davidzuhn commented on issue #157: Make it easier to pin a version to a 
specific tag
URL: https://github.com/apache/mynewt-newt/issues/157#issuecomment-380927976
   > To clarify, it is repository.yml that needs to come from master.
   This is the root of my problem.   if I could specify (in the pkg.yml file 
for the application) a branch of the repository that I want to be checked out 
initially and where the repository.yml file should be scanned from, I think my 
use case would be met.
   So to restate what I want to do (and I'll be the first to believe that 
there's a different or better way to do things):
   I am a big fan of Continuous Integration.   To me, CI builds *have* to come 
from clean, newly checked out repositories.   Which means that I cannot use 
upstream/master directly, since it's not updated on the same pace that I can do 
(case in point: the changes you suggested for the BAS service, which I want to 
use but aren't committed upstream yet).   So I go and update the apps pkg.yml 
to point to my fork of mynewt-{core,nimble,etc}.   I could maintain my local 
changes in master on that fork, but my github use patterns say that I should 
keep my changes in a different branch that's unique to me.   So I work on the 
'mystuff' branch.   I will pull from upstream/master on my pace, or add my own 
changes, etc.  I can have repository.yml in the mystuff branch point to the 
right values that I want for "0.0.0" or "myownrelease-1.2" or "bob".    
   With this, my app still references "@apache-mynewt-core" with version 
"0-dev", but with my local copy.   
   The problem is that newt only reads repository.yml from master.   Since I 
want to keep master updated with upstream/master, without any local changes, my 
own repository.yml (in "mystuff") is never used.
   If I could put one more field in app/pkg.yml, and use that argument as a "-b 
<argument>" option to "git clone", then I think the rest of the processing 
would do the expected thing (since the values in repository.yml in the branch 
that I want is parsed, and further branch/tag/commit processing can occur).

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