     new 77769db  nimble/host: Fix build issue
     new 6529079  BLE Host - Fix typo in flag check
     new c3dcb77  Merge pull request #620 from 
     new c4f80cc  Merge pull request #621 from michal-narajowski/heartbeat
     new 4215108  nimble/phy: Fix scheduling gap between coded and uncoded
     new 535aa22  nimble/phy: Fix RXd packet start time calculation
     new 6ad1371  nimble/ll: Set phy mode before scheduling tx
     new b182340  nimble/ll: Add stat for dropped adv event
     new 408a7b7  nimble/ll: Drop event if adv ext is delayed beyond aux
     new 6400747  Removing use of undefined TASKS_START behavior
     new 0e54407  Removing use of undefined TASKS_START behavior
     new a33e2c8  Merge pull request #633 from ccollins476ad/frag-typo
     new df8f403  BLE socket transport - don't drop large frames.
     new b1c45fa  BLE Host - Remove BLE_GAP_EVENT_CONN_CANCEL
     new e0afcde  apps/blehr: Added heart-rate sensor app
     new 24d8169  BLE Host - Corrections for heartrate PR (591).
     new 1be3549  BLE Host - Lock mutex in ble_hs_id_infer_auto()
     new 60be7dc  Merge pull request #622 from 
     new eeaa3c8  mesh: Fix and clean up iv update procedure
     new c7d9985  Merge pull request #641 from 
     new 44d5c46  mesh: Fail init on keys generation error
     new 389f11b  Merge pull request #632 from ccollins476ad/rm-conn-cancel
     new a7037da  BLE Host - Delay sync callback after IRK restore
     new 0444501  net/nimble: MYNEWT-862 HFXO not always turning off
     new 848d20e  mesh: Fix ignoring all prohibited sub_dst in HB Sub Set
     new b566922  mesh: Fix HB Pub Count Log calculation routine
     new 514a5d1  mesh: Fix sending heartbeat only when relay state changes
     new aa8aea3  mesh: Fix clearing HB state when disabling HB sub
     new 2a5dbc7  mesh: Fix HB Sub Status when disabling subscription
     new c55b6c2  Merge pull request #646 from michal-narajowski/mesh-init-fix
     new 9726391  Merge pull request #649 from michal-narajowski/mesh_pts_fixes
     new 17eacb6  mesh: Keep received buffer intact until transport layer
     new 5cf82a6  mesh: Take advantage of BT_MESH_NET_HDR_LEN define
     new 83d58a2  mesh: Fix TX segment context lookups
     new facbfaa  mesh: Add bt_mesh_net_flags() helper function
     new a3553a3  mesh: Export some transport layer helpers
     new 61e1c27  mesh: Cfg: Only update friend state if supported
     new 2cddc44  mesh: Remove redundant assignment
     new 61c9ab6  mesh: Export bt_mesh_friend_cred_get() for Friend usage
     new f424f15  mesh: Return change information from bt_mesh_iv_update()
     new 84a2ec9  mesh: Extend advertising API with helpers for Friend support
     new 0f244be  mesh: Improve Network Message Cache behavior
     new dd2e426  nimble/host: Remove unused bsp includes
     new 2a4409d  nimble/host: Add missing include
     new 6c73620  nimble/host: Fix semaphore usage
     new 51ecfda  nimble/host: Enable ble_hs_locked_by_cur_task for debug only
     new 3e5ad67  nimble/ias: Fix service definition
     new bfffc40  BLE HCI transport - emspi
     new e00887d  ANS service: Add a hacky #undef to fix ambiq blds.
     new 9105655  Merge pull request #647 from wes3/hfxo_fix
     new eb72b40  Merge pull request #655 from ccollins476ad/apollo2
     new 3a53ee1  Merge pull request #653 from andrzej-kaczmarek/various-fixes
     new 774606a  Merge pull request #652 from michal-narajowski/mesh-msg-cache
     new a305a99  Merge pull request #651 from 
     new 288348e  nimble/host: Remove unused members from ble_gap_slave
     new d7e70b5  nimble: Move adv instances count definition to common header
     new 8e46e2f  nimble/host: Unanonimize ble_gap_slave
     new 28dfa64  nimble/gap: Make ble_gap_slave table
     new da5e4af  nimble: Fix tx power type in hci_ext_adv_params
     new c8a9d75  nimble/host: Use flag for tracking advertising type
     new 11a5c44  nimble/host: Simplify connection accept functions
     new 47f0610  nimble/host: Make function touching ble_gap_slave use instance
     new 6cb386c  Merge pull request #662 from sjanc/ext_adv_cleanups
     new 496cc9a  MYNEWT-869 BLE Host - Fix GATT svr unit test.
     new 25359e0  MYNEWT-869 BLE Host - Fix CoC double free
     new 2509e8d  nimble/tps: Fix compilation error
     new 32e6cfc  nimble/lls: Make LLS usable
     new 2a8393a  emspi transport - Fix compiler warning.
     new bcf3324  Merge pull request #667 from ccollins476ad/apollo2-timers
     new 565e379  Merge pull request #668 from 
     new 8624e41  nimble/host: Use static buffer for GAP mempool
     new 63345c6  nimble/host: Add API for extended advertising
     new ff3cecf  nimble/host: Change services pkg init priorities
     new 73bdd65  nimble/mesh: Fix #include
     new 5b78aee  nimble/mesh: Remove invalid typedef
     new feb373c  nimble/host: Add support for starting advertising instance
     new ec76061  nimble/host: Add support for stopping advertising instance
     new 303d938  nimble/host: Add support for removing advertising instance
     new 31211ee  nimble/host: Add support for configuring advertising instances
     new 4b6ce13  nimble/host: Remove ext adv path from legacy API
     new b721eaa  nimble/host: Pass advertising instance to connection complete
     new 8434d82  nimble/host: Add support for setting advertising instance 
     new 7af3f3e  nimble/host: Extend advertising stop event with instance
     new b3e770f  nimble/host: Make preempt code multi advertising aware
     new 42f7032  nimble/host: Don't use slave timer with extended advertising
     new 33e2118  nimble/gap: Remove old experimental API for setting 
advertising PHY
     new be1ab39  nimble/host: Add support for setting extended adv_data and 
     new 5d96e4b  Add missing license headers
     new d13bd3d  Merge pull request #673 from andrzej-kaczmarek/nimble-fixing
     new 3f1c405  Merge pull request #671 from sjanc/ext_adv_host
     new 90c7411  BLE Host - use instance 0 when ext. adv. disabled.
     new f77a8e6  net/nimble/host unittest; change null initialization to 
     new 88e86cf  mesh: Disable Low Power node by default
     new c39ada8  mesh: Add complete Friend support
     new b1475d0  mesh: Fix not including RSSI into network RX context
     new f7b8478  mesh: Cfg: Implement Low Power Node PollTimeout Get fully
     new 55de002  mesh: Fix transport layer heartbeat subscription matching
     new a3d8bb8  mesh: Fix message replay protection
     new 911cac6  mesh: Improve acknowledgement timer calculation
     new d794e55  mesh: Fix provisioning with Key Refresh flag set
     new 698ef99  mesh: Improve debug logs for provisioning
     new 70be508  mesh: Fix retries when establishing Friendship as LPN
     new 2540127  mesh: Fix ignoring invalid Transport OpCode as LPN
     new 92cc1d3  mesh: Fix friendship credential usage for segmented messages
     new 9a38145  mesh: Remove unnecessary per-buffer segment context
     new 2855e1f  mesh: Simplify & fix net credentials selection
     new 98582e6  mesh: Fix network decryption in case of multiple LPNs
     new aad4fe0  mesh: Avoid using 64-bit storage & math for beacons
     new 50a4227  mesh: Fix net_find_and_decrypt() function
     new c4af06b  nimble/host: Fix Mesh feature description in syscfg.yml
     new 0a14e1e  mesh: Fix typo when iterating GATT clients
     new fad6a71  mesh: Fix ignoring prohibited ReceiveWindow value
     new 732dd10  mesh: Improve Low Power establishment procedure
     new b9efac4  mesh: Fix sending Friend Clear messages indefinitely
     new aa99d78  mesh: Fix clearing friendship
     new 448c48c  mesh: Use more accurate timing for LPN functions
     new 2705e7d  mesh: Allow passing adv transmit info in net_tx
     new b3e33d8  mesh: Introduce LPN-specific adv transmit properties
     new 1b59005  mesh: Fix network credential selection
     new 3bef53b  mesh: Implement the Friend Clear procedure
     new 80e6ef1  mesh: Set PTS-friendly Friendship values in syscfg.yml
     new 9a47b14  mesh: Implement handling of Friend Clear messages
     new 6758b99  mesh: Use a saner default ReceiveDelay in syscfg.yml
     new c049eca  mesh: Provisioning: Fix OOB string output
     new 8145996  mesh: Provisioning: Fix coding style (too long line)
     new f57490e  mesh: Provisioning: Fix input OOB support
     new 8453744  mesh: Provisioning: Fix encoding of OOB values into link.auth
     new 95ca1b9  mesh: Provisioning: Make static OOB value const
     new ca35f51  mesh: Provisioning: Introduce link open/close callbacks
     new 2c7183b  mesh: Clarify API for empty model arrays
     new 9423633  mesh: Change local_queue from k_fifo to sys_slist_t
     new 5084e4b  mesh: Fix sending messages when not provisioned
     new ed72ea7  mesh: Export key packing helpers internally
     new 178b2a0  mesh: Take advantage of BT_MESH_TTL_MAX macro
     new 669dcf7  mesh: Fix missing tracking of segment callback
     new 6e53b1c  mesh: Fix relaying packets
     new 7311bd1  mesh: Refactor public headers
     new 9590a0d  mesh: Reformat headers to match Zephyr's coding style
     new f7e8c81  mesh: Make TRANSMIT_COUNT & TRANSMIT_INT macros public
     new 11e2d48  mesh: Add skeleton for Configuration Client Model
     new 0854a8c  mesh: shell: Add basic skeleton
     new 3375705  mesh: shell: Add LPN toggling command
     new 0c96fcc  mesh: shell: Take advantage of link open/close callbacks
     new 95b0a27  mesh: shell: Add command for Node Identity
     new 0046a7d  mesh: Add primary address to provisioning complete callback
     new 842f235  mesh: Add support for sending Get Composition Data
     new e2a9ef5  mesh: Add support for sending Beacon Get & Set
     new 670a4b8  mesh: Add support for Relay and 1-byte state Get/Set
     new 4ff4684  mesh: Add support for sending AppKeyAdd message
     new a8340ee  mesh: Add support for sending Model App Bind message
     new 360c0f2  mesh: Add support for sending Model Subscription Add
     new 4712e4e  mesh: Add support for sending Heartbeat Subscription Set
     new 2194229  mesh: shell: Add support for getting composition data
     new 016e8d3  mesh: shell: Add "dst" & "netidx" commands
     new fbf79b2  mesh: shell: Add support for Beacon Get/Set
     new c7eaae8  mesh: shell: Add for relay and 1-byte state commands
     new 81373a9  mesh: shell: Add app-key-add command
     new b0cea7d  mesh: shell: Add app-key-bind command
     new 025fd1d  mesh: shell: Add mod-sub-add command
     new 6a6dfa5  mesh: shell: Add hb-sub-set command
     new 1732e18  mesh: Use proper _t suffix for typedefs
     new 6d2f91e  mesh: Add more flexible APIs for provisioning bearers
     new abf2733  mesh: Rename configuration server code from cfg to cfg_srv
     new e0c5ff4  mesh: Rename health server code from health to health_srv
     new 57b7ad3  mesh: Provide documentation for provisioning APIs
     new a1b668e  mesh: shell: Group global variables in a dedicated struct
     new 4758977  mesh: Provisioning: Add NetKeyIndex to complete callback
     new 83c75d1  mesh: Fix calling complete callback for bt_mesh_provision()
     new 6ef16e8  mesh: Add documentation for public provisioning APIs
     new 51c9330  mesh: Add support for sending Heartbeat Publication Set
     new 6427ffd  mesh: shell: Add hb-pub-set command
     new 40447d7  mesh: shell: Add provision command for self-provisioning
     new da41292  mesh: Add support for sending Heartbeat Publication Get
     new e24b6cc  mesh: shell: Convert hb-pub-set command to hb-pub
     new b91d881  mesh: Add support for sending Heartbeat Subscription Get
     new d6b3421  mesh: shell: Convert hb-sub-set command to hb-sub
     new 2f9d842  mesh: Allow changing cfg client message timeout
     new d50a443  mesh: shell: Fix newline in incorrect place
     new 304c737  mesh: Fix documentation of bt_mesh_input_string()
     new 6eb4d81  mesh: Fix enabling scanning after provisioning
     new b17a743  mesh: Use invalid CID instead of bool for non-vendor models
     new 7812c19  mesh: Add support for sending Model Publication messages
     new 9af3617  mesh: shell: Add mod-pub command
     new b5de1d7  mesh: Use dedicated struct for heartbeat publication
     new 643e54f  mesh: Use dedicated struct for heartbeat subscription
     new c8c6b53  mesh: Use u8_t instead of bitfields for 8-bit wide values
     new 7defc29  mesh: Friend: Fix setting pending_buf variable
     new df4d2dd  mesh: Make AppKey binding implicit for Model Publication
     new 4c08f28  mesh: Fix compiler warning for access.c
     new 1031888  mesh: Fix clearing incomplete Friendship upon reset
     new afec8f2  Mesh: Move per-buffer mesh meta-data to external struct
     new f7a2b58  mesh: Introduce user data for the advertising callback
     new 1040b8f  mesh: Introduce a second advertising callback
     new ad8f75b  mesh: Fix notifying message send completion for GATT proxy
     new 66ca13a  mesh: Use a unified send callback also for public API
     new 424111b  mesh: Fix encoding/decoding Publish Retransmit value
     new c1b48a1  mesh: Fix model publication
     new 1f5f3cd  mesh: Fix calling send start for multi-segmented messages
     new 4c36fae  mesh: Fix ignoring all messages in LPN mode
     new b3f18ec  mesh: Add Model Subscription Del & Overwrite support
     new 5b44a0a  mesh: shell: Add mod-sub-del command
     new 6989900  mesh: shell: Declare mandatory dependency on BLE_MESH_CFG_CLI
     new aceab9e  mesh: Fix node reset
     new b1fde6b  mesh: Proxy: Downgrade advertising errors to warnings
     new e5e0634  mesh: Fix non-periodic Model Publication
     new 68e3b8c  mesh: Provide documentation for the publication API
     new a3a3511  mesh: Fix accuracy of Publish Period
     new 407243a  mesh: remove redundant 32-bit wrap-around code
     new 0adfb5c  mesh: Improve model publication documentation
     new 4b942a9  mesh: Fix dereferencing mod->pub too early
     new 834802d  mesh: Fix coverity warning of unchecked return
     new 5977674  mesh: Friend: Fix poll timeout type
     new a9a4bc3  mesh: shell: Add appidx command for setting the AppIndex
     new 5eae9c2  mesh: Add skeleton for Health Client model
     new 5163145  mesh: Add support for sending Health Fault Get message
     new 7a59db3  mesh: Add support for receiving Health Current Status
     new 832474b  mesh: shell: Use a valid Company ID
     new 1524fad  mesh: shell: Add Health Fault support to the server
     new b21b48e  mesh: Add support for Health Fault Clear messages
     new 614b5a2  mesh: Add support for Health Fault Test messages
     new 3e2bd5a  mesh: Add support for Health Period messages
     new 90d2aac  mesh: Introduce helpers to wait for a status message
     new 432b1ea  mesh: Add support for Health Attention messages
     new 22d38d1  mesh: Health: Fix requiring specific Company ID
     new add21e0  mesh: Fix typos in IV Index update procedure
     new 08a3827  mesh: Reformat code to better match Zephyr's
     new d4e71d4  mesh: Introduce public LPN APIs for better control
     new 069ca7f  mesh: Increase initial poll timeout
     new 5681e64  mesh: LPN: Fix clearing pending request
     new 2102e4b  mesh: LPN: Fix clearing group status
     new 952ebc3  mesh: shell: Fix decoding vendor model IDs
     new ce7db48  mesh: shell: Add support for decoding hex strings
     new f44497d  mesh: shell: Add raw network PDU sending support
     new 4634129  mesh: Improve logging related to Label UUID lookups
     new 3d186cd  mesh: Add support for manipulating Label UUIDs
     new f04de5e  mesh: shell: Fix & clean up command help
     new 04e4f00  mesh: Fix creating initial beacon data
     new 5718d07  mesh: shell: Add iv-update command
     new c38a6b9  mesh: Add IV Update test mode API
     new a8d2f33  mesh: Fix NetKey Update behavior in Phase 1
     new c6e1fd0  mesh: shell: Fix health publication message size
     new f10777c  mesh: Improve documentation for model publication
     new 658468f  mesh: shell: Fix sending health publication
     new 52ff4e8  mesh: Restrict scope of variables in health_get_registered()
     new d40248f  mesh: shell: Make Static OOB optional
     new fe78081  mesh: shell: Add command for setting the UUID
     new 82af3dc  mesh: shell: Fix parsing "boolean" parameters
     new 3640938  mesh: Introduce option for Node ID timeout
     new 0524c3b  mesh: Use 32-bit math for Node ID duration
     new b4a423f  mesh: Fix proxy advertising handling
     new 8f2bf3b  mesh: Fix clearing network message cache
     new 42af22a  mesh: Remove unnecessary logic for key selection
     new f465087  mesh: Fix & clean up Friendship Credential handling
     new 560a722  mesh: Fix clearing Friend state upon reset
     new f1307f6  mesh: Fix looking up existing friendship contexts
     new beb85cb  mesh: Reduce logging clutter for LPN lookups
     new 5481f79  mesh: Log information about the on-behalf-of flag
     new 24b948b  mesh: Fix Friend messaging state tracking
     new a6f469f  mesh: Remove unnecessary variable
     new 6f7b712  mesh: Deliver TTL=1 PDUs only to the local net interface
     new c58b75d  mesh: Fix GATT Proxy & Node Identity state binding
     new 228e89a  mesh: Fix initializing Node ID start time
     new 8595ceb  mesh: Fix disconnecting clients when disabling GATT Proxy
     new ed40ac1  mesh: Fix Replay Protection List checking
     new a0db70a  mesh: Introduce API for clearing the RPL
     new ebf291a  mesh: Clearly document the magic 18 byte minimum length
     new 61397f8  mesh: Fix logging mesh addresses
     new 03c37fa  mesh: Fix sending beacons to Friend Queue & GATT clients
     new 362858b  mesh: Fix Proxy compilation
     new af3e945  mesh: Fix setting an upper limit on beacon interval
     new fb2cfe4  mesh: Fix beacon cache handling
     new 2a2d61d  mesh: Fix changing Relay state from Not Supported (0x02)
     new 712cc4c  mesh: Fix relaying conditions for Adv & GATT bearers
     new 82e1225  mesh: Fix using the correct transmit state
     new 25111a3  mesh: Fix format specifier for s32_t
     new 24ffc14  mesh: shell: Fix AppKey Add command handler
     new 084d592  mesh: Fix copy-paste mistake in log message
     new 7c1d6b2  mesh: Fix creating advertising packets from pool
     new ef62131  mesh: Fix relaying from GATT to Advertising
     new 046fb1c  mesh: Add support for sending NetKey Add message
     new 013911a  mesh: Add Proxy advertising support for multiple subnets
     new 2110b8c  mesh: Add helpers for starting/stopping Node ID
     new a2c22a9  mesh: Prioritize subnets with Node ID
     new 9c8a364  mesh: Suppport multiple subnets for app-triggered Node ID
     new 06f4b25  mesh: Proxy: Fine-tune subnet advertising rotation
     new f8c351d  mesh: Proxy: Don't try to advertise when it's not possible
     new d8fc5cb  mesh: Fix friend mempool initialization
     new 91fd57f  mesh: Reformat defines to improve readability
     new 19c9525  mesh: Add debug check that os_mbuf is not chained
     new eeafd12  mesh: Fix typo in Kconfig help message
     new bf590d7  mesh: Fix using Friend and LPN configs
     new f91703f  mesh: Fix build issue
     new 6de52d2  nimble/host: Fix invalid connection handle usage
     new b0b7787  nimble/host: Increase HCI command timeout
     new 5dc94ac  nimble/ll: Remove unused includes
     new 93d58b0  BLE Host - Don't crash if no store package.
     new 3829cc3  nimble/ll: Do not initiate features xchg as a slave
     new 51104af  Merge pull request #710 from 
     new 22de9c0  blemesh: Fix compiler error when building without PB_ADV
     new 655e15f  nimble/controller: Make sure random address is set corretly
     new 3677953  Merge pull request #722 from rymanluk/some_mesh_fixes
     new 88d3b3c  nimble: Add meta-package for HCI transports
     new 2f33623  emspi transport - clarify that it is host-only.
     new efaad20  BLE Host - flow control.
     new 5a9801b  nimble/transport: Fix typo in UART transport
     new d69e961  Merge pull request #719 from 
     new 0b0fa39  nimble/ll: Fix helpers to calculate aux adv and scan rsp 
     new 716f629  nimble/ll: Fix calculation of connect rsp length
     new 75cbd2b  nimble/ll: Fix calculation of scan rsp length
     new b7dca4f  nimble/ll: Fix calculation of adv pdu length
     new 714d4d2  nimble/att: Fix error code when accessing characteristics
     new 17a663e  nimble/att: Fix response for unknown opcode
     new e837fa7  nimble/host: Allow low interval on non-connectable advertising
     new 1116910  Merge pull request #736 from rymanluk/att_fix
     new 99bd6ea  nimble/ble_ll: Add support for HCI Test commands
     new 3b6296d  Merge pull request #741 from sjanc/non-conn-adv
     new e91109e  Merge pull request #742 from rymanluk/hci_test_cmd
     new dbda065  mesh: Reset Heartbeat Publication timer before sending message
     new 1895cf5  mesh: Check Heartbeat Pub count prior scheduling delayed work
     new 5a2dd66  nimble/ll: Fix DTM build without 2M/Coded PHY enabled
     new f5490b9  nimble/ll: Keep instance adv data in mbufs
     new 3fc48ee  nimble/phy: Allow ble_phy_tx without mbuf
     new f9de289  nimble/gap: Change ext adv data API to consume mbufs
     new 1d0b0a9  nimble/gap: Fix setting long advertising data
     new 21e6f10  Merge pull request #755 from andrzej-kaczmarek/nimble-ll-mbuf
     new baff9ab  nimble/controller: Fix LE Test End Command return value
     new 41dbe1d  nimble/controller: Fix DTM build
     new 3455df8  nimble/ll: Fix HCI LE Read Remote Features command
     new 86ee60e  nimble/controller: Fix DTM test commands channel settings
     new f3db4a1  Merge pull request #766 from 
     new a00cdb9  nimble/phy: Fix encryption on nRF52
     new ad398d2  nimble/phy: Make some constant data an actual static const
     new 08d43f0  nimble/phy: Use static mapping for channel index to RF freq
     new 7b4d320  nimble/phy: Remove redundant code
     new f9c0978  nimble/phy: Fix magic number
     new 5dc668f  nimble/phy: Fix PCNF0 configuration
     new fd8a7e7  Merge pull request #771 from andrzej-kaczmarek/nimble-phy-dev
     new 43ff662  nimble/phy: Fix build
     new e047d30  nimble/ll_dtm: Fix for enabling clock on RX
     new 4919f52  nimble/ll_sched: Minor coding style fix
     new 122ac01  Merge pull request #768 from sjanc/dtm
     new 9649836  nimble/ll: Remove unnecessary assert
     new 3f81ffa  nimble/ll: Improve handling of incomplete adv data
     new 4ae8d33  nimble: Enable missing Encryption Key Refresh Complete Event
     new 4661e7b  nimble/ll: Remove duplicated symbols
     new afbaf4b  nimble/gap: Allow adv data for connectable ext adv
     new f0cd5d0  nimble/ll: Disable PHY if failed to handle connection event
     new cb06a14  nimble/phy: Make sure PHY is properly disabled before TX/RX
     new 573a764  nimble/ll: Fix max supported TX time
     new 32ba8b3  nimble/ll: Fix LL_LENGTH_REQ/RSP handling
     new 869b5a8  nimble/ll: Cleanup a bit conn initialization
     new 99e04f7  nimble/ll: Fix data fragmentation with maxTxTime<maxTxOctets
     new 80b6678  nimble: Fix HCI LE Set Data Length parameters range
     new 6f786f6  nimble/dtm: Disable whitening for testing
     new 355ceaa  Merge pull request #767 from rymanluk/dtm_fix
     new 2f3c674  Merge pull request #614 from 
     new 34c36c1  Use `task_priority` type for task priority syscfg.
     new 347d3f1  BLE LL - Fix prio conflict with UART in unit tests
     new 54b5f31  nimble/ll: Store scan response data in mbuf
     new 5e82e31  nimble/ll: Add support for adv/scanrsp data fragmentation
     new 5810f86  nimble/ll: Fix parsing length in advertising PDU
     new 2823507  nimble/ll: Fix extended advertising reports HCI  events
     new 319fd8e  nimble/transport: Remove HCI event buffer size override for 
     new 91ca91d  nimble/ll: Fix for disconnection with LL response timeout
     new fe24be8  Merge pull request #789 from 
     new 96b40c2  Merge pull request #786 from rymanluk/nimble_ll_fixes
     new 4dd9196  Merge pull request #770 from andrzej-kaczmarek/adv-chain
     new 298481d  nimble/startup: Read local HCI version on startup
     new fb69e53  nimble/mesh: Use fast advertising interval for BT5 controllers
     new fadb671  nimble: Fix for failing unit tests
     new 68740d6  nimble/ll: Fix generating RPA when advertising
     new dbdea0f  nimble/ll: Use NRPA for scan requests to unknown devices
     new 0548f84  nimble/ll: Add note about InitA when initiating connection 
with privacy
     new 0899175  nimble/host: Do not set peer IRK for all-zero address
     new 350eded  nimble/host: Remove redundant memset
     new 06cfc0b  nimble/phy: Fix for late RX-TX transition on nRF52
     new 1ce5000  Fixing NRF_RADIO CI field on ble_phy.
     new d62d1c2  Merge pull request #763 from mlaz/integrate_nrfx
     new 7bdacd3  nimble/phy: Allow 2M PHY on nRF52
     new da3bdce  nimble/phy: Cleanup code for checking PDUSTAT->CISTAT
     new 2174622  mesh: Fix sys_slist_t port and add net_buf_slist_t port
     new 03b449a  mesh: shell: Fix IVIndex parsing
     new c1b501a  mesh: Fix status returned from mod_unbind
     new cc7e830  mesh: Do not set RFU bits in Heartbeat Publication Features
     new 11dd535  Revert "mesh: Fix ignoring invalid Transport OpCode as LPN"
     new 3873f09  mesh: Fix LPN subsciption groups update on VA deletion
     new f3158bc  mesh: Fix model subscription groups cleanup
     new 3d4109d  mesh: Introduce Bluetooth Testing API
     new 0ef3b75  mesh: Add model bound callbacks to Testing API
     new ef2bbf1  mesh: Add Provisioning Invalid Bearer callback to Testing API
     new 95d32ec  mesh: Move bt_test_mesh_net_recv to internal API
     new 7ebc2b5  mesh: Add event indicating expiration of incomp timer
     new f25e49f  mesh: Fix ignoring old SeqAuth values
     new 56fdb2d  mesh: Take advantage of K_SECONDS macro
     new 5618c9f  mesh: Clear segment rx context when incomplete timer expires
     new 58041b9  mesh: Fix ack timeout calculation
     new ca7e104  mesh: Fix segment transmission timeout
     new 074d32d  mesh: Remove redundant AD parsing check
     new ab275d8  Merge pull request #748 from 
     new 287101b  mesh: Initialize shell on sysinit
     new a6f461b  mesh: shell: Add dummy vendor model for PTS testing
     new bc49238  mesh: shell: Add LPN subscription commands to mesh shell
     new 31d1880  mesh: shell: Add command for printing mesh credentials
     new 6bc91e9  mesh: shell: Add command for printing mesh composition data
     new 65cdb84  mesh: glue: Fix k_sem_take() semaphore port
     new eccf2e8  mesh: Fix Friend os_mempool_size calculation
     new a17113e  mesh: shell: Use separate task to avoid deadlocks
     new 5d427da  mesh: shell: Use Runtime's company ID
     new 9b080e3  mesh: cfg_cli: Set default message timeout to 5 seconds
     new 3dc586d  mesh: glue: Fix calculating remaining time of delayed work
     new 1b202fa  mesh: glue: Add sanity check in k_delayed_work_submit
     new 554fd64  mesh: shell: Use random addr when public is unassigned
     new 150cbde  Added device appearance setter and getter to GAP service.
     new ceab2b4  Reverted accidentaly removed function prototype.
     new b0e6640  Changes after PR review. CSC profile specific ATT error 
added. Custom endianness handling functions replaced with system functions. 
Device appearance moved to syscfg.
     new cb1760e  Merge pull request #815 from 
     new ab815f7  mesh: shell: Fix build when shell is disabled
     new ea51f6d  Merge pull request #792 from ccollins476ad/task-prio
     new c1272bd  nimble/ll: Fix BLE_LL_CONN_INIT_MIN_WIN_OFFSET

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