ccollins476ad closed pull request #29: fix spelling errors

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diff --git a/nimble/host/services/ans/src/ble_svc_ans.c 
index ec58bd58..7b75de4e 100644
--- a/nimble/host/services/ans/src/ble_svc_ans.c
+++ b/nimble/host/services/ans/src/ble_svc_ans.c
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ static uint8_t ble_svc_ans_alert_not_ctrl_pt[2];
 static uint8_t ble_svc_ans_new_alert_cnt[BLE_SVC_ANS_CAT_NUM];
 static uint8_t ble_svc_ans_unr_alert_cnt[BLE_SVC_ANS_CAT_NUM];
-/* Charachteristic value handles */
+/* Characteristic value handles */
 static uint16_t ble_svc_ans_new_alert_val_handle;
 static uint16_t ble_svc_ans_unr_alert_val_handle;
diff --git a/nimble/host/services/bas/src/ble_svc_bas.c 
index d7dfae48..86dd2601 100644
--- a/nimble/host/services/bas/src/ble_svc_bas.c
+++ b/nimble/host/services/bas/src/ble_svc_bas.c
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 #include "host/ble_gap.h"
 #include "services/bas/ble_svc_bas.h"
-/* Charachteristic value handles */
+/* Characteristic value handles */
 static uint16_t ble_svc_bas_battery_handle;
diff --git a/nimble/host/services/ias/pkg.yml b/nimble/host/services/ias/pkg.yml
index 26ff1fba..c1ac0c08 100644
--- a/nimble/host/services/ias/pkg.yml
+++ b/nimble/host/services/ias/pkg.yml
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
 # nimble/host/services/ias
-pkg.description: Immidiate Alert Service Implementation.
+pkg.description: Immediate Alert Service Implementation. "Apache Mynewt <>"
 pkg.homepage: "";


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