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@@ -86,20 +86,6 @@ completely replaces the proprietary SoftDevice on Nordic 
 For more information on the Mynewt OS, please visit our website 
 If you'd like to get started, visit the [Quick Start 
-## Roadmap
-Mynewt is being actively developed.  Some of the features we're currently 
working on:
-* Deep sleep: Mynewt OS will coordinate peripherals and processor to put the
-  processor to sleep when all tasks are idle.
-* Sensor API
-* IP Stack
-* Support for different boards and microcontroller architectures, we're working
-  on:
-    - ESP8266
-    - Arduino Uno
-    - Arduino Mega
 ## Browsing
 If you are browsing around the source tree, and want to see some of the

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