ncasaril opened a new issue #1002: nffs: Assert at nffs_pkg_init with 
corrupt(?) flash
   ( doesn't issues, hence I've filed this 
here instead)
   I'm getting an assert at startup from nffs that's preventing me from booting 
the system. 
   #0  __assert_func (file=file@entry=0x0, line=line@entry=0, 
func=func@entry=0x0, e=e@entry=0x0)
       at repos/apache-mynewt-core/kernel/os/src/arch/cortex_m4/os_fault.c:138
   #1  0x000281be in nffs_hash_remove (entry=0x0, entry@entry=0x2000bf74) at 
   #2  0x0002a454 in nffs_block_delete_from_ram (block_entry=0x2000bf74) at 
   #3  0x0002835e in nffs_inode_delete_blocks_from_ram (inode_entry=0x2000b6b8) 
at repos/apache-mynewt-core/fs/nffs/src/nffs_inode.c:274
   #4  nffs_inode_delete_from_ram (ignore_corruption=1, inode_entry=0x2000b6b8) 
at repos/apache-mynewt-core/fs/nffs/src/nffs_inode.c:309
   #5  nffs_inode_dec_refcnt_priv (inode_entry=0x2000b6b8, ignore_corruption=1) 
at repos/apache-mynewt-core/fs/nffs/src/nffs_inode.c:355
   #6  0x00029972 in nffs_restore_sweep () at 
   #7  0x00029a76 in nffs_restore_full (area_descs=area_descs@entry=0x20007104 
       at repos/apache-mynewt-core/fs/nffs/src/nffs_restore.c:1402
   #8  0x0002749c in nffs_detect (area_descs=area_descs@entry=0x20007104 
<os_main_stack+3932>) at repos/apache-mynewt-core/fs/nffs/src/nffs.c:671
   #9  0x000275fe in nffs_pkg_init () at 
   #10 0x00024e5a in sysinit_app () at 
   #11 0x00008604 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at 
   This is using an external flash, but from what I can see it's only reading. 
If a nffs section is corrupted in flash it should just result in the flash 
being formatted rather than the system getting stuck in an assert-reboot loop 
   The external flash is defined in bsp.yml as below. It's actually a 4MB 
(32Mbit) flash, but I'm only using the first 1MB for NFFS at the moment:
               user_id: 1
               device: 1
               offset: 0x00000000
               size: 1024kB
   NFFS generally works well on this flash, but now and then this happens and I 
have to start with another image and erase the flash manually. 
   Sterling suggested it may be a memory exhaustion issue? Happy for any input 
as to how to debug that and anything else further. 

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